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The Sunday Market and Walking in Old Lyon

This morning Anni left for breakfast and work while I slept in to relax. I took off just before 11 to look around before I was to meet with Anni for lunch. I crossed the Bonparte bridge to get to Old Lyon where I had a look around in the streets and then I went to the Art Market before I crossed the Maréchal June bridge to meet Anni. We went to the big Sunday Market where we picked up lunch.


They had all kinds of lovely fruit,




Meat (Rabbits),




Fresh Cooked Chicken.

It was amazing to just stroll around looking at all the fruits and vegetables, the meat, the flowers, the jam and all the other beautiful and tempting stuff. And then there was the smells from the food they were making at the market. All so lovely! I would absolutely recommend you to visit the market if you are in Lyon.

Anni and I picked up our lunch before we found a nice spot to have Lunch at the Bonaparte Bridge.

After lunch we went back to Old lyon, where we walked around to enjoy the sunny day and do some shopping (me at least) at the Pylones store, peek in some of the cute little stores and just look around.

After our visit to Old Lyon we crossed the Maréchal June bridge again and went for Ice Cream at Regal Glace. They had lots of Ice Cream in lovely colors and tastes. We sure enjoyed.


After our stop at Regal Glace we went back to the hotel and there we relaxed before we went for Dinner at Brasserie Le Nord.


The Civic Parties of Liberia has officially started !!

At 5 AM this morning I was awaken by bombetas and huge amounts of noise. It sounded like a war zone until the party music started (Still 5 AM) and then a huge car parade drove past the house to announce the official start of the Civic Parties in Liberia.

Las Fiestas Civicas is a huge celebration each year in Liberia (most cities in Costa Rica celebrates city Fiestas)

I fell asleep again and woke up at 7 am and went for a workout in the nearby football stadium. Each morning I do 10 rounds around the football field. Then I had a shower before Leyla came to give me a pedicure and a manicure! Oh so nice! I love treating myself to things like this when Im down here and have time for them !

My next mission for the day was Hotel El Sitio. The Hotel has the best swimming pool in town and INTERNET – which gives me the opportunity to catch up on work and tan during breaks. I stayed at El Sitio until 5 PM and then I went to see my friend Ana before I had my appointment with my Personal Trainer, Diego, at the Gym.

After my 2nd workout session today I went back to Anas and then we went together for Ice Cream at the Italian Ice Cream store that I still hadn’t noticed that was there… WOW Awesome Ice Cream  !!!!!! AWESOME !!!!

While we sat down having our delicious Helados (Ice Cream) there was a huge Civic Fiestas activity going on in front of us, in the park, the Queen of the Civic parties was being elected and crowned and then there was fireworks !

Concerts in the park in front of the park

The Candidates to be the Queen of the Civic Parties of Liberia 2012

When I got home Mami was still up watching the bullfights on TV and I sat down with her to watch. I have to go see them IRL one of these days :D

Valentines in Bahia Drake

When we got home from the Snorkeling trip to Caño Island we went for a swim waiting for Magnus to get home. However Magnus was already home. Once we found him we agreed to go for a walk to the Ice Cream store for a huge Banana Split with Mary and David.

We went along the beach and once we got to the ice-cream store we all ordered each our huge Banana Split :D (the daily ration of Fruits, remember?)

As we sat at the Ice Cream store Angela (Switzerland) walked by us and decided to come visit me at the hotel tomorrow.

Back at the hotel we had another delicious 3 course meal prepared by the Hotel Chefs. It was really nice and we had a nice time with the Canadian couple Mark and Kathy.

As I had my last shower for the day changing into my PJ I realized I was really sunburned. Oh well. That will pass :D

The Ice cream man

cloudy.gifAll cloudy today. 12h 16m of visible light. +28C. There was some rain in the morning but that passed early.

I went downtown to run some errands and after lunch I have pretty much been relaxing, reading my book: “Countdown” by Iris Johansen. She is one of my favorite writers. She mostly writes crime novels but she also has some other books that are really fetching. :)

As I were reading and the dogs were struggeling to get my attention and beeing petted – Suddenly out of nowhere – the sound of bells.
And like we have at home… There comes the ice-cream man – although not in a car, but on a bicycle coming towards our house. Our made, Johana and I ended up buying an ice cream cone for each of us. Yummy.

For dinner I went out with Angelica, one of my best friends from school, we chatted for hours and had bocas at bar/restaurant Julia in Barrio San Roque.