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First Sign of Spring

I went walking in the forest today and found this amazing blue flower. :D

Its spring. New life will be popping up everywhere ! :D yay



A Beautiful day in the forest

This week I work late because of a course that is scheduled towards US time. However that is perfect (because in Norway these days it gets dark at 3pm and sun doesn’t get up until 8:30’ish and most of the day is gone so we dont get much daylight) and now I can spend a lot of time outside in the beautiful sunny, snowcovered world!


Yes, It looks cold! It was cold too! -17C to be clear… Thats when your snot freezes when you inhale!! Just for your information :D But its so beautiful and when you are dressed properly (which I was not) its awesome beautiful to be outside on days like this !

Planting Tulips

In August when I was in Den Haag and Amsterdam of the Netherlands I bought with me Tulip Bulbs.

Tulips have to be planted during fall to be outside all winter and to start growing with the first hint of spring, so today I have planted my Tulip bulbs!

The first thing I did was to go for a rock hunt! I drove off to the edge of the forest (where I also went for a long walk picking mushrooms, but that is a different story and not nearly interesting enough to be told today) and at the parking lot I found a huge amount of rocks that I brought with me home. These I put in the bottom of the new home for the Tulips, to avoid the earth rotting when it starts raining heavily during fall or spring (or summer as we are in Norway).

Then I filled the pot half way with earth and unpacked the Tulip Bulbs from their bags and placed them strategically on top of the earth.
The Tulips I have bought are called Black Parrot, Honeymoon and Ice Cream.

Once all the Tulip Bulbs were equally spread all over the pot, I filled it with more earth (about 10 cm).

Now all I have to do is to cover them up so they don’t freeze to death during the winter months and wait for spring to see if the Tulips survived the Norwegian winter :D

Corn Picking

Today I went with my small sisters and my step-mom to pick corn from an organic farm. It was cold and cloudy, but it was very fun to pick the corn and to learn how to recognize the ones that are ready to pick from the ones that still have to stay for a while longer.

When I left I had 13.5 kgs of corn to bring home with me and well at home I peeled them and readied them for freezing. Corn stays well in the freezer for up to 1 year !

Yummy. Guess whats on the menu for dinner tonight?

A visit to Oslo Outdoor Climbing Park

Today the weather was predicted to be beautiful and sunny so I booked myself for a holiday and decided to spend it with a friend outdoors in the Oslo Summer Park Climbing Centre.

Tone gave me a daypass for the climbing park for my birthday and today she and I had a lot of fun in the park today and we tried as many as 3 of the courses.

On top of the fun in the climbing courses we could enjoy the fantastic weather and the beautiful view over the forests!

And seeing this, I cant wait for the snow to fall and start snowboarding :D

After the climbing we went to a garden center to look for some flowers and then we had chicken and pasta at home for dinner.

A really nice day !

Empress Eugenie is blooming

Some weeks ago I bought this gorgeous Empress Eugenie Passionfruit Plant. This is a climbing plant that looks absolutely gorgeous with its lavender / purple / white flowers.

Today it bloomed for the first time. The flower is heavily sweetly scented and apparently will bring bright orange/yellow fruits in the autumn.

This plant is apparently a fast grower though and is supposed to grow to 3m tall(10ft). I wonder how that is going to work out in my kitchen? Oups… I guess I didn’t think that through :D

A perfectly fine day in Klatreland

My friend Tone celebrated her birthday today and she had scheduled her birthday celebration party to be outdoors at the new summerpark in Oslo where they have buildt a climbing park with several activities like climbing trees, balance training, zip lines and lots of other fun.

The courses are designed with varying difficulties and height requirements.

Andreaas, Lise, Ragnhild and Tone – Ready to Rumble

Ragnhild, Tone, Me and Lise

Andreas testing the zip lines

Lise testing her balance.

Tone looks happy

We had a great day in the beautiful sun this day. After the first round Ragnhild and I sat down in the sun to talk and tan and have some food while we waited out the rest of the group to try one of the other courses :D

This was a perfect day outside and then for dinner we all went out for Sushi!

Check out this Youtube video for more information about the activities of the climbing park!!