Lunch @ the Bonaparte Bridge

While we were roaming around at the local market we decided that todays lunch would be from only things we found at the market. In addition to the vegetables, flowers and fresh fruit they also sold a lot of prepared, ready to eat, warm lunches!

I bought my lunch from this man who prepared a lovely chicken stew!

chicken stew

We sat down and had the beautiful view of St Johns Cathedral in Old Lyon and Basilica de Notre Dame de Fourviere on the Hills of Fourviere.


 I had also bought myself 1 oyster to try out as I always heard a lot about Oysters, but never tried it before!


And … to be honest… I don’t know if I have to try it again. The first of the two I tasted for just the taste of the Oyster and it just tasted salty water. Not really good at all. The Second one I tasted with Lime and this was a whole lot more tasty, however it might be the lime… :D I might just taste it again at another occation to see if I can learn to love it or if I just don’t have the taste for it.

Here enjoying the Chicken Stew with a lovely view of the Saône river under us and Old Lyon behind us.bridge03

Anni had a blood sausage for lunch, however, Anni had decided we should enjoy our meal with wine!
We had no Wine glasses so Anni had to turn a bit creative with the Evian water bottle and a knife:


And suddenly we had 2 lovely Evian wine glasses:


For dessert we enjoyed these awesome tomatoes: They were so sweet I don’t think I have even tasted such sweet tomatoes before.


It was a truly lovely meal and very nice to enjoy the outside as well! We even had the pleasure of the sun peeking out behind a layer of clouds to welcome us and bless our meal.
A truly nice meal and a nice day!

After lunch we continued walking around in Old Lyon.


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