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Sebstien Bruno Chocolatier course – How to make your own Halloween House

For my birthday I was given a chocolatier course and since today is Halloween we had to make our own Halloween Chocolate House :D It was great.


Intense concentration


We get to play with orange chocolate


And green chocolate


Final Result. 6 Participants and 6 Halloween houses


My house in my house


Happy Easter!!!

This workweek was very short. I only worked monday.
Seeing as it is Easter and we have Thursday and Friday off here in Norway, I had also requested tuesday and wednesday off. I had planned to join my dad helping him working on his house, but I started off the week with a bad cold.

Monday I booked my tickets for the Course I will attend in London in may. YAY :D You want to meet me there? Let me know .. Ill be a couple of extra days. The rest of the day I spent studying further materials for work.

It was nice to be on vacation :D !!
4 days this week ! Lovely !

All my best wishes that you will have a fantastic easter Holiday !

Swiss Chocolate


OK, Im a sucker for real good chocolate. I don’t eat all kinds of chocolates, but there sure is some I just can’t stay away from.

2 weeks ago a friend of mine came to visit me from Switzerland and he brought me a gift of gorgeous Swiss Chocolate.
I mean – who doesn’t love friends like that? Hihihihi

I got Lindt and Frey Chocolates. I had never tasted the Frey one before, however this one that I had today – was a Supreme Fourré with Panna Cotta and red rasberry filling. It was soo good I couldn’t help myself from eating the whole bar.
Amazing !!!

He also brought me white Lindt chocolate with almonds.
One of my favourites!!
Soooo good.

Thank you so much :D

Blue monday – Last big group leaving

cloudy.gifAnother Cloudy day with warm temperatures. We even had a few showers over us in the afternoon.

We were woken up at 8:30 after another night with minimal amount of sleep :D. Well, nothing bad in staying awake getting to know your room mates chatting half the night.

I felt shittier than yesterday and had spent most of the night coughing again. Im amazed my roomies got to sleep at all with me coughing like that. My voice was completely fucked up. Hahaha. It was quite funny. Squeeky and dry. Deep.

We had a huge picture session with all the participants and info on Next years Paella.

Party Paticipants CS Paella 2008

Party Paticipants CS Paella 2008

After this all the remaining guests were set to pack down the party tent, organize the packing of tables, chairs and benches used in the party tent and washing the paella pans. My dear Anick-Marie, Ricard, Ulf, Paul, my roomie Aldo and lots of others were among the people that departed after this task finished. That was sad. Never fun when friends are departing and you have no idea when you will meet them again.

As the biggest group left the remainers decided to go to Schoggi land, the nearby chocolate factory of St. Gallen (Birgit and Felix, Joris, Bogdan, Ben, Vince, Christine, Hector, Alex, Roger, Jason, Maikel, Steven & and myself). We had a great time and we all brought with us lots of chocolate home !! YAY ;D

During the afternoon we went down to Gossau and had dinner at a pizzeria there.

At home during the night we watched movies, chatted with eachother and I almost died from the cough I had. However, that led to Roger giving me Asthma medisine, which made me realize I actually have to test myself for asthma – just in case – cause the meds actually worked.