New Favourite Restaurant in Oslo: YAYA’s

Yesterday I went for dinner with a friend of mine and we went to a restaurant that I have heard a lot about and wanted to visit for a long time. Lots of people have talked about this place and recommended it to me earlier and today was the time to go there !

YaYa is not just about the food. Its a full environment experience as well. There are 3 restaurants in Oslo. One downtown, one in Vika and one at Majorstua.

Yayas speciality isn’t just the awesome Thai food they serve there, but like I told you the the whole experience. You enter to a dark room, lit only by multi colored artisan light strings. Tropical music like soft Jamaican reggae sounds from the speakers and tropical trees are set up everywhere along with other kind of Thai decorations like elephants and Thai clothed manequins.

The dining booths are made with bamboo and it looks just awesome.

You can get your variety of tropical drinks from the bar:

So we entered this fantastical, tropical environment and suddenly birds were chirping. We soon learned that that was a signal for the waitors that food was ready in the kitchen for them to pick up and serve the guest.

As we ordered our food – lights went out and music was replaced by sounds of thunder and rain. Lights were blinking like as if it was lightning. We had reached the monsoon season.

Once the monsoon season was over, the music was back and the artisan light strings were lit.

The food tasted absolutely delicious on top of it all. It was by far one of the coolest restaurant visits I have had in my life and its not far away in some strange country, but right here in my own city :D This is my new favourite place to dine out! No doubt !


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