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Sebstien Bruno Chocolatier course – How to make your own Halloween House

For my birthday I was given a chocolatier course and since today is Halloween we had to make our own Halloween Chocolate House :D It was great.


Intense concentration


We get to play with orange chocolate


And green chocolate


Final Result. 6 Participants and 6 Halloween houses


My house in my house


Ellens 5th Birthday !

My little sister Ellen turns 5 years old today and Ingrid and I took the trip from Oslo to join her birthday party!

Ellen dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

Unwrapping gifts

Blowing out candles on the birthday cake !

It was a real nice birthday party with several princesses, one superhero and 2 zombies. Several grown-ups joined too and it was nice to spend time with the family !

Celebrating my birthday in Den Haag, NL

Today I celebrated my birthday and my first birthday greeting was from someone that I care about a lot that told me they dont want to be in touch with me any more which made me really sad. One of my friends who’s an early riser spent some time comforting me which I really appreciated.

Thankfully, with a start like that, the rest of the day could only get better and the birthday wishes kept pooring in. When I got out of bed I had breakfast and then I packed my suitcase. I have a job that I need to do in Netherlands for a few days and despite not wanting to leave on my birthday I had to make the best of it. Therefore I have already celebrated both with my friends and my sister.

I also had time to sit down and talk to some more of my friends and family that called to congratulate me before I had to leave. However at 11:30 I left for the airport and towards my flight to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I have been booked for a few days of work for the project I worked on this summer in Den Haag.

I had lunch at the airport. The flight was pleasant and when I arrived in Den Haag checking in at the hotel I met my colleagues, Barry and Roger, whom were also checking in.
We met downstairs half an hour later and went out for dinner, but first we stopped at the Fiddler for a few pints. The funny thing about the Fiddler is that they have very odd beer that you dont find everywhere else. I ordered a Black Mambe which was very sweet and completly black, while Roger had a Deep Throath. At least the names were very interesting, but after that we went for dinner at Los Argentinos where we had an utmost delicious steak, before we moved on to September bar  at the Grote Markt for more beer.

I can’t thank my colleagues enough. I was so sad due to the message that started my day, and they did their utmost to cheer me up. Not just because it was my birthday, but because I told them what had happened and they wanted to.

My friends from back home celebrated my birthday too (without me as I had had to leave) and they sent me a nice picture with a birthday greeting to me :D

Birthday Celebration with Sis

Tomorrow I fly down to Netherlands and tomorrow is also my birthday so today my sister came over after work for home cooked dinner and gift exchange and champagne :D

We had Herb Marinated Steak, Chanterelle Chili Mushroom stew and Corn Cubs for dinner with a lovely champagne.

We sat outside on the balcony enjoying a beautiful sunny day and we wanted to enjoy the last rest of summer. It was warm and nice and not a cloud to be seen.

After dinner we had the gift exchange and I got a nice backpack cooling bag from mom for hikes in the forest, a necklace and earrings from sister, and a book from mom. My dad had sent money (which is always good).

A very nice celebration of my day ! :D

Birthday Celebration with my Friends

Tonight I celebrated my upcoming birthday with my friends at YaYa’s Restaurant. With just a few visits there I have grown to like the place quite a lot and the food is delicious as well!

When I arrived Tone was already there and Øyvind and Madeleine arrived at the same time as I did. Jorunne E, Eva and Nathalie arrived shortly after and then Daniel, Jorunn S and Tor arrived shortly after that.

Jorunn E and Daniel

Eva and Myself

Madeleine, Øyvind, Jorunn E, Daniel, Tor, Jorunn S, Nathalie, Eva, Me & Tone

We had so much delicious food and drinks. I even had a mango daiquiri and a passion fruit drink. MMMMMMMM

For precourse we had Tom Yum Goong which is a hot sour soup with scampi, lemongrass and chili and Som Tam Malakaw Thawt Manplah which is a Thai salad with papaya and nuts, and Oriental Scampi.

For the main course we had Moo Baikarao which is a pork dish with vegetables and chili and then a Gang Ped Gay which is a dish with chicken in red curry, coconutmilk and vegetables and a Goong Pad King which is a Scampi dish with ginger and garlic.

We stayed at the restaurant and enjoyed eachothers company and after the dinner we left for the free Manu Chao concert downtown in accordance with the Mela festival.

It was a really nice birthday celebration!

A perfectly fine day in Klatreland

My friend Tone celebrated her birthday today and she had scheduled her birthday celebration party to be outdoors at the new summerpark in Oslo where they have buildt a climbing park with several activities like climbing trees, balance training, zip lines and lots of other fun.

The courses are designed with varying difficulties and height requirements.

Andreaas, Lise, Ragnhild and Tone – Ready to Rumble

Ragnhild, Tone, Me and Lise

Andreas testing the zip lines

Lise testing her balance.

Tone looks happy

We had a great day in the beautiful sun this day. After the first round Ragnhild and I sat down in the sun to talk and tan and have some food while we waited out the rest of the group to try one of the other courses :D

This was a perfect day outside and then for dinner we all went out for Sushi!

Check out this Youtube video for more information about the activities of the climbing park!!

Happy Birthday Ingrid!

My sister Ingrid turns 34 today ! All my best wishes for her birthday and may you have a fantastic celebration today love !