Den Haag to Amsterdam, Movies and Bonfire at Roest

I woke up a bit late and rushed to pack my suitcases as today was our last day in Den Haag working for KPN and Roger and Barry were already waiting for me downstairs.
I rushed through the hotel cafeteria preparing sandwiches to bring with me while the guys waited downstairs for me, then I checked out and we grabbed a cab to work.

At 2 pm when our workday was over the project manager, Warner, gave us a ride to Schipol and there I said goodbye to the guys and headed for the trains to Amsterdam Centraal station where I left my luggage in some lockers and headed over to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena to meet a friend to go to the movies.

We went to see the Bourne Legacy which was quite good. It was premiering and due to my friends membership at the Pathe theatres, we even got the tickets at a nice price.

After the movie I went back to Amsterdam Centraal to pick up my luggage and took the tram to my friend’s (Liewe and Lien) house where I am staying tonight.

Lien went to work and Liewe took me to a bar called Roest, where we had a few beers, met a friend of Lien and Liewe and enjoyed a beautiful evening under the full moon outside the bar where they had a huge bonfire and a huge crowd of people.

All credits for the picture to

Roest is located in an industrial area and the bar itself used to be a Gas factory where the energy was generated for the shipyard, where VOC ships and steam engines were built. The original factory building has been preserved and the the industrial feel of the former function is completely captured.


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