Lovely weekend in Karmøy

My friend Mariann moved away from Norway many many years ago to study in UK and there she met her husband Mathias (also Norwegian) who works in a multinational company travelling a lot. Since then they have lived in the UK, the US and now they live in Abu Dahbi and as I don’t get to see my friend or her family very often due to distances I had to make sure I got to see them during their summer holiday back home in Norway so I went to visit them while they were visiting Mariann’s mother in Karmøy outside of Haugesund.

It was a lovely weekend that started off with me loosing my plane (for being a dork and not double checking the time the airplane was scheduled for take-off) and having to buy a new ticket. However that was ok, because I really wanted to see Mariann and her kids as it has already been a year since last I saw her and she has had a new baby since then.

We spent most of the time at her moms house but we also went out for walks and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Isabella, the new addition to the family

Jonathan, Already 2 years old.

Mom preparing for a shopping trip making notes of what we will need in the store.

Mariann and her mom cooked and we had delicious home made pizza and lasagna for dinner. It was lovely to just spend some time with my friend again and a nice reminder that its far to rare we get the change of meeting each other.

Mariann comes from an island on the south west coast of Norway called Karmøy and its gorgeous nature and landscape thrilled me. It was my first visit there and I really enjoyed it.


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