Sunday working

Working on a sunday is NOT among my favorite past time activities, however today our system went live and we had to be present and make sure everything was working just as expected.

I walked to work and it was a nice morning walk with hardly anyone else out walking. It was a nice walk and it was sunny and beautiful.

I spent 6 hours at work which were well spent with effective working and once I was done I got a cab home (to the hotel room) where I had a 2 hour power nap.

I went for a walk when I woke up and as I realized I was quite hungry at this point I decided on a restaurant and texted my colleague for him to join me for dinner.

It is my second visit to Los Argentinos.

This restaurant is located in Kettingstraat 14 of Den Haag and it is an excellent beef restaurant.

I I also like it because I didn’t get sick from the food they serve there (unfortunately I have had some real bad luck with my allergies while here in Netherlands and gotten sick quite a lot after eating out) and today that was my main motivation :D

However. They do serve delicious food and I had a huge steak, corn, fries and rice with it! It was awesome. I am so stuffed now :D I would definately recommend you to go there if you like a good grilled beef!

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