Weekend visit to my Aunt and Uncles place

This weekend I went to see my aunt and uncle in Egersund. I lived with my parents in Egersund until I was 5 years old and it was awesome to have my cousins to play with and an aunt and uncle to visit several times a week.

During the years after we moved away from Egersund, we always came back to visit and many of my holidays were spent in this cute west coast city.

I had a very nice time visiting my aunt and uncle and my 3 cousins as well.

I arrived friday night and my uncle picked me up at the airport while auntie had made us all a lovely Taco Dinner. All my cousins had come home for the dinner and it was great to spend a nice meal with them and catch up. It has been a long while since I was here alone just to visit them without there being a 60th birthday, a funeral, a confirmation or other big occations where a huge amount of other family has been present as well.

We had a very nice evening and it was really nice to talk with my family!

On saturday we started out with breakfast and just enjoying a relaxing morning before we went for a drive around the city, we went to see where my youngest cousin (who also happens to be my first God Child) lives, we went to pick up flowers and then we went to visit the grave of my cousin that died back in 2000. It was my first visit to his grave since the funeral and it brought tears to my eyes. I have had so many difficulties coping with his death and missing him. Grief is still present every day.

After the visit to the graveyard, my other cousins came home to aunt and uncles house to visit us and it was time for a coffee break before we went grocery shopping and then we also stopped by the old house that I used to live in while we still lived here.

For dinner we had a delicious pork steak in cream sauce with mushrooms. My cousin went out to meet some friends, but my uncle and aunt and I had a nice time at home.

On sunday morning we had another nice morning and me and my cousin spent some nice quality time together watching The Simpsons show!
At 3 pm my other cousins came over with the kids for dinner. We had a lovely traditional dish that normally is used as a christmas meal, Pinnekjøtt, but also is quite common to taste prior to christmas. It was very tasty and it was very nice to get to spend a lot of time with my family!

After dinner my uncle took me to the airport and


2 responses to “Weekend visit to my Aunt and Uncles place

  1. Hi,
    These are some very nice Egersund photographs! Could I possibly arrange to use the top-most photo of this page to help illustrate an article I have written for the Journal of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society?

    It is about an air strike that happened over the harbour on 24 March 1945 in which a number of Canadian aircrew, and those of other Commonwealth squadrons, lost their lives, along with German and Norwegian sailors and Norwegian civilians.

    I have been looking for a contemporary overall view of the lower harbour to illustrate the “After the Battle” (mainly how the battle affected individual persons both military and civilian) part of the story. This image of yours would fit perfectly!

    If that can be arranged, please contact me directly via email.
    Kindest regards,

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