Practical Life Hacks

Life Hacks are great advices on very practical things for your daily life. They have gathered them in nice educational videos under these subjects:

Trouble removing warped screws?, olive oil paint removal, vinegar shower head cleaner, clean your windows with coke, Freeze envelopes, stinky dishpad in microwave, clean toilet with alcaseltzer.

Tinfoil to fill in for too small batteries, Ziplock to kill bacterias in shoes, propane level in a tank, Roll up your clothes tightly, Stinky Room

Dont have a corkscrew?, Toaster on side, Wooden spoon stops water from overboiling in pan, hot water freezes sooner than cold, vinegar to clean micro oven.

Aren’t these great? A lot of them are really helpful.

And here: A few NOT so useful Life-Hacks !!


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