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First Sign of Spring

I went walking in the forest today and found this amazing blue flower. :D

Its spring. New life will be popping up everywhere ! :D yay



Happy Easter!!!

This workweek was very short. I only worked monday.
Seeing as it is Easter and we have Thursday and Friday off here in Norway, I had also requested tuesday and wednesday off. I had planned to join my dad helping him working on his house, but I started off the week with a bad cold.

Monday I booked my tickets for the Course I will attend in London in may. YAY :D You want to meet me there? Let me know .. Ill be a couple of extra days. The rest of the day I spent studying further materials for work.

It was nice to be on vacation :D !!
4 days this week ! Lovely !

All my best wishes that you will have a fantastic easter Holiday !

Landing in London

It is time for another travel. After 2 years I am back in London!!!

I am really exited about being back. For many reasons. – Spring in London is at a lot more advanced level than Norway. This week temperatures in London has been up to 22C. YAY. And I have planned for some serious shopping !

The purpose of this trip is a two-day course and a 1 day team meeting with my entire team located at the CA UK headquartes – however I booked my tickets a day prior to the start of the meet and this way I also get to meet my good friend Chris and his gf Sarah again! THAT is great !

My flight was quite uneventful, but arriving to London was like entering a new world ! Everything was just soo lush and green and lovely. I cought the train from Gatwick to Shephards Bush where I went to the Westfield Shopping centre until Chris and Sarah were back in the apartment and ready for me to arrive :D

I spent a good deal of time at Debenhams (where I got a new jacket and two tops) and Jessops Photo Shop (where I got a few new filters for my lenses and a new camera bag and a gorillapod :D). When done there I stopped at Waitrose to pick up  some fruit for lunch, before I started walking to Chris’s place.
During this walk I realized how incredibly much I love my new Blackberry !!!!
GPS :D Great !!!!

When I got there only Chris was at home, but Sarah came home very shortly after. We ordered pizza for dinner and had a great time catching up over dinner. It was lovely to be back.

This posts title is stolen from “Landing in London” with “3 doors down”
A band I highly appreciate..

They are throwing a concert in London 19 June this year.
I wonder if I might just have to come back !!!!

Spring Optimism

Flowers reminding me that Spring is NOT far away

I am sick and tired of winter, cold wind, snow and other things related to winter!

Some spring signs are showing though, the snow has started to melt some places, days are again finally longer than the nights and birds are returning to spend the summer in the north…

However, despite this being one of the hardest winters in many years (both temperature wise, lenght, loosing my job and a depression I went through)…

I must admit that this winter has had some positive sides to it.

  • I did learn to snowboard
  • I have almost finished refurbishing my apartment
  • I found a new job which I love

None of which makes me long less for spring though…

So, I decided to start spring all by myself today – I went to the flower shop and got lots of flowers for outside decorations and started planting and decorating my veranda !!
At least this way I feel a bit more that spring has arrived.

It looks really nice now.
I feel very happy with the change :D

In addition to this daylight saving changes to summertime tonight and that sure will be great !!!

Celebrate women all around the world

Today is the International Women’s day and this post is to celebrate all you wonderful women out there with this day !

Happy IWD!

Maundy Thursday and visit from UK

Another beautiful day. We had +18Cs as a Max temperature.

I got up late and spent the whole day washing floors, the kitchen and doing my laundry.

Nothing much happened during the day, but my very good friend Mariann came over from UK for an easter visit with a late afternoon flight.

She arrived around 11pm and I went to pick her up at the bus station.

It was really nice to see her again. We stayed up late to catch up.

Meeting up with friends

Today we had another sunny day with about +7C and mostly great weather. Just sad I had to stay in to work and could not enjoy it !

I got up at 7am today to go to work, made myself some breakfast, prepared my lunch to go and had a cup of tea before leaving to get the 7:30 train. Efficient if I must say so myself.

I continued reading my Monkeys are made of chocolate book on the train to work and todays story was The Good guys and the bad guys.
It was great. I love that book (Read the story by clicking on the title link).

Its easter time and at work today we were: the two new guys (me and Mr. India) and one of the regular staff. Not very many, but at I got to listen to my music, read documentation and try to install a test version of the program I am working on for the moment.

John came over from Wilhelmsen to have lunch with me. We had a great time.

Work today was pretty good. I am preparing an application for Installation and I’ve spent several days already to prepare for test installation by reading documentation and talking to people that has had previous responsability. Today I started test installing and that was fun. I am also documenting what I am doing during the installation. It is quite interesting.

On my way home I stopped by Jorunn E’s house to visit her before going home.

I continued reading my book on my way home and the story was called Not a tree to hug.

For the night I had some easy dinner and spent the time in front of the computer finally having time to reply e-mails. I had over 40 in one inbox. Cheesus. I also had time to update entries in my blog. I also watched a movie before going to bed.