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Dark Shadows

I LOVE when Tim Burton / Johnny Depp / Helena Bonham Carter works together and makes new movies! Huge Fan!
I know that not everyone are thrilled by this latest installation from the before mentioned trio, but I dont care about everyone. I loved the movie. Lots of great laughs and lots of great acting. I know nothing of the original TV series, hence I have nothing to compare with. But both me and my friends loved the film!

In 1760, Joshua and Naomi Collins sail from Liverpool, England to North America.

Their son, Barnabas, grows up to be a wealthy playboy in Collinsport, Maine and is the master of Collinwood Manor.

He breaks the heart of a witch, Angelique Bouchard, who kills his parents, curses his family, with all his lovers leaping to their deaths from a nearby cliff and finally turns Barnabas into a vampire and buries him alive in a chained coffin in the woods.

In 1972, Barnabas is accidentally freed from his coffin by a group of construction workers. He sucks them dry of their blood and makes his way back to Collinwood Manor where he finds his once-magnificent mansion in ruin. The manor is currently occupied by Barnabas’ dysfunctional descendants. Barnabas decides to restore his family name, but when Angelique discovers that he has escaped his shallow grave, she plots revenge and tries to win him back.

He discovers that his family’s fishing company is in ruins because of Angelique’s business, and takes steps to revitalise and rebuild the company (and the mansion), gaining the trust of the family in the process. In the meantime, Dr. Hoffman offers to help turn Barnabas into a human via blood transfusions, taking several pints of his blood, but instead tries to turn herself into a vampire, only to be discovered and presumably killed by Barnabas, who dumps her body in the ocean.

He then discovers David’s father Roger snooping around the study, trying to find his riches. Barnabas gives him a choice: stay and be a father or leave; Roger chooses the latter. It is then revealed through flashbacks that Maggie/Victoria was sent to a mental hospital by her parents for talking to the ghost of Barnabas’ love, Josette, who killed herself because of Angelique’s curse. She is seen getting electroshock treatment as a child, then escaping through the window with sheets.

Barnabas soon meets with Angelique, and refuses her offer to cooperate with her to run the town, also refusing to return her love. She then binds him with silver chains and forces him into a coffin again, which she leaves in a crypt.

At the same time, she blows up the rebuilt Collins fishing complex. David soon discovers Barnabas, and Angelique learns of his premature return. She then reveals to the police that the Collins family is harbouring a murderer, turning the townspeople against the family once more, leading them to the mansion. After Barnabas offers to be arrested in place of the family, Angelique takes control and sets fire to the mansion, bringing to life the wooden statues and portraits, and making blood run down the walls from them, as well as splintering the walls of the building. Carolyn (who has been turned into a werewolf because of Anqelique), Elizabeth and the ghost of David’s mother Laura then kill her, throwing her into the chandelier. Before she dies, her porcelain skin fracturing, she literally offers her heart to Barnabas, insisting she did in fact love him, but he refuses, telling her she wanted to control him. Her spell then forces Maggie/Victoria to throw herself off of the cliff, and to save her, Barnabas jumps off after her, turning her into a vampire to save her life.

The film then ends underwater, with a school of fish swimming away from the body of Dr. Hoffman, who opens her eyes.

As usual Tim Burton and Danny Elfmann works togheter about the music.

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