Game of Thrones exhibition to come to Norway !!!

I just found out today that The official Game of Thrones exhibition is to come to Norway end of April !! Venue is still to be announced, but I seriously cannot wait for this one !!!



Best thing yet… It’s supposed to be free entrance for everyone…

Game of Thrones

In Europe the exhibition will only visit Oslo and Belfast and in total it will only visit 8 cities worldwide!!!

New York City (1/27 – 2/1)
Mexico City (2/15 – 2/19)
Austin at SXSW® (3/7 – 3/11)
Rio De Janeiro (4/5 – 4/9)
Oslo (4/26 – 4/30)
Toronto (5/14 – 5/18)
Belfast (Dates to be announced)
Vancouver (8/16 – 9/1)

I think Ill aim for a selfie on the Iron Throne…



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