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Billy Burke Removed Record Release party at the House of Blues in Hollywood

sunny.gifGreat temperatures today. As usual +42C and not a cloud in sight :D 0% air humidity. Gorgeous day :D

I woke up early and packed my stuff and played with Gerd and Auduns dogs.
Audun had to go to Tucson today so he said goodbye before he took off for work and for breakfast Gerd took me to John and Jimmys sandwitch bar and then we went to the post office to ship my catch from Target yesterday.
That was easily 15 pounds, but it was not as expensive as I would have thought it to be so that was good news :D
After that we drove around to find Tapioca seeds and we ended up at the Whole Foods market. They had Tapioca seeds but not black ones that I am searching for. However I will find them somewhere :D

Then Gerd and I went home again and I had a shower before Gerd took me to the airport early.

Good thing she did though because my flight was cancelled !!!! EEEEK. I totally panicked thinking of the Billy Burke concert and the appointment with Libbi.
THANKFULLY I was very early for my flight and the personnel booked me on the flight 1 hour before my original flight and everything was solved for the best ! Things obviously worked out so much better today than I would have thought, I think I was meant to go to that concert :D
Not only winning the tickets, but also because I was allowed to bring a friend.

I picked up a few souvenirs, went through security and sat down to wait for my flight. Nothing interesting happend neither there nor during the flight and I was even lucky with the suttle services too. One came just a few minutes after I got out of the airport. We picked up passengers from all the terminals. Even the traffic wasnt too bad and I checked in at Hollywood and Highland Hostel and Hotels in good time before the concert and I checked in and got myself over to the Hollywood House of Blues to meet Libbi :D I met Libbi at the Twilight Convention last weekend in Los Angeles.

When we met up we realized that there was people nicely dressed up everywhere and we were like… OhOh.. we are like totally underdressed. Eeeks.

Thankfully… We were not. Those overdressed people were participating at a different event in the first floor. Turned out… Billy Burkes record release party was in the Foundation room up in the third floor ! Woohooo :D We are game.
I would have thought that it was a huge event but in reality it turned out to be a rather exclusive party. Only 100 guests whereof 30 fans + their friends and the rest of the crowd was Billys friends and family. His father was there, his lovely wife, Pollyanna Rose, was there and of course camera folks, managers and the band. :D

One of the smallest concerts I have been to but also one of the nicest.
After the concert Billy handed out CDs and signed them for those interested. We were also handed out CDs on our exit.

It was a wonderful evening and I enjoyed every single moment of it. When I got back to the hostel I watched some lame TV shows until I had processed the great night and was ready for sleeping.

And yes if you recognize Billys face – its only because you have probably seen him as Bella Swans dad in The Twiligh Saga movies :D


Exploring Tempe, with Gerd and Audun

sunny.gifAnother fantastic day. Im starting to rethink this whole living in Norway thing. Arizona is great. Great temperatures. We had +42C again and not a cloud in sight – AGAIN:D 0% air humidity. Gorgeous day :D

I woke up around 9am and got up to talk with Audun and Gerd before starting the day.

Gerd made a delicious omelet for breakfast and when her work appointment showed up for their meeting I took off on Gerds bike :D Gerd had made me a map and I had no problems finding the city, the post office and eventually the mall. I stopped everywhere and took pictures.

Tempe is a great city. Lots of action and life and yet seemingly so quiet and relaxed :D
The bike ride was great and I stopped all over Tempe picking up a few gifts for home, some stuff for me and then I continued biking to the river and then I followed the river to the Tempe Mall where I spent some hours looking in stores all over.

Gerd came to meet me for lunch and we ate at CHIPOTLES. Man, I love Chipotles :D Its sooo good !

We stopped at Target before going home and once at home we washed some clothes, relaxed in the garden and just chilled.

When Audun got home from work we went to walk the dogs at a nearby mountain and Gerd tought me how to use the camera for taking sunset pictures with a long shutter time. The pictures turned out great as you can see over. :D

When at home we made pasta and then we had dinner out in the garden. It was soo good :D A fantastic night and great company!

Twilight Convention – Phoenix, Arizona – Day 2

sunny.gifToday we had another cloudfree day with temps up to +42C (106F). 0% air humidity.
Gorgeous sunny weather.

I woke up to another gorgeous day ! I have been so exited so long for this weekend and its just wonderful. I spent 2 hours by the pool grilling myself before the interesting part of the program started :D

Saturdays program:
9:30 am to 10am: VENDORS ROOM Set-Up/Vendors Only
10 am to 11am: Pre-Registration for Weekend Patrons, not a necessity, just a convenience.
10 am to 6 pm: Registration and Vendors Room Open
11 am to 7pm: Theatre Open


11:30 am Hillywood Show Welcome & Screening of extended NEW MOON Parody

1:55 am BOOBOO STEWART (Seth Clearwater) Note: Booboo will be signing at in the vendors area throughout the weekend, times will be posted at registration & in vendors area at his cool booth.

BooBoo is such a cute kid. PS His real name is not BooBoo, but Nils Allen Stewart.

12:40 pm THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT PART TWO: more super-cool footage you won’t want to miss! Enough said!

1:10 pm TWILIGHT LEXICON PANEL: Tales From the Red Carpet. Ever wonder what goes on in between all the screaming at a Hollywood premiere? See an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse as the Twilight Lexicon describes what it’s like to be in the eye of the storm.

1:45 pm Exclusive Video Featurettes: Past Convention Appearance Clips with some of your favorite Twilight stars!

2:00 pm LANA VEENKER: A special panel with the Casting director of TWILIGHT, Lana is a wonderful addition to our convention and she has been quite influential on-line warning fans about Twilight saga casting scams. Find out what the process for casting is like and how the cast of Twilight came to be. Lana also casts the fantastic TV series LEVERAGE as well as many other projects.

2:40 pm KIOWA GORDON (Embry Call)

3:20 pm NEW MOON cast interviews featuring questions we received from fans! See Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Dakota and more answer YOUR questions!


4:10 pm Twilight and Genre No Minimum Bid Auction: grab the great bargains on cool collectibles (and our giant banners) in this fast paced exciting event!

4:45 pm ALEX MERAZ (Paul)

5:40 pm: THE TWILIGHT PARODY by Hillywood Show: the one that started it all!

6:05 pm Previous tour stop convention clips

Note that vendors room closes at 6pm, please make sure you have a photo or souvenir for our guests to sign (you can of course bring something from home)

A hot DJ, dancing, The Hillywood Show hosting, a cash bar, reveal of our Vampire Court, Celebrity appearances by DANIEL CUDMORE.

Kat and her sister.

Most of the day I spent with Heather and the girls and Katarina and her sister.

Me and Heather

I didnt buy much stuff as they didnt have as good of a choice as in LA, but who cares. That was not the important part :D The sessions with the wolf pack were great and I enjoyed my time a lot.

Heather and the kids had to leave after the saturday autograph sessions, but I was so lucky to find Vonda and her daughter and their friends and they invited me to have dinner with them. I met them last night and they were really nice :D We had dinner at the 4 diamond rewarded restaurant Reds Steakhouse lead by Chef De Cuisine Michael Scott. It was such a wonderful dinner. The food was awesome and the company was great too.

I almost forgot the whole Volturi Vampire Ball but got there in time to participate to parts of it :D It was a wonderful day :D

Twilight Convention – Phoenix, Arizona – Day 1

sunny.gifIt was a fantastic day today. We had +40C and gorgeous sun from clear sky.
No complaints about the weather to be made :D

I woke up and was a bit sad because it was my last morning with Amanda and its always sad to leave good friends, however I was also incredibly exited to go to the Twilight convention and see my idols and my new friends Heather and her kids + Katrina again.
But before that, Amanda got the happy message that SHE GOT A JOB today !! I am sooo happy for her! She lost her job just some days before I was scheduled to arrive so we got to spend a lot of time together, but it was always with the knowledge that she just lost her job, so i am soo exited that i got to be there with her when she found out ! :D

When we had eaten breakfast and I had packed every single last piece of my belongings, Amanda took me to the WigWam Resort. We stopped to get food for the weekend and then got ourselves over to the hotel and checked in and registered for the convention :D

Fridays Program:
9 am to 11:45 am: VENDORS ROOM Set-Up/Vendors Only
Noon to 1pm: GOLD WEEKEND PATRONS Pre-Registration: not a necessity, just a convenience. Get your credentials, schedules and first crack at souvenirs.
Noon to 6 pm: VENDORS ROOM Open
1pm to 1:30 pm: PREFERRED WEEKEND Patrons Pre-Registration: not a necessity, just a convenience. Get your credentials, schedules and souvenirs.
1:30 pm to 6 pm: Registration Open for All
1:30 pm to 7pm: Theatre Open


2:00 pm HILLYWOOD SHOW Welcome & screening of the extended version of NEW MOON Parody

2:45 pm TWILIGHT LEXICON PANEL: Our great friends from the worlds number one Twilight fan site offer up the first of their fun panels. The Real Forks: a video driving tour through Forks and La Push and a Q&A about the town.

3:20 pm TWILIGHT SCENE-IT presents the YES/NO TRIVIA COMPETITION: Be in the audience for your chance to win $1750 in gift certificates by showing off your knowledge of all things Twilight! WINNERS also become members of Saturday Nights Vampire Court, receive a professional make-over, gifts from Scene-It, and a cool celebrity surprise!


3:55 pm PETER FACINELLI (Dr. Carlisle Cullen)

5:10 pm THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Electronic Press Kit Footage, Part One

5:20 pm PHOTO OPS with Peter Facinelli.

5:40 pm The HILLYWOOD SHOW Cast on how they produced their two parody films and what their future plans are!

Note that vendors room closes at 6pm, please make sure you have a photo or souvenir for Peter to sign (you can of course bring something from home)

Special performance by popular songstress Candace Charee

I made it in time for the YES/NO trivia game at 3:20 and then participated to the program after that.

Katarina was seated on front row and Heather a few rows back to me so they were fairly easy to find.

The Peter Facinelli Panel was awesome ! He is as gorgeous as he looks in Nurse Jackie. See also Sho Entertainments Nurse Jackie Official site .
Few facts: Peter is married to Jennie Garth that played Kelly Taylor on the new FOX series Beverly Hills 90210. They have 3 kids together.
Peter was good sport with all the fans and we got pictures and autographs.

Heather and the kids took me to have dinner outside the hotel area (hotel was very expensive) and we had italian food at a nearby restaurant :D

When we got back I joined the Friday night Karaoke concert with Peter Facinelli and Candace Charee :D (she is one of the possible singers signed up for Breaking Dawn soundtrack).

It was hilarious and I hung out with Katarina and her sister and Kat and I were singing (read: howling) in on all the songs :D It was so much fun :D

Shadow Mountain

sunny.gifToday we had another cloudfree day with temps up to +42C (106F). 0% air humidity. Gorgeous sunny weather.

So I woke up and did some packing and then spent a while working before I went to the pool. That tan is starting to come on now !! :D YAY I got a few new books now and the one I started reading today is called Devil may cry. It seems highly promising up until now.

So, close to Amandas place there is a tiny mountain called the Shadow mountain. Well, compared to our Norwegian mountains back home its not much more than a hill, but who cares.
So, today I decided that I was going to climb that mountain. I got water and set off. Its not even a 10 minute walk from Amandas house to the foot of the mountain, so I got there fast enough. As I climbed up it was so nice. Sun was burning – and I dont mean as it did earlier during the day when i was at the swimming pool – it BURNED. I was stashed on water and drank till I was as full as I could be, but I mean it was sooo hot.

I can handle the heat when I walk calmly. I can handle the heat strolling for a day in the zoo, but climbing up that mountain was the weirdest thing I have tried for a long while. I tried hard, but the heat really got to me. The first hill was ok, but at a certain height I almost fainted. Eyes went black and all. I stepped down a few steps and got better and with some time i was all good, so I tried going up again, slower this time. I made it to the top with this slow walk while I drank my fair share of worlds water reservoirs. I started the highest mountain and reaching the same height I had the same experience. Blackening in front of the eyes, dizzy. I tried babysteps. 5 steps up and rest, 5 steps up and rest. I had to give up. I didnt want to but I had to. I would have fainted. So I lowered and walked around on the other trails. I had no problems. I tried walking up again. Same hints of almost fainting and blackening spots behind my eyes.

Im not sure if it was the heat or the altitude (which is not that high up anyways) but the heat was def part of it. I mean.. who other than a raving lunie Norwegian would get the idea that its smart to climb a mountain in +42 (106F) C?
Even the desert queen (myself) had to admit that it was a bit hot in Arizona today.

The rest of the water I emptied over my head, then went home and changed into swimsuit and went to the pool again. Not to worry. I did not spend the rest of my afternoon in the sun. I simply jumped into the pool and stayed there until I got cold enough!
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon in the shadow talking to all these people that came for a swim.

When I got home Amanda had gotten us a nice last evening dinner to have together and dessert and it was so nice of her. Then we watched the movie

When in Rome

Man. That Josh Duhamel is some HOTTIE :D

Working on my tan, reading and relaxing

sunny.gifGreat temperatures today. As usual +42C and not a cloud in sight :D 0% air humidity. Gorgeous day :D

Not much happening today. I spent the day by the pool and relaxed reading books and working on my tan :D Not all days can be as interesting.

Winners Luck

sunny.gifTemperatures are still high but they are not as high as during the weekend. We are at +42C today. Morning air humidity 10% but got down to 0% in the afternoon. Not a cloud in sight all day.

I woke up 9 am and that was sooo good. I have been really exhausted after the weekend, but now catching up. I spent the whole day working despite my intended-to-have-vacation day.

However for lunch I participated in a competition to win tickets for the official Billy Burke record release party Are you ready to be removed?. Billy Burke is the actor that plays Bellas father in The twilight Saga.

It all started out with me signing up to the Billy Burke website fanlist some months ago. Billy released his first song, his first movie and then now he will release a whole album of songs during this party next week. So I have been at this fanlist updates for a while and yesterday he announced that the 30 first people to reply to an email he would send today would win tickets to a concert downtown LA in Hollywood !!! So today between the specified hours he had given, I was waiting and I had a draft ready to ship as soon as I got the mail. I shipped it off within 10 seconds of recieving the email and then I had to wait.

So I finished off my workday and then Amanda and I went to the swimming pool for a few hours. Its really nice to be able to go to the swimming pool when its this hot outside! We read, talked and enjoyed the nice day until Amanda went home earlier and left me there as I wanted to stay out longer. When the sun prepared to go down I went home too and guess what.

I WON the competition. I am now officially on the guestlist of a Hollywood party. I can bring one guest !! :D I love it !

Amanda made us chicken and baked potato with Spinach for dinner. It was delicious. We watched a travel program about Borneo after that before going to sleep.