Running Errands in Liberia

On my third day in Costa Rica it was finally time to go get organized and after breakfast I joined Mami in running errands. Mami first had to go to a different bank, but she asked me to draw a number for her as well in case that would come up first and she would make it in time. Monday mornings are busy in the bank (like 1 hour lines etc) and back in Norway I would do most of the things I had to do in the bank electronically, but here I don’t have an internet banking option for my account yet and I need to get a new code for my BNCR debet card anyway, so I went to the bank to draw my number and one number for Mami. Mami is a senior citizen and senior citizen/pregnant/disabled have a special priority line where they will get served faster. Unfortunately for me to be allowed to use her number she has to be present and she didn’t make it in time so I went to pick up a new number for her. She arrived shortly after and then it was our turn and I got a shitload of Colones and felt really rich (for a while – until I started using them :D They are about 500 per Dollar)


After my errand at the bank I went to visit my friend Ana from Venezuela. Ana’s hair dressing salon, Pura Belleza, is located just 100 meters from the post office.


It was great seeing her again and we chatted along for a while until she had her next appointment, but we made sure to organize a new meeting within a few days and then I moved on to go shopping. My first stop was at Arenas, one of the many local surf shops exclusively for clothes, shoes and accessories for beach sports in town. I found a nice little bag that I bought before I moved on.


I went home after this and spent a few hours sorting the gifts I had brought from home and wrapping them in paper and sorting them in giftbags. It was enjoyable as Mami accompanied me the whole time and we talked and talked.

At about 2pm I left the house and went for a walk. I ended up down by Jumbo where I picked up a few groceries for dinner and then I went back home to help Mami making dinner and then after dinner we watched TV at home. Some western movie but it was nice to spend time with Mami and Papi.

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