Oslo – Paris – Lyon

I woke up way early this morning as I had to make sure I didn’t oversleep! I have been looking foreward for this holiday for such a long time that I really couldn’t miss out on it! So I was up at 3:30 AM (I must admit that I’m never up at that hour unless its to go to bed after a party). Thankfully I had packed and everything was ready and I just had to call for a cab to come pick me up. The cab took me to the airport bus station and from there I cought the bus.

At the airport I picked up a bite to eat and had breakfast before my plane took off at 7:30. Over 1 hour delayed. The funny part was that they said it would take 2 hours to fly down to Paris, but they actually used 2,5 hours and because of this I would have lost my flight if it was not for the greatest of luck – my connecting flight was also delayed!! Just 30 minutes, but that was enough for me to actually make it to gate in time with the 1 hour and 30 minutes delay from my first flight. Perfect! :D

However arriving in Lyon just 30 minutes later than I was supposed to I learned that my luggage had not made the connecting flight and would arrive with the next Paris – Lyon flight and that the airline company would deliver it at the hotel! After I had registered where the airline company was to send my luggage I met up with my friend Anni and together we took the metro from the airport into the city of Lyon.

From there we walked to the hotel and I was quite happy the airline had messed up with my suitcases and that I did not have to drag both of my suitcases all the way from the train station to the hotel! It was quite perfect. I should have asked them if they could take my carry on luggage at the same time! :D

We registered at the hotel and went to leave our luggage in our rooms and went straight on for a food hunt in Rue Merciere where we had Lunch at Bistro Le Bouchon Aux Vins.


After lunch we went exploring our neighborhood and looking at the beautiful city of Lyon. We were also passed by a group of people demonstrating against making gay marriages legal in France.
I am have many gay friends and I am pro gay marriages (as is my friend) and we were both quite provoked by this demonstration where small kids ran around screaming not to allow gay marriages. it seems so very ignorant.


We also stopped to take pictures of the river and the church in the sunset / twilight and the lights were absolutely stunning.


… and since we had both been up very early – after that we went back to the hotel for a nap (I love mid-afternoon naps) before dinner !

At 7:30 we had a dinner reservation for Dinner at Jeremy Galvain. An excellent Michellin recommended restaurant!


We were in bed by Midnight and were sound asleep quite soon thereafter!

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