Breakfast wedding

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and got showered and when Mami woke up she asked me if I wanted to accompany her for a wedding. The wedding was set for 8am in the church serving breakfast after the ceremony in the local community building afterwards.

There is a first for everything.
This wedding actually has 4 firsts for me:
1. It is the first wedding I go to where I don’t know either Groom nor Bride
2. It is the first wedding I go to where I don’t even know the name of either Groom nor Bride
3. It is the first wedding I go to where I don’t know any of the other attendants
4. It is the first Breakfast wedding I have ever attended.

Of course I had to go :D So I prepped up and put on a summer dress and makeup and joined Mami and Papi for the ceremony. Papi wanted to join us for church, but he was elsewise engaged after mass and not able to join us for the celebration.

We went to the church where Mami met several of her friends. Mami works as a volunteer at the local Retirement home and the bride is one of her colleagues. At the church I had to ask what the names of the Bride and Groom are. I was quite embarrassed, but Mami just laughed (although she did tell me their names).


Oscar and Valeria getting Married


Mami and I at the wedding reception


Mami and Dona Florita and other volunteers at the retirement home


The newlyweds celebrating with their friends and family


Cabita dancing around while serving wine for the toast.


Bride and Groom enjoying entertainment.

It was a nice wedding, We were served Gallo Pinto, Cheese, Eggs and Coffee (No eggs for me :( … ) and fruit for dessert. Gorgeous Papaya, Sweet Pineapple and Guayaba and Apples and Oranges.

After breakfast the Bride threw the bouquet to the single women and the Groom had to remove the garter from the Brides leg with his mouth and then he threw this to the single men. All of this I have seen before, but I have not seen that the Single man that caught the garter had to put it on the Single woman who caught the bouquet – with his mouth. That gave a new touch to it all.

After the entertainment Latin rhythms filled the community building and people started dancing. This was when Mami and I felt we had participated enough and called Papi to come pick us up and Mami offered one of her friends a ride to get home.


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