The big love of my life is officially named Blue Silver of Silverado, but he was quickly given a new everyday name; Safiro.

He has lots of Nicknames that he “respondes” to:

  • Saffi / Saffe (short for safiro)
  • Grisen (the pig if translated from Norwegian (and sometimes he eats like one) or the grey one if Norwegianized from spanish as Gris is the name of the color grey in Spanish)
  • Bebe (since he is my baby)
  • Juju (No idea where that came from)
  • and others

He is an adorable persian cat, born on november 14, 2005. Since then he

The first time I met him he was only 2 weeks old and he looked more of less like this:

That christmas I got a beautiful picture that I have always cherished a lot:

He came to live with me when he reached 12 weeks of age and since then, my adorable little angel has grown big and spoiled :D

I made this video of him when I got new shelfs – He was soo curious about the other cat that was hiding in the window reflections: