Dinner @ Jeremy Galvan

One of the highlights of this trip was to experience the gastronomic highlights of France and in particular the region of Lyon. Anni had done some excellent research work and she had booked a table for the two of us at the Jeremy Galvan Restaurant for our first day.


First of all.
The interior of the restaurant and the decorations are perfectly matching and gives a very warm and cozy impression.


We ordered the special menu with 7 courses and the wine menu to go with it and it was absolutely stunning! This was such an excellent choice I didn’t want to stop eating!!!

Our first excuisite food meeting with the French culture and boy were we happy!
A gastronomic highlight of dining!


First we were served a lovely appetizer which both looked and tasted delicious!


Cheers! Anni with Champagne from Ruffin et Fils.

Then we were served our first course.


Carpaccio with red wine sauce, Paté of Pesto and a mussel in foam Sauce.


Even the bread that accompanied our dishes were delightfully presented (and tasty).


Cheers! Me with a White Wine from Chateau de Fosse Seche called Arcane.


Cepes Mushroom with Foamy Cheese and Red Wine Sauce. It was so delicious. The 2 sauces together tasted like Chocolate… Mmmmmm. My mouth runs in water just thinking of this…


Then came the turn to a lovely Fois de Gras with a sweet Vinagrette Sauce and small roses for decoration.  We were served a lovely Crozes-Hermitage red wine from 2011 to accompany the food.


Scallop on a bed of Foamy Cheese Sauce with Crosne (a root vegetable commonly seen in Asia).


Steak with Foamy Cheese Sauce and Truffled Potatoes with a red wine sauce.
We were served a lovely red Mas Peyre wine called Maury to go with the food.


Cheese with a Sweet Honey/Vinegar Sauce.


Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse.


Apple / Pear Cream for dessert.

The best thing about the restaurant is that when I showed our waitor for the night my list of allergies he asked to borrow it to show the chef. The chef just kept it until all dishes were served to make sure I got something else delicious if any of the ingredients I can’t have were in the original dish I was supposed to have.

THIS gets MANY extra points from my side !!! We left a good tip here!


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