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First Sign of Spring

I went walking in the forest today and found this amazing blue flower. :D

Its spring. New life will be popping up everywhere ! :D yay



Planting Tulips

In August when I was in Den Haag and Amsterdam of the Netherlands I bought with me Tulip Bulbs.

Tulips have to be planted during fall to be outside all winter and to start growing with the first hint of spring, so today I have planted my Tulip bulbs!

The first thing I did was to go for a rock hunt! I drove off to the edge of the forest (where I also went for a long walk picking mushrooms, but that is a different story and not nearly interesting enough to be told today) and at the parking lot I found a huge amount of rocks that I brought with me home. These I put in the bottom of the new home for the Tulips, to avoid the earth rotting when it starts raining heavily during fall or spring (or summer as we are in Norway).

Then I filled the pot half way with earth and unpacked the Tulip Bulbs from their bags and placed them strategically on top of the earth.
The Tulips I have bought are called Black Parrot, Honeymoon and Ice Cream.

Once all the Tulip Bulbs were equally spread all over the pot, I filled it with more earth (about 10 cm).

Now all I have to do is to cover them up so they don’t freeze to death during the winter months and wait for spring to see if the Tulips survived the Norwegian winter :D

Touring Amsterdam and Returning to Norway

This morning I woke up at 9am which was just about perfect. I had a shower and Liewe came home from night shift just about when I was done. Liewe woke up as well and we all had a lovely breakfast with a figjam which was absolutely awesome!

After breakfast we took a stroll along the canal to get to the tram to Amsterdam Centraal where I stored my luggage and then we went to explore Amsterdam. We took a new tram to get up to the area of the ‘de negen straatjes’. We passed the Anne Frank house where there was a huge line of people that wanted to get in.

After that we passed by the lovely canals, we entered a tulip museum and we even found a couple of newly weds:

As we passed the many charming streets of De Negen Straatjes we found an amazing bike! It has been rebuildt to look like a car ! I love it!

We also had to stop by the Amsterdam flower market where I picked up lots of tulips. I bought quite a few that I will use as gifts, but of course I bought some for my own “garden” (read veranda) :D

After we were done at the Flower Market, we went to the Dam Square where the Royal Palace, the National Monument, and the 15th-century Gothic Nieuwe Kerk is located and then we went to an icecream bar on ‘De nieuwmarkt’ was called the Ijskuypje.

At 2pm we had to head back to the Centraal station where we had to split up and I had to leave Amsterdam to go to the airport.

Liewe and Lien, my friends and my hosts for my stay in Amsterdam!

I picked up my luggage and at the Central station and hoppeed on the train towards Schipol Airport.

On my way to the airport I saw that commercial again and I got confirmed my latest new dutch word; Plofkip.

Once at the airport I checked in and went shopping. I came very close to buying the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, but it was a bit too costly there and I decided to leave it behind. However I did go shopping for flowers. I brought home 2 huge bouquets of flowers. One for myself and one as a birthday present for my best friend whos birthday is tomorrow. I bought her some beautiful soft purple roses. I also bought a new perfume and then I had dinner before I flew back home.

At home my cat was waiting for me and it was so nice to see him again. I miss him just as much each time I’m gone, and it’s funny to see him actually be so happy to see me again too!
I had to pop out for some groceries so I brought him with me, stopped by the store and then dropped by my friends house to hand over her flowers and her other birthday gifts as well.

A really nice day from beginning to start !

Empress Eugenie is blooming

Some weeks ago I bought this gorgeous Empress Eugenie Passionfruit Plant. This is a climbing plant that looks absolutely gorgeous with its lavender / purple / white flowers.

Today it bloomed for the first time. The flower is heavily sweetly scented and apparently will bring bright orange/yellow fruits in the autumn.

This plant is apparently a fast grower though and is supposed to grow to 3m tall(10ft). I wonder how that is going to work out in my kitchen? Oups… I guess I didn’t think that through :D

Capturing the morning

Arriving late last night I was dead tired. Papi had already gone to bed and Mami made me dinner before going to bed. I stayed up talking with my sister Roxana before i decided it was time for me to go to bed as well.

This morning I woke up at 6 am to a street full of life (despite it being a sunday) and I got up and sat down in the kitchen to talk with mami while she made me breakfast. GALLO PINTO! and then we did dishes together.

After breakfast I spent some time in the garden taking pictures of the animals and the flowers.

Our garden. Lush and green :D

La gatita

Our Dogs playing.

The good thing about tropical flowers is that they are so bright colored and beautiful!

There was quite a lot of wind, but it was such a beautiful day!

Spring Photoshoot – New Life

This morning I went out in the surroundings of my house to take pictures. I didnt have anything special in mind, except trying to get better at using the macro lense and the close-up filters.

I had a great time and out of the 500 test photos I took, about 30 of them came out REALLY GOOD, according to my own judgement. The others… Most of them got deleted.

First i tried to capture small flowers, then i realized it was so early still, that the flowers still had Morning Dew on them. Hence i decided this was as good a chance as any to try to capture that perfect reflection in the water drop.

I lay down in the grass, enjoying natures music and totally concentrated in my work about zooming and I suddenly got a huge scare when I saw this monster creature right in front of me. I dropped the camera and remembered I was using the close up filters and hence I realized that hte monster creature in real life can not have been much bigger than 3 mm. So much for a big scare.

 Needless to say, only one of the 56 morning dew pictures I took came out good, but the one that came out good – wasn’t just good – It was great :D (for a first try – perfect)

Reflections in the Morning Dew

While I took pictures of the Morning Dew, I also found a snail that was having his (hers) first drink of the day. It was fascinating to see how the snail moved along the leaf to drink the drops of water from the morning dew.

Snail having a morning drink

Then I decided to move on to flowers and leaves to capture the New Life of this spring. It was so lovely to listen to the birds chirping while laying flat on my stomach playing with the camera and the settings, trying to capture art in nature.

I found lots of lovely new leaves to capture. Everything is blooming now.  :D

New Life

Last I decided to get up real close and try to capture the pollen bearers of the European wood Anemone. This task proved to be the hardest of the day. Not because the wood Anemone didn’t want to cooperate, but because by now we had had an increase in wind. What was before nothing, now had started a mild breeze – however a mild breeze when you dont want your feather-weight object to move… is one mild breeze too much. I still managed to get a few ok shots.

European Wood Anemone with its Pollen Stamen

Although I had to delete most of the pictures due to poor quality and / or poor judgement of finding nice objects – I am really happy with the pictures that did turn out nice !

I will repeat this quite soon :D

Spring Optimism

Flowers reminding me that Spring is NOT far away

I am sick and tired of winter, cold wind, snow and other things related to winter!

Some spring signs are showing though, the snow has started to melt some places, days are again finally longer than the nights and birds are returning to spend the summer in the north…

However, despite this being one of the hardest winters in many years (both temperature wise, lenght, loosing my job and a depression I went through)…

I must admit that this winter has had some positive sides to it.

  • I did learn to snowboard
  • I have almost finished refurbishing my apartment
  • I found a new job which I love

None of which makes me long less for spring though…

So, I decided to start spring all by myself today – I went to the flower shop and got lots of flowers for outside decorations and started planting and decorating my veranda !!
At least this way I feel a bit more that spring has arrived.

It looks really nice now.
I feel very happy with the change :D

In addition to this daylight saving changes to summertime tonight and that sure will be great !!!