Eikenes – Oslo – Paris, France

Yesterday I drove down from Oslo to my Dad’s place in Telemark to pick up my 11 year old sister for our first trip together.

For easter I am taking her to EuroDisney in Paris, France and to do Sightseeing in Paris for a few days! I decided that I wanted to take her there once she got old enough to travel without mom and dad several years ago, but obviously had to wait for her to reach a good age.

Today we had breakfast with Dad and Ellen, our youngest sister whom is only 5 years old and a bit too small to travel without mom and dad yet (but her turn will come), before we started the 3 hour drive in to Oslo. Traffic was quite good and we arrived in good time to pick up the cat-sitter and go home to prepare us  all lunch.

Once lunch was consumed we headed to the airport, parked the car and got ourselves checked in. We were both quite exited at this point. Our journey was about to start. We have both looked forward for this trip for a long time. Me probably longer than her, as I have known about the trip for a longer time, but she has probably put a lot more of that childish excitement into it :)

We had a lot of fun, taking pictures with funny faces in the plane and playing cards. And we had some chocolate that Daddy had slipped into her bag for us :D


We arrived quite late to Paris, Orly and were told that the best option for us was to take a cab as our hotel was quite close to the airport and public transportation would include up to 3 changes which neither of us were up for.

Once we arrived at the hotel, most of the nearby restaurants were closed, but in the same building as the hotel was there was a huge Carrefour supermarket and a McDonalds so we went shopping for fruit at Carrefour and then we bought a hamburger at McDonalds to bring back to the room. We we starving and despite McDonalds not normally being food I recommend to eat too often, just there and then – it was perfectly good for us !

After our late dinner, we packed our bags for the next morning and went to bed. We’ll have to wake up at 6 am…

Todays Journey:



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