Pearl Jam – Live in Oslo Spektrum!!

Amazing, Awesome. Absolutely Fantastic!

I must say that I think this is the best concert I have gone to this year. It was a fantastic show. Good company with my cousins and we had absolutely perfect front row seats looking directly towards the scene!

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Eddie Vedder and the Band gave their all and despite Eddie having a cold so he could hardly speak, he kept singing not just through the first set of songs, but through a second and third set of songs as well.

When they performed Just Breathe from the Backspacer Album Eddie told us that just the night before he had recieved a phone call from back home with news that one of his friends had passed away just the night before and that of course had us all in tears.

With songs like “Black” & “Why Go”, “Do The Evolution”, Pink Floyds «Mother», “Leatherman”, “Once”, “Oceans”, “Alive” and a whole lot of songs from old and new albums the fans was served an awesome show and a fantastic concert.

Pearl Jam gave it all. They delivered a superb concert experience and I will dare to say that this is not my last Pearl Jam concert !

Norwegian Newspaper Reviews from the Concert:

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