Pulling an all nighter in front of Colosseum for Breaking Dawn

Tickets for the pre-premiere of the new Twilight movie, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 2, have been released and I got my tickets on first row in the theatre! Which is quite nice as 2 of the actors (Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale)) will be present for the screening and give interviews inside the theatre prior to the screening!!

However it took an effort to get those tickets. For all the previous movies I have had tickets for the pre-premiere as well, but during the 4 past years the movies, books – well, the whole franchise – has become utterly famous and popular – hence there were more people wanting tickets this year than any of the previous years. So I decided to join the “loonies” (being one of them I’m ok using that term) “camping” outside the movie theatre to be guaranteed tickets.

All people that arrived prior to midnight last night were signed up on a list that was to be sent to the cinema at midnight and all the people whose names were on the list were guaranteed to get to buy tickets prior to all the other people in line. I arrived well in time and we were 75 people on the list at midnight. A lot of people arrived throughout the night and they had to line up in an actual queue while the 75 of us could sit down and talk.

I had brought hot chocolate, a beach chair with a sheep skin and hot winter clothes to keep me warm. After all, sitting still several hours in temperatures closing down to 0C degrees. I had brought my knitting gear as well and my computer and a few DVD’s to kill a few hours. Each hour there was a check that everyone were present and each 6 hours we got 1 hour off to move around.

The Tent Camp

More campers

In the morning hours more and more people were gathering and joining the line for those that were not on the guarantee list. In the end over 300 people waited in line when the doors opened at 9am.

So, I got my tickets and my friends got their tickets. A few tickets were left for some of those that weren’t in line, but bought their tickets online.

Now, – I just have to be patient for another 3 weeks until the 15th of November for the film to release in theatres :D

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Trailers

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Stephenie Meyers Official Webpage
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