Den Haag – Amsterdam – Copenhagen – Oslo

I woke up at 8 am and had just enough time to shower and pack before I had to leave. It was still raining and thundering from last nights awful weather. I actually woke up at 2 am by a serious hailstorm whipping towards my window and it was such huge hails that I had to go check if there would be any damage towards the windows. However what I did see was a complete and utter fog so thick that there was no visibility and what little there was was lit by such thunder and lightning that it was a beauty to watch.

I went to Albert Heijn for breakfast and I also went for a small last walk around Den Haag before I got back to the hotel again and ordered a cab to take me to the airport. The ride was comfortable and once at Amsterdam – Schipol airport I picked up some tulip bulbs as gifts for my friends as well as some souvenirs for myself.

I had a layover in Copenhagen where I had dinner and did some more shopping before I flew back to Oslo where I got another cab back home. I was so tired and I felt quite bad as my stomach was acting up again like it has so often during these past weeks – that it was quite awesome to be back home. In my apartment. Not just in a hotel room, but at home with my beloved cat that I have missed a lot during this trip.


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