Canals and Dinner at Julianas CS Meeting at Cafe Libertijn

I met my colleague, Roger, for breakfast in the cafeteria and we had a relaxing breakfast before Barry came down and we had to leave for work. We had another nice day so we decided to walk. We tried a new route today and we walked along the canals. It was beautiful and we even found a houseboat that was for sale.

For lunch I had a wonderful pasta dish with creme fraiche, truffles, pine nuts and parmeggiano cheese. It was probably one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had in a dinner workplace cafeteria before.

After work I went shopping in Voorburg and then I took bus 28 back to Den Haag Centraal. I was lucky enough for it to rain the whole trip and then it stopped when I hopped off to continue shopping. I found some baking stuff at the Bijenkopf (which is a store I have started to like a lot), however I was searching for a CD with Chris Medina as my best friend wanted that for her birthday, but I didn’t find any stores in Den Haag that had sold that CD, which I found strange.

Anyways, back at the hotel I met up with Barry and Roger, and we went for The Fiddler where I decided to try to an Albino Fox beer tonight rather than the Black Mamba from the other day.

Then we went to Restaurant Julianas where we had dinner! It was a lovely place and they had really good food.We all had steak and it was so good. And interestingly enough I found a Pink Beer, called the Wieckse Rose.

It tasted more like a soda with alcohol than like beer, but thats a different story. It was quite good.

Dinner was quite nice and after dinner I decided to join up with the local couchsurfers of Den Haag at Cafe Libertijn where I had a very nice time.


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