Birthday Celebration with my Friends

Tonight I celebrated my upcoming birthday with my friends at YaYa’s Restaurant. With just a few visits there I have grown to like the place quite a lot and the food is delicious as well!

When I arrived Tone was already there and Øyvind and Madeleine arrived at the same time as I did. Jorunne E, Eva and Nathalie arrived shortly after and then Daniel, Jorunn S and Tor arrived shortly after that.

Jorunn E and Daniel

Eva and Myself

Madeleine, Øyvind, Jorunn E, Daniel, Tor, Jorunn S, Nathalie, Eva, Me & Tone

We had so much delicious food and drinks. I even had a mango daiquiri and a passion fruit drink. MMMMMMMM

For precourse we had Tom Yum Goong which is a hot sour soup with scampi, lemongrass and chili and Som Tam Malakaw Thawt Manplah which is a Thai salad with papaya and nuts, and Oriental Scampi.

For the main course we had Moo Baikarao which is a pork dish with vegetables and chili and then a Gang Ped Gay which is a dish with chicken in red curry, coconutmilk and vegetables and a Goong Pad King which is a Scampi dish with ginger and garlic.

We stayed at the restaurant and enjoyed eachothers company and after the dinner we left for the free Manu Chao concert downtown in accordance with the Mela festival.

It was a really nice birthday celebration!


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