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Lunch @ the Bonaparte Bridge

While we were roaming around at the local market we decided that todays lunch would be from only things we found at the market. In addition to the vegetables, flowers and fresh fruit they also sold a lot of prepared, ready to eat, warm lunches!

I bought my lunch from this man who prepared a lovely chicken stew!

chicken stew

We sat down and had the beautiful view of St Johns Cathedral in Old Lyon and Basilica de Notre Dame de Fourviere on the Hills of Fourviere.


 I had also bought myself 1 oyster to try out as I always heard a lot about Oysters, but never tried it before!


And … to be honest… I don’t know if I have to try it again. The first of the two I tasted for just the taste of the Oyster and it just tasted salty water. Not really good at all. The Second one I tasted with Lime and this was a whole lot more tasty, however it might be the lime… :D I might just taste it again at another occation to see if I can learn to love it or if I just don’t have the taste for it.

Here enjoying the Chicken Stew with a lovely view of the Saône river under us and Old Lyon behind us.bridge03

Anni had a blood sausage for lunch, however, Anni had decided we should enjoy our meal with wine!
We had no Wine glasses so Anni had to turn a bit creative with the Evian water bottle and a knife:


And suddenly we had 2 lovely Evian wine glasses:


For dessert we enjoyed these awesome tomatoes: They were so sweet I don’t think I have even tasted such sweet tomatoes before.


It was a truly lovely meal and very nice to enjoy the outside as well! We even had the pleasure of the sun peeking out behind a layer of clouds to welcome us and bless our meal.
A truly nice meal and a nice day!

After lunch we continued walking around in Old Lyon.


Welcome to the World Danna Sofia

My niese in Costa Rica just had her first baby, a baby girl called Danna Sofia.

She will be recieving this beautiful home made dress (by myself) in the mail soon :D

Making a few home made gifts

The past weekend and several days of this week I have spent cutting fabric and preparing for my upcoming travel by making a few home made gifts.

Here are the results. 4 dresses for my niece Isabella and 1 for my friends daughter Mariana.

A fresh Donation to the Amanda Project

Last april I told you I have started knitting baby blankets to aid the Amanda Project, but I hadn’t really had time to persue this hobby (due to refurbishing bathroom and bedroom as well as taking drivers lessons and getting the drivers license). However, I now have 5 beautiful baby blankets to donate to Rikshospitalet here in Oslo for them to give to premature born or sick born babies to keep them warm while they struggle to make it through the rough start of their life.

Some of them will make it, others will not. No matter the outcome the parents are given the tiny blankets and they are free to take them home as a memory of the tough start their baby had, or as a memory of their little one that didn’t make it. For some these donations will be the only and most cherished memories of the child they never got to bring home and I am happy I can help warm someones bodies (and hearts) in a difficult time.

Here are my first donations :

IMG_6424IMG_6425IMG_6426IMG_6427i <3 ublue w whitepurple w pinkpink w whitewhite w pink5 small blankets

Amanda Project – Donations, a set on Flickr.

Birthday Celebration

I woke up this morning with a slight headache from the party last night and headed for the shower. As I was still in the shower I heard my family come down the stairs to sing me the birthdaysong :D

I wasn’t really up for coming out of the shower until I had clothes on, so they went upstairs again and there I met them in the living room once I was ready. They sang me the birthdaysong and gave me nice birthday presents :D

Then I went up to my aunts house where the rest of the family and more presents were waiting for me! YAY. More birthdaysongs :D Cake for breakfast ! Me like !

My presents :D

A book : Crepúsculo (Not that I have NOT read this book up to several times already and … seen the movie several times as well.

However – I haven’t read it in Spanish and had thought to do so, so I am very happy about this edition :D Perfect for lingual development.)

Money: Always a good option

A Jacket: The story behind this one is quite funny :D You see I got really disappointed when I learned that I was going to get the jacket as my birthday gift… Why you wonder? Because I desperately wanted it, so desperately that I actually searched half the country for it myself. And then you think… But then you should just be happy about it! And I am – Now, but the story continues …
I was so desperate that I called all sport equipment stores in Oslo, Akershus, Trøndelag and Rogaland (4 of the counties in Norway) and not one single store had the jacket in my size or at all… I was so disappointed. However finally I found it in a store in Arendal, where my mom happens to live. I sent her money for it and asked her to pick it up from the store where I had reserved it.
I asked her to bring it for the family meeting in Egersund this weekend and at first she was reluctant to give it to me, but I hadn’t even brought another jacket and due to the weather I needed it for going out :D
My mom handed it over to me in wrapping and presented it to me saying it was my birthday present and I thought… Jeez – how lame is that to get a present I have searched, found AND paid for? I was like.. MOM, Come on?
No matter how much I love the jacket I was a tad bit disappointed for the lack of creativity :D
It all solved out as I also got a few surprises :D (and the money back for what I had paid for the jacket :D)

Sømbyste: (clearly I have no idea what that is called in english)

I love making my own dresses, but I have always missed that extra tool to reach perfectionism. Its quite difficult to stand upstraight and measure a new dress’ length at the same time as I bend down to measure the distance to the floor from the bottom of the dress. The dress tends to not stay up when I bend down.

This should help me quite a bit in getting the right measurements :D
Dresses are not the only things I make though. I love making things in general :D

Ill post pictures of my creations under the meny Interests – Arts & Crafts.

Stay tuned :D

I also got a few cute small items and I am very happy about all my birthday gifts. Not many this year, but big and very nice !

At 3:15 we had to leave to get to the airport in time. My cousin Ola was kind enough to drive me and Ingrid to Sola airport where we checked in and sat down waiting for our flights. Ingrid left 30 minutes prior to my flight and once I was done checking facebook birthdaygreetings I closed down that laptop and went to the toilet…

And .. only in Norway will your laptop still be at the table where you left it when you forget to pack it into your suitcase where you left it …

God, I would have never realised until I got home…

At home I sat down and had a few good hours at work (really exiting celebration :D), but all in all a great day ! It was nice to be with most of the family for breakfast and the weekend has been really good !

The Amanda Project – Knitwear to warm premature and sickborn babies

One of my hobbies is to aid the Amanda Project. The “Amanda project” is a project directed to the big hospitals in Norway recieving the gravely ill, sickborn and premature-born babies.


How you may ask? Whats the point of this?
I never knew Amanda myself – she only became 10 days old. She was born pre-mature and she didn’t make it. But one of my best friends know her parents and her parents, Bjørn and Bjørg, have started a campaign to help other parents when they are in the same situation as they were in.

Amandas mom and grandmom asked the doctors when Amanda struggled for her lifew what they could do for her and the doctors told them that anything that could keep her warm would help them, so they started knitting small woolen blankets, hats, socks, gloves and asked others to help them out, because at the hospital they learned that the hospitals were in constant need of supply to keep sickborn and newborn babies warm, thus they started a movement that they named “The Amanda Project”. Friends, friends of friends and many people that wanted to help joined them and now lots of people around the country is helping out knitting either blankets, socks, hats and gloves for these small sick and prematurely born babies.

You see, these small babies, that are on the edge of life and death, just at the start of their own life – need warm clothes and blankets to keep warm and help them get well.
The hospitals give the blankets and the clothes to the baby and its parents – hence the parents get to keep the clothing when their baby get well enough to leave the hospital as a reminder of a rought start to life.
Some parents don’t get to take their little one home – but, they still get to take home the memories of their tiny little angel that didnt get well enough to take home.

How do we do this? How can you help out?

Home knitted woolen clothes (doll sizes and newborn baby sizes) and blankets (the size of an A3 sized paper) is in constant need. We knit and then we send it to Amandas Parents that deliver the blankets at the hospital (Riskhospitalet in Oslo is the one where the sickest of the sick go – they have decided to concentrate their effort on this hospital, but you are welcome to help out any hospital that has a premature newborn department.

IN Other countries try talking to your hospital in your region and ask them if they may be in need of help – clothes and blankets.

All the below info is in Norwegian, but I am certain that there is something similar going on in your area. I know people are doing this in the USA and in Canada. If you love knitting, you have some free time and have some leftover yarn, make a blanket and donate it to a nearby hospital.

Contact Info – the Amanda project:
The Amandaproject has its own webpage:
You can email
or call: 47501222 (Bjørg) & 46785271 (Bjørn).
The Amanda project is also on Facebook:

There has been several articles in Norwegian papers recently:—masker-med-mening/

This article was published in A-Magasinet Friday 1 April.
It talks about Amanda, her struggle, Amandas parents, the project and …
My lovely friend Jorunn that got to keep her Embla.

To see the full sized article – double click the picture:

Pages 40 – 41

Pages 42 – 43

Page 44

Check out if you can help in your local area…

Art Exhibition @ Kulturhuset

After classes finished today, my teacher Peter and myself, walked from work all the way downtown to Kulturhuset in Stockholm where we met with Gunilla that had agreed to show us around in the city.

First we went to see two photo exhibitions at Kulturhuset. One was by Gregory Crewdson (In a lonely place) and the other was by Anneé Olofsson (The face of all your fears).

I was really fascinated by Gregory Crewdsons pictures. I even bought a book with pictures of his work. Really fascinating. This exhibition is coming to Oslo during 2011 (maybe beginning of 2012 – it is absolutely worth seeing !!!).
Anneé Olofsson’s exhibition didn’t move me that much, but it was definately good.

See here for youtube video presentations of the two artists:

After the exhibitions we walked down towards the oceanside where we stopped every here and there to take pictures. Like this one of the hotel and reflections of the lights in the water.

Sightseeing Stockholm

Then we walked past the shopping area before we walked up to Restaurang Cassi where we had dinner. It was a lovely evening and lovely dinner and great company.

Restaurang Cassi

When we were done dining at Cassi, Gunilla went home and Peter and I went back to the hotel we are staying at. We had a nice stroll home before we split. I went early to bed to sleep.