1 year after – In loving memory…

Grief doesn’t have an end date.

On this day last year, Norway was struck by 2 terror attacks on the same day – killing 67 people.

Although I didn’t physically loose someone dear to me, the bomb explotion happened in the heart of my city and some of my friends and aquaintances within my larger friend circle were affected – either loosing a friend or having a family member injured. In a way we were all affected directly. In a way we were all touched by the terrible events of that day.

It’s been a year with lots of emotional pressure, with constant reminders of that day through the different means of media. If not every day, every week there has been interviews with the survivors, the family members of those that didn’t make it and these past months daily updates from the court room during the trial against the man that was behind the terror attacks both in Oslo and at Utøya.

On this day of the 1 year mark of the terror attacks memorial masses, concerts and several other markings were held to honor those that lost their lives and those that survived and to celebrate life.

A huge memorial concert was held in the heart of Oslo that was sent directly on National TV. A beautiful concert that touched many hearts.

Bruce Springsteen & Little Steven – We shall Overcome

Laleh – Some die Young

Karpe Diem – Påfugl

Mari Boine – Jerrat Biekkas

Lillebjørn Nilsen – God natt kjære Oslo


I must admit that now 1 year after I really do look fwd for the court to reach its verdict and for the culpable to recieve his sentence so that we dont need so many daily reminders. At the same time I feel guilty for thinking like this – because I was lucky and all of those that I hold dear to me are still with me, when so many others have to be reminded about this horrible event every day because their loved ones didn’t come home.

Even if I didn’t loose anyone during the terror attacks on this day 1 year ago, I always bear with me the grief of the loss of my 3 grand parents, my dear cousin that passed away far too early and a few other people that once were dear to me.
Loss isn’t always about death. It can be the end of a friendship, the end of a relationship or the end of a good beginning.
An end is always a new beginning. It just doesn’t mean that one moves on without feeling sad for loosing something that once was valuable to you.

On days like this it is even more important to show the ones that you love that you hold them dear, that you cherish having them in your life.

Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you today!


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