Norwegian Terrorist gets 21 years in prison and preventive detention

A year and some has passed since the terror attacks in Norway 22 july 2011 and months with trials repeating the actions day after day and finally the jury has reached a verdict.

The perpetrator of last year’s gun and bomb attacks, the worst in the country’s history, was found mentally fit enough to be held criminally responsible for the attacks, which also left 242 wounded.

In Norway the maximum penalty is 21 years in prison. However Anders B. Breivik being seen to be mentally fit to be responsible for his actions, could be sentenced to “preventive detention”, which can be extended for as long as an inmate is considered dangerous to society.

The verdict of the most high-profile criminal trial in Norway since Nazi collaborators were prosecuted following the second world war is certain to provoke a strong response.

Most Norwegians, including the victims’ families, had wanted Breivik to be found sane so he could be held accountable for what they view as a political crime.

And finally I hope that Norwegian, and International Media will stop giving the perpetrator all the attention he so desperately wished for to reach world wide with his message about the dangers of Islamization of the world and his feared Eurabia philosophy.

I hope to wake up and not see his name mentioned in the media every day.
I don’t want to forget what he did, but I dont think he deserves any more attention to promote his cause either.


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