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Santa Monica Beach with Libbi

This morning I woke up after Marco had left for work and Marcos nephew Christian gave me a ride downtown LA when he drove Marcos mom to work.

I spent the morning walking up and down Olvera Street , before I got a hold of Libbi (that I met at the LA Twilight Eclipse Convention) and we agreed upon a meeting time. That left me with some good hours to walk around and get to know the area around Union Station. I walked up towards the Disney Concert Hall and found some nice buildings there to take pictures of. I found a nice little store that sold home made chocolate and I got myself a bar of white chocolate / peanut fudge and strawberries dipped in chocolate :D Yummy… They were sooo good.

At some point I ran out of time and had to hurry back to Union Station where I was supposed to meet with Libbi. Since Libbi was short of her cell phone I had to be there, cause I was not going to be able to get a hold of her after she had set off from home. I found a nice market place on my way, but was in too much of a hurry to really enjoy it.

Libbi arrived some time after myself due to traffic and then we set off to grab lunch at Santa Monica Beach. It was quite a little drive to get there, but it was great to meet up with Libbi again. Once there we went to Hooters (My first and probably last visit)  to have lunch. Quite ok, but  somewhat salty and greasy food. After lunch we went shopping and I bought quite a bit of clothes. I never found the Bath & Bodyworks store I needed to hoard my favourite body lotions and shower gels before I left, however I had now found most of the other stuff I wanted to take home with me by now.

Libbi had to leave at 3 and I spent some more time walking around, enjoying the sun and the warm weather before I headed towards Union Station in bus. Its amazing that you can spend so much time in buses in LA. Santa Monica doesnt have a metro so you are bound to take the bus back to Union Station. Thankfully I didnt have to change bus, however the ride took over 1 hour. At Union Station I sat to wait for Marco. He was due to leave work at 5 so I waited for him to get off work and head over my way to pick me up.

Once Marco was there he was lovely enjough to take me to Beverly Hills Mall where we finally found a Bath & Bodyworks store and I could hoard up on my supplies :D YAY

We had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant before going home and it was sooo good to come home. Now … the big task of fitting it all into my suitcases ….


Last day in Norco – moving on to Los Angeles

This morning I woke up early and had breakfast. It was a great morning and Vanessa and I decided to take the kids down to the city of Riverside. Riverside is a city located about 30 minutes from Norco and its a really nice place :D

We made lunch that we brought with us and walked around in Riverside searching for a few things that I wanted to buy with me home. I didnt find the stuff I wanted, but i did find an awesome passport holder / protector in black leather with stitched flowers and ladybugs.
We had our lunch in a park before we continued walking in the city. I found a nice secondhand store that sold everything from furniture to purses and clothes and lots of other stuff and I bought a jacket that costed me only $4 USD. While I had shopped Vanessa had taken the girls to a fountain nearby where they and other kids had taken a bath in the hot, sunny weather !!

We changed clotes on the kids and continued walking in the city. We stopped to have some delicious ice-cream before we went home and we all enjoyed it a lot :D After Ice-Cream we drove home and it was nappy time for the kids and I spent some time finishing my packing before Vanessa and I had a nice swim in the pool!

It was such a lovely day. Too bad it was my last with the family for this time !

When Gregg got home we packed the car and took the kids with us as well as all of my luggage. Time was come for me to leave and they took me to the train station. From there I travelled with Metrolink to Los Angeles where Marco picked me up at Union Station and we drove off to his place. It was really nice to see Marco again and we stopped for dinner at a Thai restaurant close to his place. It was nice to see his family again as well.

Early bed today :D

Newport Beach, Balboa Island, Laguna Beach, Lunch at The Cliff and a birthdayparty.

cloudy.gifTemperatures were around +25C all day and it was cloudy all day. We just saw a few hints of sunglimpses today, but there is no reason to let that stop me from having a fantastic day!
Towards the nigthfall we had some light drizzling although not enough to call it rain.

Marco woke me up at 6 am as he had to go to work and drop me off at Union Station I had packed the only bag I needed for the 3 next weeks and I was ready with only a few minor adjustments. The rest of my luggage will wait for me in Marcos house until I get back to LA in 3 weeks.
At the Union Station I got tickets for the Metrolink train towards Oceanside, stop Fullerton and then I texted Vanessa to let her know I would be in Fullerton at 8:30am.
I was picked up at Fullerton Station and Vanessa and I headed to the AT&T store and refilled my pay as you go phone card.
After that we drove over to target and I got lots of stuff for my sisters like comforters, a lamp, curtains and clothes + some other stuff.

When we were done running errands in Fullerton we drove to Newport Beach where we took the ferry over to Balboa Island where we walked around. Newport beach is a gorgeous little place, with small beach houses and tiny cute stores.
Vanessa and I continued over to Laguna Beach where we had lunch at a gorgeous restaurant called The Cliff with a view to kill for.

I had a fantastic Halibaut meal and Vanessa had a Chicken Taco. For starters we had coconut shrimp with tropical sauce.
It was a lovely meal with great company!
After the lunch we went down to the beach to take pictures before we headed back to Newport Beach where we had a Frozen Banana covered in Chocolate before we headed back to Fullerton to drop me off at Alexandras place where Ill be staying for the next week :D
Vanessa left me there and I joined the Murcia crew knowing I would see my friend Vanessa again in 2 weeks.


As I arrived at Alexandras place and she told me we were going to her aunt (Lisa) and uncles (Chris) place to celebrate grandma Vickys 64th birthday. Thankfully I had brought a gift to her from Norway (not knowing it would be her birthday, but still came in handy today). I was also introduced to Alex’es friend Sarunas that was there with us.
It was nice seeing Chris, Lisa and their two girls Tori and Katie again (Thats where I stayed last thanksgiving when I visited Alex) again and Alex’es brother Nathan was also there.

We had gorgeous food and it was a great party. After dinner we played Wii and sang beatles songs before we played Catch Phrase :D
It was a lot of fun. A fantastic day !


Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

partlycloudy.gifIn the morning we had gorgeous sunny weather up in Granada Hills and we decided to go to the beach. On the other hand when we got closer towards the beach we realized that it was cloudy at the beach. No fun spoiled though as it was both warm enough and the sun popped out every now and then. The temperatures were in the +26C.

I woke up in good time. Not early, not late and had breakfast and watched a program about dangerous snakes in the Tropics and I had a nice talk with Juana before she left for church. Marco woke up and we watched the first part of the Argentina – Mexico game before we went to the Manhattan beach. It took us about 40 minutes to drive there.

The beach was fantastic. It was really nice and although the water was a bit cold, it was not cold enough to stay out of :D According to Marco I was in the water playing in the waves for over 2 hours. I did have a break in between. Now I have a nice tan . Or what Europeans like to call – The lobster look. Hopefully it will pass in a few days. :D

However the trip to the beach was great. I had so much fun playing in the water and I got a great workout as well as playing in the waves. Some of them were fierce and the currents from the different waves took all kinds of directions. I almost lost my bikini several times hehehe. So trying to keep balance in the water not only did I end up looking like a lobster, but I also have the pleasure of hurting all over my body after the workout. Hahaha Thankfully for the rest of the day we didnt have much planned but watching TV and chilling.
Nice night. While we watched new episodes of simpsons, family guy and then later criminal mind I also got to update and edit my latest pictures for you to view on my picasa albums.


Sunrise in Las Vegas

sunny.gifSunny, beautiful cloudfree day. Temps in Vegas were 86 as we entered the city by dawn but got up to 95 within the time we left at 8:30 AM :D In Los Angeles it was about +26C degrees. No clouds and blue sky all the way.

So, when Marco came home with his friend Chris to tell me that we were going to Vegas I packed up really quickly and gathered together my blankets and pillows for sleeping in the car. They did come home just after midnight after all. Good thing I spent most of yesterday sleeping after all !!! :D
I gave it an honest try to sleep, but I rested more than I slept although I must have dozed off some during the trip. It was fun listening to the guys chatter too though :D We had quite a few stops along the way. We were all tired. At the Nevada stateline we stopped so Marco could get some sleep before continuing driving to Las Vegas.

As we got closer to Las Vegas the sky became a little bit lighter and sunset was upon us as we entered Sin City. It was gorgeous to see all the lights and the real deal of Vegas.

Marco was exhausted so he fell asleep in the car and Chris showed me around so that I could take pictures, get souvenirs and walk around. We even entered a few Casinos to look around. Not that I gambeled much. I did blow off 5 USD on a slot machine just to say that I played in Vegas, but I kept it low :D

It was amazing to see people in the streets at 8AM in the morning. Some drinking, some making out, some jogging and some just relaxing. Vegas is the city where it doesnt matter if its night or day. Its still full of life at any time.

Alex drove home. Marco slept in the back and I accompanied our driver in the front to assure he didnt fall asleep. It was a gorgeous trip throuh the Nevada desert. Truly beautiful with the Joshua trees and the other desert flowers and bushes.

We dropped of Chris at his place and went back to Marcos house where we had lunch before going to bed for another few hours.
In the afternoon Marco took me to Target and we picked up some food and other stuff I needed for my sister Ellens birthday (although that is pretty far away I know what Im giving her :D)

Considering the lack of sleep last night.. I called it an early night :D

Relaxing day – catching up on sleep

sunny.gifSunny, beautiful cloudfree day. The temperatures were in the +26C degrees. Nice and comfortable :D No clouds and blue sky.

Ok Im a bit embarrassed today. So what did I do? Well thats what I am embarrassed about. I woke up at 11:30 pm and spent some time catching up with myself. I had slept so long I felt I had cotton in my head. Juana (Marcos mom) cooked me breakfast and we had a long and great chat. Marcos newphew, Sean, drove me to Ross, a clothing store closeby where I got some clothes for my sisters. I walked home, taking pictures of flowers and enjoying the hot temperatures.
However this is the part Im embarrassed about… When I got home, I fell asleep again for another 5 hours :D Hehehehe. I spent the evening just catching up on emails and blogging until Marco got home.
Marco said:
PACK, We are going to VEGAS with my friend Chris !!!!

The Norwegain Sailors Church in San Pedro, Los Angeles

sunny.gifSunny, beautiful cloudfree day. The temperatures were in the +26C degrees. Nice and comfortable :D Smog until midday, but the rest of the day no clouds and blue sky.

I got up early and finished off some more paperwork and preparations for the day. Todays schedule was to visit the Norwegian Sailors Church in San Pedro, Los Angeles.
No reason to think that I’ve gone all religious on you by now (not that there is anything wrong about being religious), but I needed to send a signed example the purchase contract to my broker and I need to send a copy of my identification signed by two fellow norwegians and with an officially approved by the Norwegian government stamp of original copy of the ID. Easily explained… I wont find that anywhere in Los Angeles so I needed to seek out other Norwegians.

They didnt open until 11 am and I had check out of my hostel room before 10 so I checked out and went down to Union Station to store my luggage there until I would be picked up by Marco after work. Of course when I got to Union Station I wasnt allowed to store my luggage there as I didnt have a train ticket, so what do we do? I couldnt just leave my luggage unattended and I wasnt about to drag it all over town. I mean Los Angeles is not a tiny city ! so I got a ticket. The cheapest, nearest ticket was to Fullerton but at least I would be able to store the luggage safely the whole day and that was more important than any price of a train ticket.

From Union Station I took the Silver Line bus to Artesia Transit Centre and from there I took bus 247 to San Pedro and hopped off at 7th street / South Beacon St and from there I walked the rest of the way to the Church.
They have a gorgeous view over the harbour and I took a few good pictures :D

Inside they were sooo nice. I got waffles and tea and they sold chocolate !! I was soo happy. I havent even been out of the country for a month and I go insane when I see good chocolate. Hihihihi. I spent a good time there before I started working my way back to Union Station.
I stopped at a mall to get some food before I continued my way back. I was there at 6pm and then I went to stroll up and down the famous Olvera Street a few times.

I read a few magazines before Marco came to pick me up and we went to have Thai dinner before we continued on to his place. I was exhausted and so happy to finally be able to sleep :D


Other than that – Today was the LONG awaited Red Carpet Premiere for The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE – Only 6 days left for the general public to be able to see the new movie in theatres !!!

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