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Metallica Concert in Toyota Centre, Houston TX

I had decided that while in Houston I would at least go to one concert during my 2 month long stay in this megacity.

However, me not having a car, nor a drivers license and downtown being pretty far away – I had to wait for an opportunity where someone else that I knew were also going to a concert so I could go with them (and get a ride). Houston is not the place for strolling around by yourself and taking buses everywhere as a single, female after nightfall (even the busdrivers told me so) and because its a 45 minutes drive to get downtown and to the concert areas.

So by chance I found 4 people going to the Metallica concert. Ståle from work (the ride) and Andrea (Couchsurfing friend) with 2 friends of hers.

Metallica has never been my favourite band, but I do like their music and I have always wanted to see them live.

Andrea and myself getting ready to rock !!!

Metallica playing for about 35000 people in the Toyota Centre in Houston…
Amazing experience

The concert was great. At least from where we sat the sound quality was awesome and we had a great time. Ståle was down on the floor and he did complain a bit about the sound quality.

But I was thrilled. A fantasic exerience and a great concert !!


Cancelled weekend Plans

This morning I spoke to my friend Oneshi, whom I had plans to fly up to visit this weekend. She brought very sad news as she told me her grandmother had died the night before and that it was not a convenient time to come visit. Which was very understandable and my weekend plans were cancelled.

As for other happeneings my friends at the hotel Cindy and her husband told me their daughter Laura had ran away with one of the employees at the hotel ditching her 2 kids with them. They were out of their mind of worry as this wasn’t the first time she ran away.

As for other news my friend Melanie invited me to go out for dinner with them. That was nice!

San Francisco to Houston

I woke up this morning to my last day in California. Rachel and I had a nice breakfast downstairs with the other inhabitants at Basecamp before Rachel took me on the Bart to the airport.

San Francisco airport is easily reachable by the Bart directly from Berkeley. Due to the parties the past days we were both a bit tired, but I really appreciate that Rachel took the time to go with me to the airport.

My flight left at 2pm heading back to Houston where my colleague Ståle was kind enough to pick me up so that I didnt have to take a cab back to our side of the city !!! That was so nice of him.

I had a great week in California, but it was also great to be back in Houston.

US Election Day

Today I had lunch with 2 of my colleagues Craig Broaddus and Richard Freilich at Restaurant Napoli. A lovely italian restaurant not so far from the office. That was good.

I had dinner with Jim and Cin Meyers and Yvonne and Johan from Norway before I watched the US Elections vote counts on TV. Barack Obama won the elections and I must say it was quite a different experience watching the elections here in the US from Norway where people don’t exactly cry in the streets from pure happiness or make uproars in the cities when their candidate win or looses. A good experience. Most people I have gotten to know were really happy about the results, but.. this is Texas. A lot of them were really unhappy with the results as well according to TV.

New week – new adventures

Staale and Haavard came to pick me up this morning and took me to work. I had a meeting with Norway and spent the rest of the workday washing lists. I had lunch with my work collegue Yvonne. We got our lunch at the deli, but we went outside in the sun and it was so wonderful :D Great company and great food.

After work when I was back home I did a huge pile of laundry and while doing that I also spent some time in the laundry room writing post cards before having dinner in the Hotel cafeteria with the Norwegians.

Trip to Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge and Surfside Beach

sunny.gifToday was another beautiful sunny day. The minimum temperature was +13C and our maximum temps were +26C.

Today Ståle and Håvard took me down to the gulf coast. The original idea was a national park called Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge in Brazoria County, TX, just west of Galveston Island. This is a park that is normally known for its wonderful wildlife with alligators, incredible amounts of birds, frogs, plants, fish and other wildlife belonging to the marshes and swamps.

Brazoria Wildlife Refugee

Brazoria Wildlife Refugee

Unfortunately due to Hurricane Ike s the end of september a huge part of the normal wildlife had fled the area in search of clean water and food. What we saw (and experienced) most of was mosquitos. They were so hungry they actually knew we were inside the car and they were flying outside the windows in huge swarms hoping that we would invite them in for a meal. It was surreal how many mosquitos there were.

We tried walking outside, but quickly gave that up due to the huge amount of bloodsuckers in the air. We fled into the car again and continued driving around searching for other signs of wildlife. We did see one aligator and lots of birds.

Once done in Brazoria we decided to head down to the coastline to Surfside Beach.

Surfside Beach is one of the areas that were hardest hit when Hurricane Ike hit Texas. The beach is gorgeous, but the damage is visible absolutely everywhere. Roofs blown off the houses, wreckage all over the beach and small pieces of driftwood in the water.

Surfside Beach - Visible damage after Ike. The roof no longer exists.

Surfside Beach – Visible damage after Ike. The roof no longer exists.

On our way back to Houston we drove past the statue of Stephen F. Austin in Angleton. He was known as the father of Texas. The founder. Our drive back home was nice and uneventful. We were hungry as we arrived and we drove to downtown Houston skyline district, where we touristed the historical district and the theater district and the streets of the skyline district before we stopped for a beer at Mollys irish pub. That was a nice break.

By the end of our beer we came to realize that we were hungry and we decided to have dinner before we returned home. We found a Restaurant called Cabo at 419 Travis Street where we had fantastic Mexican dinner at the outside area in the second floor. We were surrounded by zanates – Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) filling the air with noise and movement preparing to go to rest for the night.

Back home I ran into Yvonne and Johan in my room and I invited them over for wine and nice company. Cin also stopped by and we had a great time together.

Birthdayparty for Jessica and MDST work session

sunny.gifThis morning finally the morning temperatures were higher around 14 and it has been a beautiful day with not even a cloud to spot. The maximum of the day reached +26C.

I started out the morning with a 3 hour worksession with Anick-Marie for CouchSurfing.
At 1pm I had a birthday party to attend for Jessicas 12th birthday. It was a nice birthday with cake and Halloween dressed guests along with good food. Cin and Jim had arranged for a few other kids to show up as well and there was games and presents. The birthday girl seemed a little unhappy with the arrangements at first – too much attention, but when she got presents she was just one big smile and really happy.

The people present was the birthdaygirl herself, Jessica, and her 2 brothers, Jeremiah and Gerald, mom Laura, grandparents Cin and Jim, The swedish couple Johan and Yvonne, Batman, Robin, one of the Ninjas, a witch and a pirate – their moms Mary and the last one I dont remember the name.

Yvonne, Me and Cin

When the party ended at 3:30 pm I went back to my room with some extra cake and had a new worksession for 10 more hours with AM, Derek and Eli. It was good and we got a lot done.