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Den Haag – Amsterdam – Copenhagen – Oslo

I woke up at 8 am and had just enough time to shower and pack before I had to leave. It was still raining and thundering from last nights awful weather. I actually woke up at 2 am by a serious hailstorm whipping towards my window and it was such huge hails that I had to go check if there would be any damage towards the windows. However what I did see was a complete and utter fog so thick that there was no visibility and what little there was was lit by such thunder and lightning that it was a beauty to watch.

I went to Albert Heijn for breakfast and I also went for a small last walk around Den Haag before I got back to the hotel again and ordered a cab to take me to the airport. The ride was comfortable and once at Amsterdam – Schipol airport I picked up some tulip bulbs as gifts for my friends as well as some souvenirs for myself.

I had a layover in Copenhagen where I had dinner and did some more shopping before I flew back to Oslo where I got another cab back home. I was so tired and I felt quite bad as my stomach was acting up again like it has so often during these past weeks – that it was quite awesome to be back home. In my apartment. Not just in a hotel room, but at home with my beloved cat that I have missed a lot during this trip.


long work day. dinner in voorburg

Today was my last day at work in Netherlands for this time and i worked until 9pm to finish up everything in time. One of my colleagues from Belgium was helping me with an issue I was trying to solve and after work we went for dinner in Voorburg at a Greek restaurant called Greeks.

I was too exhausted after the long working hours and opted for a cab back home and finally – just around midnight I was able to buy my ticket home. About time as Im leaving tomorrow morning at 10 from Den Haag.

Shopping :D

We had a nice day in Den Haag today, with sun and not so much wind.

After work I met a nice lady at the bus stop that told me that there was a bus strike announced today and that if I wanted to I could walk with her to the train station. She was really nice and she even got me a train ticket as the vending machines don’t take foreign credit cards. I payed her in cash so she would suffer no loss at my expense.

On my way back home from the central station I stopped at De Bijenkorf shopping center to pick up some nice baking utensils.

Then I stopped at Alfred Heijn to pick up some Sushi for dinner. I’ve had so many days with stomach flu while on this trip that I am turning crazy. Sushi is safe food.

Fixing upper

This morning it was raining and I was feeling really sick in my stomach again so I got a cab to work, but In the afternoon it was quite nice weather and I decided to walk home.

When I passed Chinatown I decided to get a manicure and a pedicure and it was lovely to sit back and relax and enjoy being taken care of.

For dinner I had sushi in my room. One of the only sorts of food I trust to be safe with this much stomach pains that I have had lately.

Sunday working

Working on a sunday is NOT among my favorite past time activities, however today our system went live and we had to be present and make sure everything was working just as expected.

I walked to work and it was a nice morning walk with hardly anyone else out walking. It was a nice walk and it was sunny and beautiful.

I spent 6 hours at work which were well spent with effective working and once I was done I got a cab home (to the hotel room) where I had a 2 hour power nap.

I went for a walk when I woke up and as I realized I was quite hungry at this point I decided on a restaurant and texted my colleague for him to join me for dinner.

It is my second visit to Los Argentinos.

This restaurant is located in Kettingstraat 14 of Den Haag and it is an excellent beef restaurant.

I I also like it because I didn’t get sick from the food they serve there (unfortunately I have had some real bad luck with my allergies while here in Netherlands and gotten sick quite a lot after eating out) and today that was my main motivation :D

However. They do serve delicious food and I had a huge steak, corn, fries and rice with it! It was awesome. I am so stuffed now :D I would definately recommend you to go there if you like a good grilled beef!

Saturday working

Our system will go live tomorrow and hence we had to make sure it was all ready to go live.

That meant…. A 10 hour  workday on a saturday. Thankfully we were a whole team present which made the work a whole lot more pleasant.

I had a small break mid day where I walked to the nearby shopping streets of Voorburg just looking around and I found a lovely soft pink skirt ! Yay. I also needed to find a pharmacy to get some medicines for my stomach that has acted up quite a lot lately and I have been quite sick for some time. Allergic reactions, but I don’t know to what – which makes it quite difficult to treat.

Once I finally made it home I was exhausted and stayed in relaxing in my bed, watching TV and I fell asleep quite early.

Lovely Japanese Food

My colleague and I walked both back from work and to work today. A good 9 kms that is.

After work we went for dinner and today we walked up by the church behind the hotel and up one of the small nice streets there and we found a lovely Japanese restaurant called ONI.

Their decor was very interesting, but the food was lovely!!!