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Gavin Degraw Concert

Tonight I was at a concert with my sister and a friend of mine and we had a great time.
Gavin Degraw was in town and last time I saw him back in 2006, but he put on such a great show that I always wanted to see him again.

From beginning to end he owned the crowd and the crowd loved him. The program was a huge mix of old and new songs.

Concert opened up with Make a move and continued with songs like “Who’s gonna save us”, “Follow Through”, “We Belong Together”, “I Don’t Want to Be”, “Everything Will Change” with many others.

Make a move




Leading Man


Follow Through


I don’t wanna be

Best I ever had

THis was such a great concert. Everyone were dancing, singing and my friend commented that it seemed more like a choir practice than a concert :D

At the end of the concert Gavin takes a selfie with us (the crowd) in the background and lets hope he will be back soon!


Gavin Degraw on Twitter


Steve Earle and the Dukes

Ever since my cousin introduced me to Steve Earle and his band The Dukes back in 1996 with the album “The Hard Way“, I have enjoyed this music. So when a friend asked me to come with him for a concert in Oslo last night I was very happy to accept.

Steve Earle has been in the business for ages and the band delivered a great concert. Even the old classic Copperhead Road!

The concert was warmed up by The Mastersons whom are a supplement to The Dukes on this tour.
Steve and the guys delivered a great show!





And last…
One of my favorite songs by Steve Earle – My name is Bily Austin

Grizzly Bears in Concert in Oslo

Today I went for a concert with a friend of mine and I enjoyed it a lot!

The band was Grizzly Bears whom I only know from the “The Twilight Saga – New Moon” Soundtrack.

The concert started. My friend and I thought the concert was great and the lead singers voice was amazing, but they looked and sounded a bit tame for a band named The Grizzly Bears.

However they were very good and I thought to myself that I should definately get their album.

Check out some of their music:

The Waves

The Pact

Becoming a Jackal

However we were somewhat intrigued that noone left when the concert was over already at 10.

I had to go to the bathroom and during my break Tone had gotten accompanied by a swede that was happy to tell us that the concert we were so happy about was just the warmup band. Oh well… We should have guessed – and … that was only happy news as we were in for more!

The Grizzly Bears came on stage and they sure sounded a lot more like Grizzly Bears than what the Villagers ever did.  :D

They had an amazing show. A few of the songs were rather strange, but most of them were very good and the voicework of the singers was just intriguing. I am very fascinated on how they used their voices to create that amazing ambient and sound that their songs have.

However a few of the songs were nothing but noisy and when they started using the strobe light effect I had to not only look down, but cover my eyes as I felt I was going mad. I have never reacted to strobe light before, but today I certainly did.

In the end of the concert they even had an accoustic song which was quite nice.

This was a very good concert and I enjoyed it a lot!

Listen to some songs here:

Two Weeks

SLow Life (From The Twilight Saga – New Moon)

Ready, Able

Yet Again

While You wait for the others

Grizzly Bears Online:
Grizzly Bears Official website
Grizzly Bears Facebook page
Grizzly Bears on Twitter

Villagers Online:
Villagers Official website
Villagers on MySpace
Villagers on Facebook

Chris Isaak in Concert – Oslo 18 October 2012

Who doesn’t remember Chris Isaak from the 80’s and 90’s with songs like “Wicked Game”, “Blue Hotel”, “Life will go on”, “American Boy”

Right now Chris Isaak is touring Europe and the US to promote his new album “Beyond the Sun” with his band The Silvertones and tonight he was in Oslo, Norway, delivering an awesome show. Chris interacted with the crowd, told jokes, walked around with the audience. I went there with one of my best friends and we had so much fun.

About the Beyond the Sun album:
Chris Isaak’s new album Beyond The Sun pays tribute to the glory days of Memphis’ Sun Studio and the visionary artists who started out there under the guidance of Sam Phillips.
The self-produced album was recorded mostly at the historic Sun Studio with his long-term band, The Silvertones, consisting of; Rowland Salley (bass), Kenney Dale Johnson (drums), Hershel Yatovitz (guitar), Scott Plunkett (piano) and Rafael Padilla (percussion).
The album also features a guest performance by the Memphis legend ‘Cowboy’ Jack Clement, a songwriter, musician and producer who worked with the majority of the Studio’s biggest names. Isaak magically recaptures the transformative brilliance of the classic sides cut by greats such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis at Sun with Phillips, while also getting down to his own deeply rooted musical identity.

The Show:
Opens up with Paul Freeman warming up for Chris. He enters the stage, presents himself; “My name is Paul Freeman, and Im Welch”. Then he plays a few accords, smiles and says: “And I don’t have much education. Thank you Folks”, turns around and starts walking off the stage, before he comes back laughing and starts the show.

Paul delivered a great warm up performance with a good voice and good guitar playing with songs like these:

Last Man Standing:

Ashes in the Flood:

The Girl who broke in two:

When he walked off the stage there was a 30 minute break to prepare the stage before the show started. This gave us time to study the crowd while the lights were still on. It was impressive to see guys with hair-do’s from the 60’s and women dressed up in dresses from the 60’s. A lot of them had gone through a lot of trouble to make look authentic :D

Finally The SilverTones came on and with them Chris Isaak… In a glorious Black Suit covered with glitter and rhinestones and sequins. Man was that fascinating !!!

He plays some tunes and smiles and asks the crowd:
Chris Isaak: Has any of you been to our concerts before?
Crowd Screaming: YES
Chris Isaak: Did you like it?
Crowd: YES!
Chris Isaak: Well you are gonna like todays show a lot better then. This time we have practised !

The guys were rocking totally rocking the crowd with awesome music and jokes and they were communicating with the audience from the beginning to the end. Chris walked around among the crowd. He even came up to the second floor where we were sitting, shaking hands – hugging the crowd.

Later on he tributed Hershel and asked if there were anyone single that wanted to date him. That Hershel was very lonely and that he would make a good companion to a nice lady. Then he sent Hershel off into the crowd – telling the audience to make sure they touch him.

After that it was Rowland’s turn. Chris said he was lonely and called up 3 women to come dance with him :D Rowland seemed happy.

During the Show Chris also said:
“And i know that it says here that you are not supposed to take pictures, but for all of you guys that brought your cameras – bring them out and take pictures – I didnt dress up like this for you not to take pictures of me.

During the break Chris changed outfit and he came back in a completely mirrored suit that was glittering and blinking a lot. He sure knows how to put on a show ;D

Songs featured during this concert was:

Somebody’s Crying

The fantastic “Wicked Game”

Baby did a Bad Bad Thing

Blue Hotel

I Can’t help falling in love with you

Its Now or never

Ring Of Fire

Miss Pearl

Scotty rocked the Piano so hard during “Great Balls of Fire” that the Piano was set on “Fire”:

Pretty Woman

as well as these songs and probably a few others that I have forgotten :D

This was such an awesome concert, just what i needed today and for a long time I think. I laughed a lot, enjoyed the music a lot and for the first time in about 2 weeks (due to anxiety) I was able to breathe deeply and relax again. I feel so good now ! Happy

And the amazing beautiful, velvety voice of Chris Isaak….
I will have happy dreams tonight.

Chris Isaak Online:
Chris Isaak on Wikipedia
Chris Isaak on Myspace
Chris Isaak on Facebook
Chris Isaak & The Silvertones on Facebook

In Norway normally we are not allowed to bring cameras to concerts (Don’t ask me why. I think it’s stupid) and my cell phone battery died on me during the first minutes of the concert – hence I didnt get to take many pictures myself. Therefore I have borrowed some pictures from Tony Finnerty. All of his pictures are marked when onmouseover as his with the text: “This picture was taken by Tony Finnerty”.

Pearl Jam – Live in Oslo Spektrum!!

Amazing, Awesome. Absolutely Fantastic!

I must say that I think this is the best concert I have gone to this year. It was a fantastic show. Good company with my cousins and we had absolutely perfect front row seats looking directly towards the scene!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eddie Vedder and the Band gave their all and despite Eddie having a cold so he could hardly speak, he kept singing not just through the first set of songs, but through a second and third set of songs as well.

When they performed Just Breathe from the Backspacer Album Eddie told us that just the night before he had recieved a phone call from back home with news that one of his friends had passed away just the night before and that of course had us all in tears.

With songs like “Black” & “Why Go”, “Do The Evolution”, Pink Floyds «Mother», “Leatherman”, “Once”, “Oceans”, “Alive” and a whole lot of songs from old and new albums the fans was served an awesome show and a fantastic concert.

Pearl Jam gave it all. They delivered a superb concert experience and I will dare to say that this is not my last Pearl Jam concert !

Norwegian Newspaper Reviews from the Concert:

Edwin Evers & Glennis Grace – Wil Je Niet Nog 1 Nacht (Dont you want just one more night)?

Sometimes I find a musical pearl in a language I dont understand and then I need to find out what it means and I translate it. I totally loved the melody on this song and for the past week I have tried picking up the dutch pronounciations and sounds as well as a few words.
I found a nice radio station that I like listening to and I even learned a few words :D

For me music is the best way to learn a new language. Listening to songs. Trying to separate words and then looking them up to find the meaning of the word and then translate the song.

However, these days we have google and someone translated it for me :D
Here to share with you:

Dont you want one more night?
Nederlands English
Ik wil niet horen dat de wekker gaatVerdrijf de gedachte dat je mij verlaat En ik niet beslis voor hoelang het isWil je niet nog 1 nacht bij me zijn?

Wil je niet mijn armen om je heen?

Wil je niet met mij of ben je graag alleen?

Wil je niet nog 1 nacht bij me

Meen je alle dingen die je zei?
Blijf dan hier bij mij
Geef me de tijd dan haal ik je weer in

Jij bent het einde en een nieuw begin
Ik wil bij je zijn Dus doet afscheid pijn

Wil je niet nog 1 nacht bij me zijn?

Wil je niet mijn armen om je heen?

Wil je niet met mij of ben je graag alleen?

Wil je niet nog 1 nacht bij me zijn?

Meen je alle dingen die je zei?
Blijf dan hier bij mij
Oh, oh, oooohhhh, yeah, yeah!
Oh met jou voelt alles
Oh met jou voelt alles beter

Wil je niet nog 1 nacht bij me

Wil je niet nog 1 nacht bij me

Wil je niet mijn armen om je heen?

Wil je niet met mij of ben je graag alleen?

Wil je niet nog 1 nacht bij me

Meen je alle dingen die je zei?
Blijf dan hier bij mij
Blijf dan hier bij mij
Blijf vannacht bij mij
Bij mij

I don’t want to hear the alarm bell ringBanish the thoughts that you are leaving me and that I don’t decide for how longDon’t you want to spend one more night with me?

Don’t you want my arms around you

Don’t you want to be with me, or do you like being alone?

Don’t you want to spend one more night with me?

Do you mean all you said?
Then, stay here with me
Give me time, then I can get you back

You are the end and even a new beginning
I want to be with you, so saying “farewell” hurts

Don’t you want to spend one more night with me?

Don’t you want my arms around you?

Don’t you want to be with me, or do you like being alone?

Don’t you want to spend one more night with me?

Do you mean all you said?
Then, stay here with me
Oh, oh, oooohhhh, yeahn, yeah!
Oh everything feels better with you
Everything feels better with you

Don’t you want to spend one more night with me?

Don’t you want to spend one more night with me?

Don’t you want my arms around you ?

Don’t you want to be with me, or do you like being alone?

Don’t you want to spend one more night with me

Do you mean all you said?
Then, stay here with me
Then, stay here with me
Then, stay here with me
with me

“Welcome to paradise” by Yaco

It is a month since I came back from my Paradise on earth and I had a fantastic time, although I must admit it has changed a lot since the first time I was in Costa Rica – It will always be my Paradise.

I will always remember that first visit to this beautiful country and how it was so untouched by tourists and so authentic back in 1993.

Now, the tourists, drugs and a lot of other things has changed the country in many ways: Yaco wraps it up pretty cool.

PS: Each verse will be listed in its original spanish first and then translated into english.

Hi Hello!, Welcome to Costa rica!,  Aquí tenemos playas, volcanes y chicas, Arena y sol, techos de lata, Paisajes exóticos y mota barata

Hi Hello!, Welcome to Costa Rica!, Here we have beaches, volcanoes and girls, Sand and sun, tin roofs, Exotic landscapes and cheap pot

No tenemos ejército en nuestra nación, Pero tenemos armas y asaltos por montón, Tenemos bares open 24 horas al día, Y nenas que se apuntan a cumplir tus fantasías

We don’t have a military in our country, But we have plenty of weapons and assaults, We have bars open 24 hours a day.. And girls whos dedicates themselves to fulfill your fantasies

Tenemos casinos igual que en Las Vegas, Esto un paraíso y nadie lo niega, Tenemos clubes de música electrónica,  Bares gay, y travestis como Susy, como Mónica

We have casinos like in Las Vegas This is a paradise and nobody denies it We have electronic music clubs, Gay bars and transvestites as Susy, like Monica

Tenemos volcanes en constante erupción,  Cines porno, y treinta iglesias por cantón,  Tenemos gente decente y proxenetas al acecho,  Para que cada turista siempre salga satisfecho

We have volcanoes in constant eruption, Porno cinemas, and thirty churches per municipality, We have decent people and pimps lurking, So that every tourist always leave satisfied

Welcome to Centroamérica
Welcome to paradise
Aquí de todo hay…
Welcome to Costa rica

Welcome to Central America
Welcome to paradise
here we have it all
Welcome to Costa Rica

Welcome!, wilkomen!, benvenue!, Benvenuto!, Tenemos prostitutas y también prostitutos, Tenemos todo tipo de droga pa llevar, Tenemos una excelente y buena doble moral

Welcome!, Wilkomen!, Benvenue!, Benvenuto!,We have both female and male prostitutes, We have all kinds of drugs to take home, We have an excellent and good double moral.

Tenemos religiones, tenemos corrupción, Un estadio en un parque, un night club en un avión,  Tenemos barrios marginales, también residenciales, Pero esto es democracia, todos somos iguales

We have religions, we have corruption, A stadium in a park, a night club on a plane, We have slums, and residentials too, But this is democracy, we are all equal

Tenemos lapas, pumas y al mono aullador, Muchas especies todas en peligro de extinción, Ex presidentes presos, sacerdotes imputados
Chinos pulperos y nicas nacionalizados

We’ve got macaws, pumas and howler monkeys, Many species all in danger of extinction, Former Presidents imprisoned, Accused Priests, Chinese storekeepers and Nationalized Nicas (Nicaraguans)

Tenemos piratas, tenemos pasa pasa, Una campeona boxeadora, un cosmonauta de la NASA, Tenemos una pista doble vía hacia Caldera
Y terraplenes que se vienen sobre dicha carretera

We’ve got pirates, we have the Pasa Pasa, A Boxing champion, an astronaut from NASA, We have a double lane road towards Caldera and embankments laying next to that same road

Tenemos toros, topes, comuniones, misas, Tenemos a la liga, y tenemos al Saprissa, Guaro Cacique, imperial, big cola Light,
Diga mister turista en Tiquicia que no hay?

We have bulls, Topes, communions, masses, Tenemos a la liga, y tenemos al Saprissa, We have La Liga, and we have Saprissa, Guaro Cacique, imperial, big Coce Light, Say mister tourist, In Tiquicia what don’t we have?

Vasijas, hamacas, tinajones decorados,
Hechos por manos de indígenas con hambre marginados,
Tenemos mil historias contadas por los viejos,
A la segua, a la mona, a la llorona y al Kadeho

Pots, hammocks, decorated jars, Made by poor and hungry indigenous hands, We have a thousand stories told by the old, La Segua, La mona, the weeper and Kadeho

Welcome to Centroamérica
Welcome to paradise
Aquí de todo hay…
Welcome to costa rica

Welcome to Central America
Welcome to paradise
here we have it all
Welcome to Costa Rica

Gracias por su visita, lo esperamos caballero.  Gracias por su propina, gracias por su dinero,  no importa si eres narco o un homicida perseguido, si usted viene con su money será siempre bienvenido.

Thank you for visiting, We will wait for you gentlemen, thank you for your tip, thank you for your money, no matter if you are a drug dealer or a pursued murderer, if you come with your money you are always welcome

tenemos amnistías y vulnerables leyes,  tenemos una milpa y otra milpa y buenos bueyes,  tenemos policías con dos meses de experiencia y chapulines con un doctorado en delincuencia

We’ve got amnesties and vulnerable laws, we have great cornfields, a good corn and cattle, We have Policeofficers with two months of experience and juvenile delinquents with a doctorate in crime

pero sin embargo maras no tenemos, pero tenemos a la Doce y a la Ultra por lo menos, tenemos sicarios, violadores, pandilleros,
narcos, genocidas, pervertidos pero no mareros

Anyhow, we still have no gangs, but at least we have La Liga and Saprissa, we have thugs, rapists, gang members, drug dealers, mass murderers, perverts, but not gangs yet

Tenemos playas, montañas y un hermoso valle,  Tenemos jocote, tamarindo y pejibaye, Tenemos metaleros, chatas, ponketos, hippies,
Coca, crack, ácidos, hongos, hi-red, crippy

We have beaches, mountains and a beautiful valleys, We have cauliflower, tamarind and peach, We have metalheads, reaggeros, punks, hippies, Coca, crack, acids, mushrooms, hi-red and crippy

Caminata a la basílica, fiestas patronales,  Clásicos, festival de la luz y carnavales,
Una nadadora ondina, un premio nobel de la paz, Tres mundiales, y tenemos mucho más

Walk have a pilgrimage to the basilica, celebrations, Clássics, light festival and carnivals. A swimmer nymph, a Nobel Peace Prize, Three global prizes and we have much more

Welcome to Centroamérica
Welcome to paradise
Aquí de todo hay…
Welcome to costa rica… (bis)

Welcome to Central America
Welcome to paradise
here we have it all
Welcome to Costa Rica