Grizzly Bears in Concert in Oslo

Today I went for a concert with a friend of mine and I enjoyed it a lot!

The band was Grizzly Bears whom I only know from the “The Twilight Saga – New Moon” Soundtrack.

The concert started. My friend and I thought the concert was great and the lead singers voice was amazing, but they looked and sounded a bit tame for a band named The Grizzly Bears.

However they were very good and I thought to myself that I should definately get their album.

Check out some of their music:

The Waves

The Pact

Becoming a Jackal

However we were somewhat intrigued that noone left when the concert was over already at 10.

I had to go to the bathroom and during my break Tone had gotten accompanied by a swede that was happy to tell us that the concert we were so happy about was just the warmup band. Oh well… We should have guessed – and … that was only happy news as we were in for more!

The Grizzly Bears came on stage and they sure sounded a lot more like Grizzly Bears than what the Villagers ever did.  :D

They had an amazing show. A few of the songs were rather strange, but most of them were very good and the voicework of the singers was just intriguing. I am very fascinated on how they used their voices to create that amazing ambient and sound that their songs have.

However a few of the songs were nothing but noisy and when they started using the strobe light effect I had to not only look down, but cover my eyes as I felt I was going mad. I have never reacted to strobe light before, but today I certainly did.

In the end of the concert they even had an accoustic song which was quite nice.

This was a very good concert and I enjoyed it a lot!

Listen to some songs here:

Two Weeks

SLow Life (From The Twilight Saga – New Moon)

Ready, Able

Yet Again

While You wait for the others

Grizzly Bears Online:
Grizzly Bears Official website
Grizzly Bears Facebook page
Grizzly Bears on Twitter

Villagers Online:
Villagers Official website
Villagers on MySpace
Villagers on Facebook


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