Lunch @ Bistro “Le Bouchon aux Vins”

After having settled in the hotel room Anni and I went hunting for food. The hotel receptionist recommended a nice street not so far away from where we were located and off we went. We were both quite hungry by now and we chose a restaurant called Le Bouchon aux Vins in Rue Merciere.


For my first meal in France I had this amazing Duck Risotto.


It was actually SOO good I think it is the best risotto I ever had! The Risotto was perfect. The Duck was perfect and the sauce was perfect. If I could I’lld have this Duck Risotto every day for dinner!

We also had a lovely wine with it and it was quite a lovely meal!

The Restaurant itself had a great atmosphere and the waitors were very helpful.


A lovely place!

Anni enjoying her coffee:


4 responses to “Lunch @ Bistro “Le Bouchon aux Vins”

  1. *0* I wish I could go there right now and taste that delicious dish. Yummy!

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