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Canals and Dinner at Julianas CS Meeting at Cafe Libertijn

I met my colleague, Roger, for breakfast in the cafeteria and we had a relaxing breakfast before Barry came down and we had to leave for work. We had another nice day so we decided to walk. We tried a new route today and we walked along the canals. It was beautiful and we even found a houseboat that was for sale.

For lunch I had a wonderful pasta dish with creme fraiche, truffles, pine nuts and parmeggiano cheese. It was probably one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had in a dinner workplace cafeteria before.

After work I went shopping in Voorburg and then I took bus 28 back to Den Haag Centraal. I was lucky enough for it to rain the whole trip and then it stopped when I hopped off to continue shopping. I found some baking stuff at the Bijenkopf (which is a store I have started to like a lot), however I was searching for a CD with Chris Medina as my best friend wanted that for her birthday, but I didn’t find any stores in Den Haag that had sold that CD, which I found strange.

Anyways, back at the hotel I met up with Barry and Roger, and we went for The Fiddler where I decided to try to an Albino Fox beer tonight rather than the Black Mamba from the other day.

Then we went to Restaurant Julianas where we had dinner! It was a lovely place and they had really good food.We all had steak and it was so good. And interestingly enough I found a Pink Beer, called the Wieckse Rose.

It tasted more like a soda with alcohol than like beer, but thats a different story. It was quite good.

Dinner was quite nice and after dinner I decided to join up with the local couchsurfers of Den Haag at Cafe Libertijn where I had a very nice time.


The Holmenkollen Relay Race

Today I participated in a Relay Race here in Oslo with a group of colleagues from work. The Holmenkollen Relay Race is a race that is organized every year. It is actually the largest relay event in the world and in 2011 it had more than 33000 participants. This year 2727 teams and 40.905 participants joined. The race was organized for the 82nd time.

A lot of serious athletes participate each year and… of course a lot of unserious ones!  When we signed up, the message was – we don’t sign up to win, but to go out for dinner afterwards. My kind of thing.

So on the day of the race we met up, had our picture taken (me being the photographer) and set of to find our posts.

My colleagues pre-race at the office. Unfortunately not everyone were present for the picture.

We left and went into the city where we split and went to each our leg post and started warming up and preparing for our leg of the relay.

Me at St.Hans haugen, right next to my post. ->

I was scheduled to run the third leg and as soon as I got the baton from my colleague I set off to the next post. I was quite happy with myself as I actually managed to run most of the leg. I had to walk a tiny part of it while catching my breath as my astma was killing me, despite taking my meds just prior to my run. But I managed to run most of the leg and for that I am proud!

Once had passed on the baton – I returned to my switch point where my colleague that ran leg 2 was waiting for me with my bag that I passed on to him when I got the baton. Together we walked to the end point (panting and coughing to catch our breaths) where we found our colleague who was running the last leg and we waited with him till it was his turn and then we cheered him on for the last stretch.

It was a great day and we rounded up the evening by going out for dinner :D

We had a very nice time dining out and the food was absolutely delicious. A perfect end to a very nice day with colleagues !

Re-living the 22nd of July of 2011 at Sundvolden Hotel

Almost 9 months has passed since that day last summer when one man killed 77 persons in a bomb attack and the slaugtherings at Utøya in Norway.

The Trial against the Norwegian Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has been all over the media these past weeks interviewing a cold and calculated man, describing acts so horrific that no regular person is capable of even beginning to comprehend and grasp the complete lack of empaty or justifications he has made for himself to go through with the slaughterings of the terror attack last summer. In a way we have relived that fatal day of last summer since then through media listening to explanations from the killer, testimonials from the survivors and media discussing the testimonials of each day.
Frankly after a week I just want it all to be over, but the trial will still last for several weeks.

However, among all the horror that Breivik caused last summer – there are good stories to tell too. Stories of human compassion and strength to stand together and be united in a situation of the deepest misery.

My company just celebrated our FY13 Kick Off. We went out of town to Sundvolden Hotel.

For those of you that didn’t hear too much about the terror attacs in Norway last summer, Sundvolden Hotel was the hotel where all the survivors from the Utløya island shootings were taken when they were rescued after the shooting. It is the place where their families, the Police, Firefighters, Volunteers and other parties involved arrived during the first hours and days after the Utøya Shooting last year after the terror attacks performed by Anders B. Breivik.

22nd of July is in the middle of the Norwegian summer holiday and on this quiet summer day in 2011 the hotel had 5 guests and 4 employees on duty. Sundvolden Hotel is a conference hotel and it has lots of rooms, but it being a really quiet time of the year very few people were there. Sundvolden is located right next to the shore of land where the survivors came ashore.

The manager was asked to recieve survivors at the hotel and just then the hotel recieved one of the most challenging and important tasks of their long history. My boss made a request to the hotel that we wanted to hear how they as an organization prepared their staff, manned and organized volunteers and officials, survivors and family and went from 5 guests to 1000 guests in just a few hours – many highly traumatized and family members needing information about their loved ones, some to be reunited, some recieving the worst message of their lives.

Although the manager did not mention anything specific about victims or special situations from that day, he did speak of how they organized everything, how they had understood early the chance of being assigned the task to recieve everyone involved and how they managed the organization of all the tasks to be solved to still maintain good service to everyone guesting their hotel during those days. It was quite difficult not to start crying when he told of families that despite loosing their loved one, had left napkins with a thank you note to the hotel for making the stay a nice one in such a time.

Now you may think this sounds like the hotel is speculating and making money on the catastrophy, but simply we asked for him to talk about it and he accepted. It is a huge task to administer and we were interested in knowing how they managed on such a short notice.

It was a very rewarding stay. It gave us a different perspective of the days of terror last summer – and it gave us a fantastic stay at a beautiful hotel right next to the beautiful Tyrifjord (Tyri lake).

And here is a small reminder of the huge amount of people that showed up to show solidarity with the victims of that horrible day. Over 600 000 is said to have been in the street that day, on a day in the middle of the main holiday weeks in Norway. Oslo has 500 000 inhabitants.
The peaceful march to demonstrate against terror was cancelled due to such a massive show up of people. There was no place to march anywhere. Every street, every alley, every plaza was full of grieving and shocked people.
There was nowhere to walk.
And we were together…
And I still get tears in my eyes from thinking about those days last summer…

Summer Party CA week 16

This week has been incredibly busy – both at work and during my spare time. On top of this I spent last weekend sick – something which followed me the whole week being in poorer shape than what I normally am. However, no matter how sick I was I did not have time to be sick.
I had a meeting with my knitting club, a video night with a colleague, baking night, an engagement party and the big summer party at work as well as a good bye party for a very good friend of mine.

Thankfully several of these activities were either in my home or at my friends homes, so I didn’t really need too much energy to go wild. It was a quite busy week, but very, very nice to spend so much time with people I enjoy a lot.

On Thursday baking night I baked cupcakes for my colleagues and the summer party for friday. The funnest part was of course to decorate them.

Lovely Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

Check This Link for the Recipe: Apple Banana Cupcakes

At work I was sick Monday (as well as the whole weekend) and I worked from home on Wednesday to save energy travelling and get well faster. I was working from Tryvann 2 days and from the office one day. I also had a talk with my colleagues to plan further progress for summer vacation and what kind of work I will be doing while the other guys I work with will be off on holiday (I will be saving mine until later and try to get a nice holiday then instead (it’s not like I need a vacation anyways – I did spend 3 months unemployed last winter).

As for the GCC Results of the week I realized that if you are sick, you can choose that option and get your average amount of steps – 10% instead of the lousy amount of steps I actually managed to walk (which only resulted in 3500 and 4000 steps a day. My average is a lot higher than that (13000 steps per day) and looks a lot nicer on the result list.

Here are the results of the week:
Monday: 11 439
Tuesday: 11 439
Wednesday: 10682
Thursday: 14563
Friday: 11987
Saturday:  13487
Sunday: 9872

As those of you actually paying attention to this blog knows we have had a competition going on at work with this GCC thing. The female and male with most steps individually in total, the female and male with most steps in one single day, and the team with the most steps in total all got a price. My team won the team price as we all have very steady walkers. We walk a lot and our team average is 12000 (My average actually being over the average by quite some. My highest single day result is 24875 steps. My total is 479.001 steps = 306.6 km. Total burn of calories =13304 !!! I sure am proud of myself  :D I always knew I walk a lot, but it looks so much cooler when you see the results like this. I also lost 3 kgs during these weeks and now I’m up for the rest of the challenge.. We are on until mid September with work.

I had a great week and now I am totally ready for 1 weeks vacation down south in Arendal at the Hove festival and meeting up with friends and family still living down there !

CA week 15

We started this week having monday off. This is the last Norwegian official holiday of the year until Christmas.  I love may :D Lots of long weekends.

I spent 3 days at Tryvann with the guys. Our first deadline is upcoming next tuesday and we need to push to finish in time. Tryvann is a great place. I like working up there. Normally my colleagues will pick me up in the morning and take me home. Which I find quite comforting. We have a nice time up there, however the weather up there is more unstable than down in the city and it rains a lot more often. However the view is so nice and the air smells so fresh. Its in the middle of the forest.

I only spent one day at the office and I must say its nice to meet up with the colleagues in the office as well.

GCC Results this week:
Monday: 21960
Tuesday: 10249
Wednesday: 11657
Thursday: 10968 
Friday: 3968
Saturday: 4567
Sunday: 3501

Total amount of steps: 66888

My amount of steps has not been impressive this week – however I feel I am excused as I have spent 3 days with fever and a bad cold. I had no energy to walk at all.

CA week 14

This week I spent monday in the office and Tuesday I was at Tryvann again. Our customer is located right next to Tryvann Skisenter which is the best downhill skiing arena in Oslo.

Our customers location is at the Tryvannstower. The Tryvanns Tower has the best view of Oslo. It used to be open back in the days, but nowadays it has been sealed off for the general public. However considering we are working here – we have been promised a trip up to the top of the tower – on a sunny day – to enjoy the view.

Tryvann SkiSenter from my Office #2

Wednesday I spent back in the office working on my documentation for the project and same on Thursday.

Friday I was off to take the Driving – Long Distance Driving class.

As for my GCC Results for this week:
Monday: 7965
Tuesday: 11986
Wednesday: 10006 (only … BUT, I JOGGED 6000 OF THESE STEPS !!!!)
Thursday: 11058
Friday: 12357
Saturday: 8975
Sunday: 12456

Total Steps this week: 74803

As for other results due to this: Between July 26 2010 and Febuary 2011 I lost 15 kgs of overweight and I was soooo proud. Between the time I started working in CA until we started this challenge I gained 7 of those Kgs. NOT FUNNY!

So Im proud to announce – Until now I have lost 3 of those – still a few to go, but at least I am on my way.

My Team is The Flying Penguins and we are on a 32nd place CA worldwide!

CA week 13

I had another great week with CA.

I spent Monday  in the office  and Tuesday at Tryvann at customer location.

Monday was fantastic sunny weather and great. The sales people closed a big deal on Friday and we celebrated with Strawberries and Vanilla Ice Cream !! Yummy. Then Eva and myself went for a walk during lunch hour.

Tuesday it rained dogs and kittens all day. The good thing about being at Tryvann is that I am being picked up and dont have to use public transportation. Also it smells sooo nice in the forest on a rainy day !

Wednesday I was in the office again, working on project  related things and Eva and i again went for a walk to have our lunch outside :D it feels nice to do all this walking :D

Beach at Lysaker

Thursday this week was an official Holiday and Friday I had taken off – This way I got to walk a lot :D

GCC Results this week:
Monday 21593
Tuesday 15789
Wednesday 8902
Thursday 11985
Friday 22598
Saturday 7568
Sunday 12357

Total amount of steps this week: 100792