Lyon – Paris – Oslo

This morning was our last in Lyon and we decided to have a quiet morning. I went out to get us breakfast from the local baker which was early open. I got 2 chocolate croissants and apple juice. After breakfast it was time to pack and repack our suitcases before the cab we had ordered came to pick us up at 10am.

The cab took us to the train station and from there we ran to the tram which took us to the airport where we had to check in at each our terminal.  After a good hug we split and checked in. I bought a couple of bottles of champagne to bring home as well as some local wine and then sat down to wait for my flight.

Both the first flight to Paris and the second one to Norway went very smoothly and we arrived home in good time. I had a lovely vacation and a lovely holiday and meeting Anni and talking with her about all the stuff that has happened lately has been awesome !!! It was really nice to be able to talk with her again and I feel so much better just from those few days with her.


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