Canals and Dinner at ‘t Goede Hooft

I met Roger in the Hotel Cafeteria for breakfast and then we met Barry in the lobby from where we set off for our walk to work. We passed through Chinatown and continued along the Canals for as long as we could.

I had lunch with my colleagues, Warner, Roger and Barry and then we enjoyed a nice walk around the nearby canal after lunch.

We also walked home from work enjoying the view of the Canals. As we reached downtown I stopped at Media Markt to look for a CD I wanted to pick up for one of my friends at home, but they didn’t have it.

For Dinner Roger, Barry and myself went to ‘T Goede Hooft’, which is located quite close to the hotel. The Good news is that they serve delicious food !

I had home made Tomato Soup, French Fries and for dessert a lovely Applecake with cinnamon ice cream and cream! OOO yummy.

Another nice day :D


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