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Norco – Los Angeles – Schipol – Oslo

This morning we woke up early to pack the last stuff. We had breakfast, then we packed, repacked, packed and repacked again. In the end we had packed it all in suitcases and none of them were overweight. I, of course, had 2 extra suitcases that I had to pay for.

Vanessas husband came to pick us up at 10 am and we packed all the luggage into the van and set off for a 1,5 hours drive to the airport in Los Angeles, LAX.

At the airport I had to pay extra for the 2 luggages I had of overweight, but that still cost me a LOT less than postage and stamps would have cost me. One of the airport employees was wondering what I had done in the US since I had so much luggage after such a short visit to the country – and I told him that I was supporting the US economy. Which is exactly what I have done.

The LAX airport shopping at the gates where we had our flight from did not exactly have a huge variety of shopping options. Hence we didn’t get to do too much shopping at the airport, but boarding the plane I was forced to check one of my hand luggages as I had two. They were really keen on me paying for it, but my mom told them I had not checked more than one luggage – hence I was allowed to check it without paying any more for the overweight.

At the airplane we enjoyed a 12 hour flight to Amsterdam, sleeping, watching movies and making new friends like Steve and Seth from California on their way to Austria for a skiing holiday.

From Schipol we flew to Norway where we arrived after nightfall and it was cold. After 25 C degrees in California for 2 weeks…. snow is not my fav thing.

We even had to scrape the ice off the car :(

Mom and sis drove me home and my friends had dropped of the cats so that my welcome comittee was there to greet me :D It was awesome to see them again :D

The journey has been fantastic. Thanks to my travel mates and our family members in California that have taken good care of us while we were visiting!


Last day in Norco with the family

We enjoyed a lovely morning with breakfast in the garden, swimming and tanning and just relaxing and playing with the kids.

Weather was beautiful. 25 Celcius degrees. We even started up the jacuzzi :D

Mom and Dionne by the pool. For a local 25 C apparently isnt too impressive :D

Mom, sis and me decided that we wanted to do some shopping while Dionne was working and we decided to go to the Ontario Mills Mall. There we walked around for a few hours shopping gifts and some last stuff to bring home. Good thing I brought an extra suitcase :D

On our way home from the Mall we took some time to drive around and look at the christmas decorations that had been put up just the past few days in the neighbourhood.

Well at home we had dinner with Dionne and then we packed, repacked and repacked again. Wow, but with a real effort we all managed to pack everything into the suitcases we had brought and within the weight limits.

All set to return home then.

Shopping with Alex and the girls

When I woke up this morning I was greeted by a huge family and a nice breakfast in Grandma and Grandpas house. My friend Alex and her whole family are so nice. They kept up all the questions from last night about travelling and about all the places I had been and as Alex is quite young still of course they want to know about the risks of travelling by yourself. Grandma cooked a lovely beanstew and tortillas for breakfast! YUMMY. My kind of food !

Alex two cousins, Tori and Katie, came over to see us and together we all went out to go shopping and look around. We had a real nice day.

In the afternoon they took me to the bus so I could go back to Norco and Dionne and Greggs house again. It was nice to have had the chance to see Alex, even if just for a short while.


Todays big plan was to celebrate the babyshower of baby Jocelyn, expected by Trisha and Brent (Greggs brother).

We had a lovely breakfast at the hotel and then we packed everything into the car and we took off to Trisha and Brents house where we had promised to help prepare everything for the babyshower.

We helped blowing up balloons, set up decorations, prepare food, set up the tables and prepare everything else that was necessary to get the place ready in time for the guests to arrive.

All the family was there. It was really nice. Lots of friends of the coming partents arrived as well

Zara playing in the garden

Mamma and Jan with Maya

Trisha watching a video recording from a friend that was not able to participate in the babyshower.

Gifts on display

Dionne making sure we were all fed with cake :D

We all had a nice time and we enjoyed spending just another day with the family before we had to head back to Norco again.

On our way back to Norco we made a stop in Fullerton where I hopped off to spend a night visiting Alexandra, a Couchsurfer that I first met in London and that I later hosted in Oslo at her grandparents house.

But since it was still the Thanksgiving weekend I was greeted by her whole family that were all really really nice and took good care of me!

It was very nice to see Alexandra again, to get to know her cousins and her whole family :D

Black Friday Shopping

We woke up at the hotel in Ventura this morning after a night of lovely sleep. After breakfast with the family we had a nice little stroll at the nearby marina.

The Ventura marina in the early morning hours.

Then we went back to the hotel and took off to meet up with Greggs family and join Gregg Sr for a ride in his home-buildt airplane.

When we got back from the plane trip, Mom, Ingrid and myself went shopping at the Camarillo Outlet Mall where we stayed shopping for hours and hours and we didn’t leave until the mall closed at 10 pm. Shop till you drop! But oh we had fun ! Then we went back to the hotel to get some desired sleep.

Flying high over Camarillo

My sister and I was so fortunate for Gregg Senior to take us out for a ride today. Not an ordinary ride, but an airplane ride! In his own, homebuildt airplane!

We set off from the hotel this morning to Gregg Sr and Jans home where Gregg Sr took us to the airport where he stores his airplane.

Ingrid was first one out to sit down in the plane and go on the first trip as the plane was so small that we would not fit the three of us at the same time.

A proud but happy girl.

Upside down? Hehehe. A thrilling experience.

I spent the time reading in the sun while they were in the air, but when they came down and it was my turn I was thrilled to get my share of the fun.

Gregg Sr helping me into the plane

Adjusted with all the necessary equipment.

In the air

Camarillo/Ventura from the air.

The ride was awesome. I have never been in a small plane before and Gregg Sr even had me drive the plane for a while. That was scary. I was afraid of taking her down and crashing, but we managed quite well under my command :D

We were up in the air for about 30 minutes which was totally amazing.

When we landed we packed up and went back to the house where we met up with the others and started our next step of the program. The Black Friday Shopping!

Thanks to Gregg Sr for one of the coolest experiences on this trip !


Today is Thanksgiving and the family packed up to leave Norco to go to Ventura / Camarillo to celebrate Thanksgiving with Greggs side of the family.

However after breakfast we had time to go for a nice little swim.

We left the house at 11 am in 2 cars and it was a nice and long ride. The weather was awesome. Perfect temperatures and nice and sunny.

We arrived in Ventura where we checked in to our hotel and then we all went to Gregg Sr and Jann’s house where we were greeted by Greggs parents and siblings with kids.

Gregg Jr and sister Dionne

The family cooking Thanksgiving Dinner ! Smelling SOOO NICE

Lovely Turkey

Beautiful Fruit !!

Dinner was served at 6 and we had a very traditional US American Thanksgiving dinner. It was absolutely lovely and spending it with this fantastic family was even better.  We had so much fun and it was such a lovely day.

After dinner it was time for a photo session and then we had dessert and games.

Ingrid, Mom and me with Gregg Sr and Jann (in the back)

Ingrid, Mom and Me with Gregg Sr, Dionne and Baby Maya (in front)

Gregg Sr and jann with all the grandkids

Mom with Baby Maya

It was awesome and Gregg Sr. promised to take me and sis Ingrid out for a plane ride tomorrow morning!!!!! In his own home buildt plane :D My gosh, that will be exiting !!!

After the party we returned in the cars to Ventura to our hotel to go to bed and relax.