Student years

In 1996 I moved to Mormor & Morfar (Ingrid and Olav) in Trondheim to work and study. I spent 2 really good years with them. The first 7 months I worked my butt off, doing direct sales, and in august I started studying Examen Philosophicum and Lingual knowledge at NTNU. The upcoming spring I studied Latin.

During these years the house was full and I loved it. The inhabitants were of course Grandma, Grandpa, myself, my best friend from back home in Arendal, Ingrid, my cousin Johanna, my aunt Hanne and uncle Lars and their 2 kids, Kristine and Ingrid. We often had lots of friends that came over to stay with us.

During my year at NTNU some of my friends showed me the way to a computer lab and introduced me to IRC. I got stuck in there and I spend countless hours chatting with people all over the world and all over Norway. The online chatting environment was small and on #Norway I met lots of people that later became good friends that I have kept in touch with since then.
However, the impact this had on me, was that I realized that by the discovery of internet and online networking, I had changed my dream of what I wanted to be and what I wanted to study.

In June 1997 I moved to Oslo and started studying at DPH (now NITH), in Bekkestua, Bærum where I stayed studying for 2 years. 

I loved the years that I spent at DPH – I learned a lot of interesting things about subjects I had not known about until I started there (D’Oh – point of studying – right?).  I loved the friendships that came out of it. I knew it was the right way for me to go.

In 1999 the two year education was over and I was ready for the work market.
Or was I? I didnt feel like it, but I jumped into it.

However I have always been interested in a lot of different subjects and I have taken classes in reflexology and several work related courses.

Life in itself is a study. I will forever call myself a student …