Afternoon at the mall and going to the Movies

When I got home from the wedding with Mami, my sister Roxana asked me if I wanted to join her and hubby Gilber and Luis and Lemuel to play at the mall.

Off we went and on our way there we stopped at El Gollo to get a prepaid phone card for me so I could have a local number while here.

At the Mall the kids were playing at the playground the grown ups sat down in the café area to have a snack. I went shopping and found a new pair of slippers and a cap and then I joined the others downstairs. When I got back the kids had gotten facial paintings:


Lemuel with a scorpion


Luis with a SpiderWeb


Roshy and Gilber

Roshy and Gilber were telling jokes and we all had fun and then the kids went upstairs to check out the program at the Cinema and were really exited to tell us that “It’s raining MeatBalls 2” had just been released and would start in 30 minutes.


Neither of the grownups were very interested in watching that movie, but we went to check out the tickets and found that Riddick (2013) was to start only 15 minutes later than It’s raining meatballs 2″ and decided to go for that one.

The kids were highly exited to be allowed to go to the movies for the first time by themselves and we told them to come join us directly in Room 2 as soon as their movie was finished.

Our movie was a bit longer and during one of the most exiting parts of it the two kids joined us and they were super annoyed to sit with their eyes and ears covered. And the fun started when Luis during one of the most creepy scenes shouted out loud; BUT MOM, ITS NOT SCARING ME. I WANT TO SEE IT, WHY CAN’T I SEE IT? IM NOT AFRAID. ITS JUST A MOVIE and the rest of the people watching the movie started laughing…. Oh well … Kids :D

It was a good movie and we all enjoyed it a lot. A great night ! The only thing I’ll make a mark about is to bring more clothes the next time I’ll go to the movies down here. It was freezing in the room we sat in.


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