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Hovefestivalen 2011 Review

I had long awaited this festival, that was also my first festival, because of great bands and because it was in my home town. I had a great time all days. I am very happy about all the concerts by my favourite bands. I found a few new bands I liked a lot and I also went to a few concerts that i knew before hand that isn’t really my kind of music, but that I still wanted to see.

We had two days of rain and two days of beautiful sunny weather. I had an experience of city life as well as beach life and festival life. I slept 2 nights at my moms and 2 nights at the festival in a tent (however cheating slightly as i was offered to sleep in one of the sales tents in the shopping village, rather than sleeping in a people tent in the camping area with all the parties and the mudbath from the rain).

On the festivals first day we had brilliant sunny weather. It was an amazingly beautiful day on Tromøya island outside Arendal.
I was at the festival area as soon as they opened up and registered and got my wristbands to confirm i was allowed to enter the premises as I wanted and have a few beers if I should want that.

I walked around the shopping areas where I found a few of my friends. Roberto from Costa Rica – working in the Barong shop, doing spray tattoos. Barong sells piercings, expanders, shirts, bracelets and lots of other cool stuff. I also met a girl i met at Kirstis goodbye party last weekend in Oslo. She was there to sell ecological food in the food court. We organized to meet up later to go see a concert of two together.

Then I spent a huge part of the day at Spornes beach: It doesn’t look comfortable to lay on, but this is a place I truly feel at home at. The smell of the ocean, listening to the waves hitting the rocks and the seagulls… I just love it.

Hove Pebble Beach - These rocks are all round in shape as they were rolled in front of a glacier from the last ice age until it reached the ocean and melted.

The only low for me on the festivals first day was that within he official rules of the festival it was specified that noone would be allowed to bring their DSLR cameras to the festival area. I must admit that pissed me off quite a bit and I settled with my step-dads compact camera and my blackberry. However … What do I see – almost first thing – arriving to the festival area? Lots of people carrying their DSLR cameras openly around everywhere…  I sooooo should have brought mine as well. And this on the best day – the day I had looked most foreward to.

And how could I not look fwd to this day. Several of my favourite bands were playing today – Like: Jimmy Eat World, 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park! I also stopped by concerts by The Vaccines that I have heard of before, but they are not among my favorites, I also found a new band that was really cool; All time Low.

Linkin Park was amazing. I am soo happy I didn’t miss out on it !

I got a ride back to the civilization with an Iron Maiden fan I met in the front row at the Linkin Park concert and my mom picked me up halfway so that he wouldn’t have to drive all the way to my moms place. It was nice to sleep in a bed !

I started out at home this morning  spending time with grandma, Mom worked from home, but she was rather busy. My cat enjoyed the company as well! The weather was not much to brag about. It poored down all day and due to the rain i kind of wanted to skip the whole festival for today, but boy am i glad i didn’t ! However I didn’t arrive until 8:30 at the festival area and my mom was nice enough to bring me there in her car.

The Strokes was the only concert I had wanted to see, however I was not really impressed at all by them. Although I may like their music normally I was not happy about their performance at Hove. I also went to 2 other concerts. Tinie Tempah was ok, but again, as I am generally not a rap fan I was not really overwhelmed by him. However i was told that Kasabian were supposed to be awesome and their rock hit me right home. I loved their concert and I loved their music. I got a T-shirt and will definately get some of their CDs.

I stopped by the nice record bar as well:

The Record Bar

My mom was an angel and she came to pick me up after the concerts finished. I went in to Arendal city with the bus and the ferry and from there I walked around until she was able to get there for me.

On the concerts 3rd day it was pooring down. I spent the morning at my moms place before I decided I wanted to go see a few more concerts even if the artists today are not a must see – or even among my most liked bands. I took the bus from Kilsund to Arendal and there I walked around in the city streets for a few hours before I headed out to Tromøya. I needed to buy a pair of rainboots. Something that is a must when you are at a festival. On Wednesday I borrowed my step dads boots, way too big for me, but better too big than my moms boots that are too small. Then I spent 2 hours in one of the biggest photo equipment stores in Arendal where I purchased some photo equipment and discussed photo with my sisters former employer. Nice to catch up as well as learning a few new tricks.

Around 7pm I took the ferry over to Skilsøy and headed to Hove with all my equipment. I was offered a place to stay in the Barong Sales Tent for these two last nights.

Barong Shop

That was awesome, because the sales tents (compared to the people tents at the camp that by now are located in a pure mudbath) were huge, they all had wooden floors and they were located 50 cms up from the ground. This means I had the option of staying dry even if it was pooring down outside. Thursdays headliners were Big Boi and Robyn. Rap and Pop. Neither within my general music liking. However i DID have a great time. I had my camera and I tried capturing some good shots.

On the last day of the festival I woke up at 9am and got ready for a long day. I had agreed to meet one of my old classmates in town for breakfast and shopping and we had a great time. As I was allowed to stay in the Barong sales tent I had also agreed to buy groceries for the guys that work there and beer for one of the other guys that stayed the night there and once Sølvi went back home, I went shopping and then headed back to Hove.

On this last day of the festival we had beautiful sunny weather and I had agreed to meet Nikolai (one of the guys from the tent) at the beach with his beers. Good idea! I think half the festival was at the beach. Lots went swimming too. At Spornes (Hove peppble beach) there is also a sand beach for people to lay down at, but it is also popular to stay at the archipielago rock/mountains that are so typical for the coastal parts of Norway. Nikolai and I stayed at the beach for some hours, drinking beer, tanning and enjoying the absolutely gorgeous day. Nikolai went back to the festival area a few hours before me as he had spent the whole time I was in the city at the beach. He was getting a lightly toasted color :D

Spornes Beach

After the beach i went to a pre-party in with a group of friends in a boat. I knew only one guy from before. The housband of one of my very good friends. However everyone were really nice and they all included me into the conversations and I had a great time.

As for the Friday musical program I went to 3 different concerts. I started out with Kaizers Orchestra (that was fridays Headliner), before I moved on to the Australian band Cloud Control and ended the 4 day long festival at the Deadmau5 concert at the Amfi Scene.

Cloud Control turned out to be a great experience and Deadmau5 was a perfect ending to the whole festival. The night had reached 3 am before the last concert ended and we aimed to sleep. The good thing about the sales tents was that after 3 o’clock all the festival participants were chased off the festival area and had to turn back to their tents at the camping. However this last night the guys in the neighbour shop decided to have their good bye party and they were screaming, yelling, laughing and howling until the early hours. We called the security guards, but the group didnt want to listen to the security. They actually threathened them away. It was their full right to party hence the security had nothing to say…

In the end it was possible to sleep. I had a double set with sound stoppers stuck into my ears. This helped keep the worst noise away, however it didnt stop the sound comletely. I did fall asleep in the end though.

I got a text from Lars (My friend Kirstis husband from the party in the boat last night) around 9am where he offered me a ride. Kirsti and Lars lives in Eydehavn – just 10 minutes away from my mom so I headed down to the boat with all my stuff.

Weather was turning again and during the boatride it started raining. I organized for my mom to come pick me up in Eydehavn, but as she was not able to come right away, Lars showed me around in his and Kirstis home. It was really nice.

Then we went to the groceries store and I got myself some breakfast. I stayed there waiting for my mom while Lars went home to prepare for Kirsti to arrive (Kirsti has lived in Oslo for many years, but moves down to arendal for good this weekend. At least its close to my mom so I will still be able to get to see her frequently). Mom arrived with grandma and my mothers mother-in-law and we all went into the store again to pick up dinner for Saturday night.

When we arrived home I showered and went to sleep… Partying at festivals is mighty hard ! There was a little cat that was really happy to have mom home !!

As I was on holidays last week I also post my GCC Results here:
Monday:  17432
Tuesday:  22798
Wednesday:  13987
Thursday: 22395
Friday:  19437
Saturday:  13876
Sunday:  13542

With a total of : 123 467 steps Im quite happy about my effort :D



The Hovefestival ended today with a fabulous concert by Deadmau5.

This is another one I didnt know much of until I was at the concert, apart from my friends telling me I should definately go – beause the dude has an absolutely amazing show.

I used to be, I am not anymore, a huge fan of electronica and trance music – however Deadmau5 (the nerdy-boy that mixes his electronica / trance music performing in a huge mousehead) impresses widely.

His light show was nothing but spectacular in any color and patterns.

Deadmau5 in action - A fantastic light show with hefty electronica rythms.

It was really cool to see and be a part of. Huge amounts of the viewers had their own Mou5 mask and most of them also had glowsticks. We were set for a HUGE Rave party in The Hove forests!

Impressive lightshow

Check out this youtube video from the show @ Hove

And this one

I was really happy about this concert.

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Cloud Control

Cloud Control is another pearl that i just learned about at the Hovefestival.

I was at another concert with the Norwegian group Kaizers Orchestra that I left mid concert (I am not really a huge fan of Kaizers :D) and as I walked around the festival areas I found the Tentscene – that had a concert that sounded very promising.

Cloud Control delivered a great performance and great music. This Australian Indie band really did well on stage and I think I will definately make sure I aquire a few of their CDs.

Death Cloud

Theres nothing in the water we cant fight

This is what I said

Do you want to see them live? They are touring the world as we speak

Now over to Deadmau5

Kaizers Orchestra

Kaizers Orchestra (also nicknamed Kaizers) is a Norwegian band I have always heard a lot about, without really knowing their music. I had decided that I had to see their concert that was listed as a headliner on the Hovefestivals last day.

I now know why I haven’t really paid attention to them though. They did put on a good show, but the music just isn’t down my alley. I really think they did a good job performing however and I had a great time the first half hour as I met one of my sisters best friends, Elin, at the concert. That was great. However I soon moved on to enjoy other bands more.

Evig Pint

Ompa til du dør

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Now over to Cloud Control


That Robyn is popular and that she is a great performer is very clear.
Despite rain pooring down people were extatic due to a highly energetic performance by Robyn herself.

With Every Heartbeat

Be Mine

I stayed for a while, trying to take pictures, but it was raining too much to keep the camera in the rain. I had heard enough after 10 songs and moved on to walk the Festival area.

Concert Reviews

Big Boi

Big Boi – What to say about him. I am not a rapper or a huge rap fan. However I am of that opinion that the concert was great entertainment for those that like this kind of music.

Im just not among them – I still enjoyed the show.

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Now over to Robyn

The Strokes

I have heard a HUGE amount of really good reviews and recommendations about The Strokes before I saw them today at Hovefestivalen.

I was not too thrilled about this concert. One thing is that sound was not optimal, another thing is that it was raining and I wanted to be in a dry place, however, in the end I’m not certain if I am psyked about the music at all. It’s ok, but I think lots of other bands are a LOT better.

There were far from as many visitors today as yesterday for Linkin Park, but there were still quite a huge amount. I must admit that due to the rain and that the quality of the concert not being amazing, I left mid-concert – working my way downtown and home to my bed :D

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