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The Sunday Market and Walking in Old Lyon

This morning Anni left for breakfast and work while I slept in to relax. I took off just before 11 to look around before I was to meet with Anni for lunch. I crossed the Bonparte bridge to get to Old Lyon where I had a look around in the streets and then I went to the Art Market before I crossed the Maréchal June bridge to meet Anni. We went to the big Sunday Market where we picked up lunch.


They had all kinds of lovely fruit,




Meat (Rabbits),




Fresh Cooked Chicken.

It was amazing to just stroll around looking at all the fruits and vegetables, the meat, the flowers, the jam and all the other beautiful and tempting stuff. And then there was the smells from the food they were making at the market. All so lovely! I would absolutely recommend you to visit the market if you are in Lyon.

Anni and I picked up our lunch before we found a nice spot to have Lunch at the Bonaparte Bridge.

After lunch we went back to Old lyon, where we walked around to enjoy the sunny day and do some shopping (me at least) at the Pylones store, peek in some of the cute little stores and just look around.

After our visit to Old Lyon we crossed the Maréchal June bridge again and went for Ice Cream at Regal Glace. They had lots of Ice Cream in lovely colors and tastes. We sure enjoyed.


After our stop at Regal Glace we went back to the hotel and there we relaxed before we went for Dinner at Brasserie Le Nord.


Dinner @ Jeremy Galvan

One of the highlights of this trip was to experience the gastronomic highlights of France and in particular the region of Lyon. Anni had done some excellent research work and she had booked a table for the two of us at the Jeremy Galvan Restaurant for our first day.


First of all.
The interior of the restaurant and the decorations are perfectly matching and gives a very warm and cozy impression.


We ordered the special menu with 7 courses and the wine menu to go with it and it was absolutely stunning! This was such an excellent choice I didn’t want to stop eating!!!

Our first excuisite food meeting with the French culture and boy were we happy!
A gastronomic highlight of dining!


First we were served a lovely appetizer which both looked and tasted delicious!


Cheers! Anni with Champagne from Ruffin et Fils.

Then we were served our first course.


Carpaccio with red wine sauce, Paté of Pesto and a mussel in foam Sauce.


Even the bread that accompanied our dishes were delightfully presented (and tasty).


Cheers! Me with a White Wine from Chateau de Fosse Seche called Arcane.


Cepes Mushroom with Foamy Cheese and Red Wine Sauce. It was so delicious. The 2 sauces together tasted like Chocolate… Mmmmmm. My mouth runs in water just thinking of this…


Then came the turn to a lovely Fois de Gras with a sweet Vinagrette Sauce and small roses for decoration.  We were served a lovely Crozes-Hermitage red wine from 2011 to accompany the food.


Scallop on a bed of Foamy Cheese Sauce with Crosne (a root vegetable commonly seen in Asia).


Steak with Foamy Cheese Sauce and Truffled Potatoes with a red wine sauce.
We were served a lovely red Mas Peyre wine called Maury to go with the food.


Cheese with a Sweet Honey/Vinegar Sauce.


Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse.


Apple / Pear Cream for dessert.

The best thing about the restaurant is that when I showed our waitor for the night my list of allergies he asked to borrow it to show the chef. The chef just kept it until all dishes were served to make sure I got something else delicious if any of the ingredients I can’t have were in the original dish I was supposed to have.

THIS gets MANY extra points from my side !!! We left a good tip here!

Beautiful weekend in the forest.

This weekend I spent hiking in the forest. On Saturday I went by myself and brought 2 big bags that I could use in case I found mushroom. On my way in to my special spot I saw several people coming home from their walk with mushroom baskets with 1 or 2 mushrooms in them. I knew where to go and I knew that we found a lot last time we went there, however what I didnt know was if there was still any left. I started worrying a bit if they were all taken.
I had nothing to worry about as it seemed.

When I arrived at my spot I saw huge amounts of yellowfoot chanterelle. HUGE AMOUNTS. 3 hikers came after me, but not to have mushroom, however they did sit down to have their lunch and while they had their lunch I had filled half of the first bag with chanterelle and was nowhere near of running out of mushrooms to pick… The lunchers continued on and I continued picking. Just in the first marsh area I filled my first bag and started the second bag. I was probably there for about two and half hours, two before I started moving out of the area. I say started, because the area was so full of mushrooms that I had to work my way out. I found few common chanterelle, but even more yellowfoot chanterelle.

Yellowfoot Chanterelle

After 4 hours of walking from one big group of chanterelles to another and picking whatever I found room for in my bags I had filled my two bags and realized that I also was rather worn out and hungry and started moving out of the forest.  As I walked towards the parking lot and the bus station I saw lots of people looking weirdly at me coming out of the forest with 2 big bags, until they realized they were filled with mushroom. Some were really surprised to see such huge amounts of mushrooms.

When I came home I made dinner and rested a while before Istartred cleaning the mushroom. But first task first. Weighing: 7 kgs!!!!
That cleaning was easier said than done, mostly because it was  such huge amounts, but it is really important. I washed them all along with double checking that they were all edible. Would suck to have just 1 single bad one in there and I would have had to throw away the whole bag. Once done with the cleaning I laid them out for drying. I didn’t finish the tast until 2 am…

Sunday morning I went out for a new trip, but this time I brought friends. We were 4 grown-ups and 4 kids and we had planned to bring home lots of the good stuff :D

The kids are in for a drinking break

It was another lovely day and we found just as much mushroom as yesterday. We tought the kids to recognize the good mushrooms from the bad and had them check each mushroom with the grown-ups before adding them to the bags.
This is extremely important because of the lethality of the wrong mushrooms (see previous post: Dangers about picking the wrong mushroom).

The forest was beautiful today. No clouds and the sun lighting up the ground looked magical. It was truly gorgeous !

Eager grown-ups

We  didn’t spend more than a couple of hours out today. I was still a bit tired from yesterday and the kids were very eager to go home and play computer games, but we still got a HUGE amount of mushrooms with us. Of course, we were a lot more people today. That helps a lot !

I only picked 2,5 kilos today, but all in all thats almost 10 kg mushroom for one weekend (of course not as much when you clean them and cut away “extras” that you don’t want to eat, but still 8 kgs in total.)

My room-mates were happy to have duck with mushroom stew for dinner !

This is the result:

Yellowfood Chanterelle. 8 kgs.

Dangers of picking the wrong mushrooms

After my recents mushroom huntings …  Several people has made jokes about “I hope you didn’t pick the wrong ones now”, “I hope you checked them well”, ” I hope you didn’t catch any of the lethal ones” and so on.

Hence, although I DID check all the mushrooms well, even before I put them in the basket when still in the forest, although I checked them very well (washing, cleaning and drying) after I came home, and I threw away all waste extras… all these comments and also recent writings in the papers – telling stories of people that made the mistake of not recognizing the correct ones from the bad ones…  I wanted to learn more.

I have a huge fascination for different kind of natural poisons (in mushrooms, as well as in snakes, amphibians (frogs, insects) and plants). Mainly to learn how to stay away from them, or if you are bitten by a snake, how long do you have till you reach the critical point and searching for a doctor is pointless. I guess you start wanting to learn about such things after having spent some time in the jungle and in tropical countries where such subjects may become reality in your life at some point.

Hereunder a few of the results from my mushroom research:

Golden Chanterelle (Chantarellus Cibarius)

Chanterelle,   (Cantharellus cibarius)

Their color may vary from yellow to yellow/orange. The hat will turn orange’ish if damaged. It is meaty and funnel-shaped.

On the lower surface, underneath the smooth cap, it has gill-like ridges that run almost all the way down its stipe, which tapers down seamlessly from the cap. It has a fruity smell, reminiscent of apricots and a mildly peppery taste. This is one of the best of the edible mushrooms.

The Chanterelle is one of the richest sources of vitamin D, vitamin C and potassium.

False Chanterelle (Hygrophoropsis Aurantiaca):

False Chanterelle, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca

This mushroom is growing widely spread in Europe. This mushroom is still easy to distinguish from the real chanterelle.

The distinguishing factors are color (true Chanterelle is uniform egg-yellow, while the false one is more orange in hue and graded, with darker center) and attachment of gills to the stem (true Chanterelle does not have true, blade-like gills–rather it has rib-like folds running down the stem).

It has been described as edible (though not tasty) by some experts, but other authors describe it as poisonous. This mushroom contains a lot of arabitol, which may account for the gastrointestinal symptoms some people experience. Recently it has been proved that this genus Hygrophoropsis is taxonomically quite near false, and thus recommended not to be eaten.

Funnel Chanterelle (Craterellus tubaeformis)

Funnel Chanterelle, Cantharellus Tubaeformis

Also called “Yellowfoot” or “Winter mushroom” because it often grows late in the season and can be found until late november, even in Norway). This was also a huge part of my catch from my last mushroom hunt.

Its characteristics are:
Cap: The cap is convex and at most times hollow down the middle. Dark brown cap or sometimes greyish with paler gills. The gills are widely separated, and of lighter color than the cap.
Stem: A hollow yellow stem.
Shape: It is a trumpet-shaped mushroom
Taste: It is stronger, but less fruity than the golden chanterelle. It has a very distinctive smokey, peppery taste when raw.
Habitat: It grows on moss or rotten wood, is found mostly in spruce forests, often found in great numbers late in the mushroom season.

This is where the problems arise. This mushroom often grows in great numbers. Often it is located in groups of 10-100s and people reach down to pick them in groups. Sometimes not only the Funnel Chanterelle comes home with you.

The Lethal Webcaps often grow in the same area as the Funnel Chanterelle. Often they grow so close to the edible mushroom, that it can accidentally be picked and brought home. This is why you are always recommended to attend organized mushroom picking tours when you start, check them towards newly updated mushroom books AND / or with a mushroom expert as well.

Poison and its effect
The lethal webcaps has a resemblance in color to the funnel chanterelle, but few of the other characteristics. However newbies will often not know the difference and this can lead to be fatal if not treated in time as the Lethal webcaps contain the Orellanine, Orellin, Orellinin and Cortinarin A,B,C poison – which will take 2-4 days – up to 3 weeks – before the first sympthoms arise. Sympthoms can be flu-like symptoms (nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, headaches etc.), followed by early stages of renal failure (immense thirst, frequent urination, pain on and around the kidneys), and eventually decreased or nonexistent urine output and other symptoms of renal failure occur. If left untreated death will follow. There is no known antidote against orellanin poisoning, but early hospitalization and treatment can sometimes prevent serious injuries and usually prevent death. If you suspect orellanin poisoning, acting on it quickly can save your life.

As for the The Lethal webcaps, there are 2 species.

Both of these mushrooms can be confused with each other and many incidents of mushroom poisoning have occurred where inexperienced mushroom hunters have confused these mushrooms with edible mushrooms, such as the chanterelle.

Fools Webcap (Cortinarius Orellanus)

Fools Webcap, Cortinarius Orellanus

Cap: 3–8.5 cm, concave
Spore color: Rusty brown/orange.
Gills: Similar to those of the deadly webcap
Location: Common throughout Europe. Has been observed as far north as mid Norway
Habitat: In forests, around trees where the soil is alkaline or acidic
Other details:Young specimens of the Fool’s webcap also contain a web between the cap and the stem that partially or completely disappears as the specimen ages.

Deadly webcap (Cortinarius rubellus)

Deadly webcap, Cortinarius Rubellus

Spore color: Rusty brown to orange
Cap: 3–7 cm rusty brown to orange. Often has a steeper and darker colored elevation at the top of the cap, but this varies greatly from specimen to specimen
Gills: Wide gaps between the gills which can be, but are not necessarily, connected to the stem
Location: One of the most common mushrooms in Norway (also a common mushroom in temperate parts of Northern Europe).
Habitat: Pine woods with acidic soil
Other details: Young specimens contain a pale web between the cap and the stem. Sometimes parts of this web can be seen as a yellow ring on the stem or at the edge of the cap. The fruiting body of the mushroom blossoms from mid-summer to late fall.

Check your mushroom catch of the day thoroughly. Make sure you cought the good ones and if you have picked mushrooms you don’t know for certain if are good to eat – Have mushroom inspectors check them out for you.

In Norway (articles in Norwegian):
Poison Information – 22 59 13 00 (24 hours)
Poisonous mushrooms – http://www.helsedirektoratet.no/giftinfo/giftige_sopp/
Avoid getting poisoned

Other Information about mushrooms in Norway (webpages in Norwegian)

Mushroom controls in Norway

Mushroom Hunting

This morning I woke up from the phone ringing infernally. At least it felt like it.

At first I thought I had changed the ringtone for the alarm and forgotten to turn off the alarm and that it was really early in the morning. Then I realised that the phone was actually ringing and answered it. I can’t recall much of the first 5 minutes conversation, but the essence was if I had plans. Soon I did and my friend and I decided to go mushroom hunting in the forest.

It was 10:15pm when I got the call, early for a sunday morning after a party. Normally I would be awake at 10:15 on a sunday.

In the kitchen I found the taxi bill from last night. 3:45 at home. I had a great time at the party last night :D

Jon came to pick me up at 11 and I got to drive up to the forest. Dodgy :D

From there we walked around for almost 4 hours hunting for mushrooms in swampy areas of the forest. I know a great spot and it sure did NOT fail us this year! I think I definately need to come back there in a few days / weeks :D

Todays catch from the mushroom hunt … Chanterelle and  Funnel Chanterelle.

Not only did we find this huge amount of mushrooms….

We were hunted down ourselves at some times… Lots of tiny, tiny bloodsuckers … However they went mostly for Jon and not for me :D

Apart from that I had an occational fight with dead branches sticking out of trees and came out bruised and battered. At least I can count ONE really badly bruised place :D

Great walk and a great time in the forest.

Mushroom picking in the forest


Today I went with a group of couchsurfers mushroom hunting in the forest. I love walking in the forest – especially on a sunny day.I brought my couchsurfer from Portugal and we met up with the group of 14 at Sandvika bus terminal, from where we took another bus to Kattås.

From Kattås we walked up to the parking lot, where we had a mini test-pick for the newbies to find out which mushrooms not to pick. I found a few nice Chanterells which I love. They have this really nice color and hence really easy to spot on the forest ground  :D

From there we walked further into the forest until we got to the camping spot. Some of the surfers were going to stay the night in the forest in their tents.

Well settled at the camping spot we left our luggage and spread out. I remembered a really nice spot from last year where we found lots of mushrooms then, but this year due to some deforestation – this spot was no longer there. Or it was there allright, but it was no longer a good spot for the mushrooms and hence they were not there.

Funnel Chanterelle

On the other hand, my portugese couchsurfer, Joao, a spanish couchsurfer, Roberto, a Thai couchsurfer, Parat, and myself walked deeper and deeper into the forest and suddenly we found a huge amount of Funnel Chanterelles (also called Yellowfoot or winter mushroom) which are said to be both rare and excellent in taste :D We had been told to be on the lookout for these ! I can’t to sink my teeth into them :D

When we returned only a few people were at the meeting spot and we decided to keep searching for mushrooms until more people returned to site. On our second hunting round we didnt find more than 1 mushroom worth talking about. Probably because at this point we were both tired and unconcentrated. We called it off after 1 hour and went back to camp to have some food. Thankfully we had remembered to pack lunch with us!

At 5:30 Joao and I left the group and we started running towards the bus station. We had forgotten how deep in we were and when asking a lady how long we would need to get to the bus station she answered 30 minutes and we ran. Then we walked, then we ran, walked some more and then we ran and ran again. We lost the bus by 4 minutes and decided that we did not want to sit in the shadow of the bus station waiting for 1 hour until the next bus came around. So we walked on. At this stage getting really tired. Along the road we found a guy outside his house and we asked if we could refill our water bottles. YAY. That did good for our thirsty bellies at least.

We walked until the next bus was about to come and we would not have been able to walk all the way to the next bus stop in time. It felt so good to relax on the bus.

Arriving Oslo I had promised Joao to take him around Aker Brygge, the castle and down Karl Johan. This gained us a whole lot more steps :D

When we got home Joao made dinner while I sat in the couch ready to die…  I wore my pedometer the whole day…. 27500 steps … in one day.. No wonder I  was tired !

CS ChatCamp at Hvitsten in Norway

Thursday – As I had helped out with ordering canoes for the camp obviously I was in no shape of travelling alone on the train with the Canoes so Bente Brenna sent me Flavio with her car to help out.
We stopped in the store to get more beer as well and some other kind of stuff that Bente wanted us to pick up. Very few people had arrived yet to the camp area so we were all up at Bente and Påls house. They are both so hospitable and great.
Bente prepared us a fantastic meal and we had a great dinner with Amy (USA), Bente, Pål, Jessica (Australia), Flavio and Carlo (Italy). Great conversations, great talk and ots of fun.

To fall asleep so late as I did last night I woke up early and was met by some new arrivals, Liewe and Lien from The Netherlands. Bente, Amy, Jessica and Flavio left for the store and I sent with them a list of ingredients I needed for my planned baking-day.
I think I ended up baking for 6 hours. I baked chocolate chip cookies for 50 people (minimum), and my favourite chocolate cake as well. Flavio was running around and having fun being a macho-Flavio that was fun in the beginning but after working 6 hours in the kitchen baking and then starting on dinner.. I couldnt see the fun in it any more. A positive thing in it was that the cakes were appreciated so much that Dave propsed (you baked these? wanna marry me?) hahahaha. Though. Its pretty obvious he wasn’t speaking seriously about it.
I think we arrived to be like 15 -16 people for dinner (not counting Jim and Shai that arrived piss drunk about 2:30 (they should have been in for dinner). Shai was obviously hungry and I was quite amused about how much she liked my chocolate cake. First trying it out with a small piece then she took this 1/5 size piece of cake and shuved it in her mouth with her hands. It was such an amazingly funny view that Flavio and I both started lauging and it wasnt even registered). And I made food for them all with of course some help from the others. Food ended up great although potates werent as well cooked as they could have been. We all had dinner outside on the veranda in the sunset and it was so great. A fantastic summernight.
The party was on again and we had lots of fun :D

Very tired. I felt like I was starting to get sick and just wanted to sleep. Most of the morning I did. When Bente, Amy and Flavio went grocery shopping I went down to the cabin to the others and spent some time with the chatters and came to the sense that I wanted to be alone and relax a bit and found a book in a shelf that I brought down to the sea. I spent about 2 good hours on the dock mainly watching the waves passing by under me and listening to the waves crashing towards the bare rock-face. You know, those nice summery waves that comes from a tiny bit of wind and lots of boats passing by on a sunny day.
Martina and Dave joined me after a while and I got to know them better as well. Relaxing company but also fun and enjoyable :D All in all I spent like 4 hours down there and they did me good. I felt like all the last weeks work stress just dissappeared. Though not that it was a lot of stress though but some. I felt – by far – as sociable any more and allowed myself a break from kitchen duties today :D. Bente prepared an awesome meal for us that tasted absolutely fantastic.It was enjoyed with wine and beer and everybody enjoyed their time.
Party went on. Lots of fun. During the day Shai had corrected the really bad first impression she had made and she proved to be really nice.
Since it was Flavios last night in Norway his friend Haavard came down with his cousin and even Oyvind came down for the fun of it :D It was quite lively in the cabins :D
Suddenly the whole group wanted to go skinnydipping. That was great fun but also very interesting case the water was full of fluorescent algae and it was blue all around us when swimming. At 4 am Martina and Me took Flavio and Carlo to the airport shuttle and said good bye. After that it was finally time to go to bed.

I slept in and that was great. When I did wake up I went with Liewe and Lien picking mushrooms in the forest behind Bente and Påls house and we lost each other. Its a good thing my inbuildt compass works but I arrived long after the two others. I got checked for ticks and immediately took a shower to get rid of any possibilities that the others had missed.
The mushrooms we cought was gonna be used for dinner later that night. It was a lot of fun during the whole day. Mostly relaxing in the sun and by the sea but also shotting rum in the kitchen watching the others making food. I made waffles for the guys while Dave and I was shotting but they still tasted great. Dinner was delicious like all days (Bente is a fantastic cook) but after dinner Øyvind and I had to pack our stuff and be out of there to go home and prepare for work tomorrow. I forgot my suitcase at Bentes. Probably not the smartest idea :D
Oh well. Not much to do about it and I will go down there next weekend anyways.
What a fantastic weekend !