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Touring Amsterdam and Returning to Norway

This morning I woke up at 9am which was just about perfect. I had a shower and Liewe came home from night shift just about when I was done. Liewe woke up as well and we all had a lovely breakfast with a figjam which was absolutely awesome!

After breakfast we took a stroll along the canal to get to the tram to Amsterdam Centraal where I stored my luggage and then we went to explore Amsterdam. We took a new tram to get up to the area of the ‘de negen straatjes’. We passed the Anne Frank house where there was a huge line of people that wanted to get in.

After that we passed by the lovely canals, we entered a tulip museum and we even found a couple of newly weds:

As we passed the many charming streets of De Negen Straatjes we found an amazing bike! It has been rebuildt to look like a car ! I love it!

We also had to stop by the Amsterdam flower market where I picked up lots of tulips. I bought quite a few that I will use as gifts, but of course I bought some for my own “garden” (read veranda) :D

After we were done at the Flower Market, we went to the Dam Square where the Royal Palace, the National Monument, and the 15th-century Gothic Nieuwe Kerk is located and then we went to an icecream bar on ‘De nieuwmarkt’ was called the Ijskuypje.

At 2pm we had to head back to the Centraal station where we had to split up and I had to leave Amsterdam to go to the airport.

Liewe and Lien, my friends and my hosts for my stay in Amsterdam!

I picked up my luggage and at the Central station and hoppeed on the train towards Schipol Airport.

On my way to the airport I saw that commercial again and I got confirmed my latest new dutch word; Plofkip.

Once at the airport I checked in and went shopping. I came very close to buying the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, but it was a bit too costly there and I decided to leave it behind. However I did go shopping for flowers. I brought home 2 huge bouquets of flowers. One for myself and one as a birthday present for my best friend whos birthday is tomorrow. I bought her some beautiful soft purple roses. I also bought a new perfume and then I had dinner before I flew back home.

At home my cat was waiting for me and it was so nice to see him again. I miss him just as much each time I’m gone, and it’s funny to see him actually be so happy to see me again too!
I had to pop out for some groceries so I brought him with me, stopped by the store and then dropped by my friends house to hand over her flowers and her other birthday gifts as well.

A really nice day from beginning to start !


Den Haag to Amsterdam, Movies and Bonfire at Roest

I woke up a bit late and rushed to pack my suitcases as today was our last day in Den Haag working for KPN and Roger and Barry were already waiting for me downstairs.
I rushed through the hotel cafeteria preparing sandwiches to bring with me while the guys waited downstairs for me, then I checked out and we grabbed a cab to work.

At 2 pm when our workday was over the project manager, Warner, gave us a ride to Schipol and there I said goodbye to the guys and headed for the trains to Amsterdam Centraal station where I left my luggage in some lockers and headed over to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena to meet a friend to go to the movies.

We went to see the Bourne Legacy which was quite good. It was premiering and due to my friends membership at the Pathe theatres, we even got the tickets at a nice price.

After the movie I went back to Amsterdam Centraal to pick up my luggage and took the tram to my friend’s (Liewe and Lien) house where I am staying tonight.

Lien went to work and Liewe took me to a bar called Roest, where we had a few beers, met a friend of Lien and Liewe and enjoyed a beautiful evening under the full moon outside the bar where they had a huge bonfire and a huge crowd of people.

All credits for the picture to http://www.overdose.am

Roest is located in an industrial area and the bar itself used to be a Gas factory where the energy was generated for the shipyard, where VOC ships and steam engines were built. The original factory building has been preserved and the the industrial feel of the former function is completely captured.

Canals and Dinner at Julianas CS Meeting at Cafe Libertijn

I met my colleague, Roger, for breakfast in the cafeteria and we had a relaxing breakfast before Barry came down and we had to leave for work. We had another nice day so we decided to walk. We tried a new route today and we walked along the canals. It was beautiful and we even found a houseboat that was for sale.

For lunch I had a wonderful pasta dish with creme fraiche, truffles, pine nuts and parmeggiano cheese. It was probably one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had in a dinner workplace cafeteria before.

After work I went shopping in Voorburg and then I took bus 28 back to Den Haag Centraal. I was lucky enough for it to rain the whole trip and then it stopped when I hopped off to continue shopping. I found some baking stuff at the Bijenkopf (which is a store I have started to like a lot), however I was searching for a CD with Chris Medina as my best friend wanted that for her birthday, but I didn’t find any stores in Den Haag that had sold that CD, which I found strange.

Anyways, back at the hotel I met up with Barry and Roger, and we went for The Fiddler where I decided to try to an Albino Fox beer tonight rather than the Black Mamba from the other day.

Then we went to Restaurant Julianas where we had dinner! It was a lovely place and they had really good food.We all had steak and it was so good. And interestingly enough I found a Pink Beer, called the Wieckse Rose.

It tasted more like a soda with alcohol than like beer, but thats a different story. It was quite good.

Dinner was quite nice and after dinner I decided to join up with the local couchsurfers of Den Haag at Cafe Libertijn where I had a very nice time.

Couchsurfing in Rotterdam

Every now and then the hotel are out of rooms and today was one of them. However I had booked a Couchsurfing host where I could stay for the night.

I was also lucky enough for my host to cook me dinner and make home made brownies for dessert ! That was a lovely gesture that I really appreciated.

We spent the evening talking and resting in.

Here, a lovely fountain in one of the canals close to Rotterdam centraal.

Dinner and Game Night with friends

This morning I walked to work with my colleague Kurt. It was a nice sunny morning and it became a long and busy day at work.

After work today I had an appointment with some friends that I met years ago through a Couchsurfing event in Utrecht here in The Netherlands.

Eveline lives in Den Haag and she also invited Liza and Jasper from Utrecht for a lovely dinner and playing games. Fortunately there is a direct bus from work directly to the side of the city where Eveline is living, but I did stop to pick up some good wine for us all.

Eveline made a wonderful vegetable risotto with lots of parmeggiano and the wine was awesome for that! Evelines flatmate Anouk also joined us for dinner and then we were all given the tour of the house before we decided to play a boardgame called Munchkin.

It took me forever to understand the rules of the game, but … I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Maybe I should get it to play at home.

Liza and Jasper left at the same time as I did and hence we could continue eachothers company until we got to the central station where they left for Utrecht and I went back to the hotel :D A very nice evening !

Movie Night with friends

This sunday morning I slept in and enjoyed a lazy morning inside as it was raining outside… again…

I spent the day reading and watching TV and in the afternoon I headed with a train to Rotterdam from Den Haag Centraal where I was picked up by my friend and we went home to make dinner.

After dinner we went to Lorraine and Pauls place to watch a movie with them. Its been some years since I met them so it was very nice to get to spend some time together.

The movie we saw was She is out of my league and it was a funny movie to watch with friends.

Kirk is an average Joe who works as a TSA agent at the Pittsburgh airport with his friends. The status quo of his fairly monotonous life ends when he meets Molly, a smart, kind and gorgeous blonde. Because she’s way out of his league (she’s a hard 10 and he is but a 5), Kirk knows there’s no way on earth she’s ever going to fall for him. Or is there…?

Watch the trailer here:

She’s out of my league online

Gent, Belgium to Den Haag, Netherlands

This morning Steven and I went to a local baker in the morning to pick up bread for breakfast and then Steven and Katrien took me downtown to show me a bit of Gent and spend some time together.

We had a very nice time together taking pictures, having ice-cream, eating belgian waffles as well as stopping in several different stores to buy chocolate that I could bring back to Netherlands.

Gent is a beautiful city and I wished I had so much more time there with my friends. Time to enjoy the beautiful canals and the old buildings and the city itself.

My beautiful friends!

Katrien and myself in front of the canals :D

Gent is a very beautiful city and Steven and Katrien took me to all the nice places to see and I enjoyed my visit in the city a lot.

Before I had to leave we stopped at a restaurant called the Het Spijker where we had a refreshing drink before I had to take the train back to Den Haag in the Netherlands.

I had to make a train change in Antwerp where I had some delicious fresh strawberries covered in Chocolate. They were so good!

Well back in Den Haag I checked in to the Hotel and and spent the rest of the evening just relaxing in my hotel room.