Oslo – New York – Houston

For years I have suffered from winter depression and this year was no different than the previous years. However – planning ahead I know I can do something to make it better.

Winter has come, it is time to flee. Destination: Costa Rica


My first flight this morning was from Oslo to Newark. It was an 8,5 hour long flight. I watched movies, read and tried to get some sleep to catch up on several nights with little sleep. Last night was no exception with only 4 hours with my cheek on the pillow. Not necessarily due to poor planning or that I hadn’t done most of the packing already, but neither yesterday nor the day before was I home before midnight. Wednesday I went for a Christmas concert with my sister and yesterday after work I went to see “The Hobbit – The desolation of Smaug” a the movies before I left and then went to deliver the cat to his sitters.

When I came home at midnight I checked up on the last few items to pack and started backing up my cellphones and camera and laptop in case either should be stolen during the trip. That took its time.

I had a 3 hour layover at Newark airport before my next flight to Houston. However most of the time was used to go through the passport control, pick up luggage, go through customs control, re-check the luggage and then go through the security control again. Queues were long and I was only left with 30 minutes to search for some food to go (the worst sushi I ever had – and I eat a lot of sushi).

In Houston I had to pick up my luggage and while waiting in the luggage area a message was anounced over the speakers… (By the way… You know you have arrived to Texas when… ): “For all passengers travelling with firearms you can pick them up at counter 21. Please bring your owner ID.”

When I had claimed my luggage I took the airport train to my hotel where I checked in and met up with my friends Melanie and Lisa. We went to have dinner at Good Eats restaurant and I was a bit torn about what to eat. I could have either Howl at the moon Nachos or Baby Back Ribs.


In the end I ended up with the Texas Star Signature Steak. Lovely.


It was so good to see both Melanie and Lisa again. We chatted and chatted and in the end we were asked politely to leave. The restaurant was closing :D We went back to my hotel and kept talking there. Melanie left at 1 am and Lisa stayed over to help me with my luggage in the morning. And … when you see you friends once every 2 years it’s nice to be able to see them for as long as possible. I fell asleep in an instant.

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