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Finally found the perfect Christmas Tree !!!

Since my previous Christmas tree (I have a love for untraditional in this matter) died summer 2012 – I have searched for a new one… Today, 1.5 years later I finally found it!!!

So happy !



Planting Tulips

In August when I was in Den Haag and Amsterdam of the Netherlands I bought with me Tulip Bulbs.

Tulips have to be planted during fall to be outside all winter and to start growing with the first hint of spring, so today I have planted my Tulip bulbs!

The first thing I did was to go for a rock hunt! I drove off to the edge of the forest (where I also went for a long walk picking mushrooms, but that is a different story and not nearly interesting enough to be told today) and at the parking lot I found a huge amount of rocks that I brought with me home. These I put in the bottom of the new home for the Tulips, to avoid the earth rotting when it starts raining heavily during fall or spring (or summer as we are in Norway).

Then I filled the pot half way with earth and unpacked the Tulip Bulbs from their bags and placed them strategically on top of the earth.
The Tulips I have bought are called Black Parrot, Honeymoon and Ice Cream.

Once all the Tulip Bulbs were equally spread all over the pot, I filled it with more earth (about 10 cm).

Now all I have to do is to cover them up so they don’t freeze to death during the winter months and wait for spring to see if the Tulips survived the Norwegian winter :D

Bathroom Refurbishing – Completed

Finally the refurbishing process of my bathroom has finished.
Seeing the “before” pictures and

It’s not that it was so bad looking, but they had to change the tubes and to get to the tubes… they had to change the tiles.

Before I started the refurbishing tiles were pink and white…

After Pictures:

Now it’s black and white :

Doesn’t it look nice? :D

Kitchen Refurbishing – Completed


Before my kitchen used to look like this:
A “beautiful wooden pee-yellow” color.

I just never liked these colors.

When I was done changing the floor linoleum, painting, sanding, dusting, cleaning, re-arranging old furniture and setting up new furniture…

This is what it looks like:

I am inmensely proud !!

Bathroom update

Wooohoo – I can use the toilet indoors again AND the shower.

The bad thing about it…  Still no door …

Bathroom Update week 5

This week is supposed to be the last week of the refurbishing bathroom project and it didn’t start out too good on the bathroom side…

Sure, the tiles have been set up and it looks awesome, but…
There are 4 errors that have been done by the workers.

One of them was corrected today as I worked from home and saw it right away, the framework around the door was set up with white paint (which i specifically requested NOT be painted), but some of them are not possible to fix which had me depressing and developing a MAJOR headache and worrying and stressing heaps to find a solution to the problem. I spent the day working from home and struggled to search through my stuff to find paracetamol, which I didn’t find in my refurbishing mess:

The next error that has been done is that they have set one of the electric points so low that its gonna impact on setting up the furniture.

The third error is that some of the pipes has been set too close to the corner wall.

Then the most grave thing that caused all the stress is that the new toilet has a metal frame that sticks out of the wall too much and has created a corner where there is not supposed to be a corner – leading to the old furniture NOT fitting into the space where it used to be. – Which means I’ve had to find new furniture as well as getting it, which is NOT fun to stress with with a major headache all day.

Good thing is that I did find new furniture for the bathroom.
Bad thing is that this means that the bathroom wont be finished for another 2 weeks – which is a major setback because I am really tired of living in this mess.

Refurbishing – Bathroom week 4 – Monday

Time has come for a bathroom update…

The contractors have started laying tiles now. I can’t wait till its done (mainly cause it will be really nice – but also because I am dead tired of having to get dressed, leaving the apartment and walking to the next door apartment entrance to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night)

Floor tiles on place…

Still not that beautiful, but at least you can get the idea ….