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Sebstien Bruno Chocolatier course – How to make your own Halloween House

For my birthday I was given a chocolatier course and since today is Halloween we had to make our own Halloween Chocolate House :D It was great.


Intense concentration


We get to play with orange chocolate


And green chocolate


Final Result. 6 Participants and 6 Halloween houses


My house in my house


Vuelve a La Vida

My mami in Costa Rica and I were watching TV today and I this commercial for this energydrink Vuelve a la Vida came up. I must admit I started laughing so much she turned around and wondered what was wrong with me. She did not find it as hilarious as I did.
However bad a cliche this is with the Zombies and all – it is actually rare to find commercials that are this spot on with what the product does for you. I liked it!

We Zombies are slow

We Zombies are slow and Stupid. But we need to chase humans and eat their brains. That requires a lot of energy and that is why I recommend Vuelve a la Vida (Come back to life) Energy drink. It is a drink in shot size that gives you immediate energy that lasts up to 6 hours. It has 0 calories and no sugar. With that I better my performance! Thank you Vuelve a la Vida!

Zombies versus bad guys

Yesterday some humans were following me with sticks and machetes. Bad Bad Humans…. But. I took out my “Vuelve a la vida (Come back to life)” energy drink. I drank it and started running. it is a drink the size of a shot that gives you immediate energy and lasts up to 6 hours with 0 calories and no sugar. Thank you Vuelve a la Vida !!!

We Zombies need to work hard

Finding work is difficult, but this week I acted in two movies. All day long I had to stand there and look ugly without a single break. I needed lots of energy. Thankfully I had one Vuelve a la Vida energy drink in my pocket. One shot gives you immediate energy that lasts up to 6 hours with no calories and no sugar ! Thank you Vuelve a la Vida!