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First Sign of Spring

I went walking in the forest today and found this amazing blue flower. :D

Its spring. New life will be popping up everywhere ! :D yay



Sightseeing Paris – Notre Dame – Tour Eiffel

We slept in this morning. We were far too exhausted from yesterday to even consider getting up early. Around 10 we left the hotel room and took the bus to (M) Cour St’Emilion where we took the metro to (M) Etienne Marcel where we started off our day. Our first mission was to find a street called; Rue Tiquetonne where I had singled out our shopping to start :D However, taking a wrong turn, we didn’t find that street, but a lovely little Brasserie where we decided to have our breakfast instead.


Restaurant “Le Capitole”, located at 105, boulevard de Sebastopol, 75002 Paris
PS: These guys have WONDERFUL Service and very tasty Breakfast !!


Enjoying Breakfast


Looks like Linda is still enjoying being on her first trip without mom and dad :)

When we were done with our Breakfast we took a new look at the map and this time we had no problems finding Rue Tiquetonne and both the Pylones store and G Detou (A specialist store for bakers and chocolatiers) where I had scheduled my only must buys for the day :D Chocolate from the House of Callebaut for Chocolate Fountains. This filled up my sack for the day and had I been intelligent had I planned this for late afternoon, but well I didn’t – so I carried my “burden” with no complaints.

We continued walking down Rue Montmartre past Les Halles and Chatelet crossing the bridge to the “Isle de la Cite”. We stopped in bakery and baking equipment stores to see if they had any good ideas for things to make at home. We took pictures and we enjoyed our day very much. The sun peeked out from a clouded layer and despite temperatures around 6 Celcius, it was a beautiful day. Crossing the bridge to Isle de la Cite, we visited the beautiful flower market before we headed down to the Notre Dame Church.


The Notre Dame


Two Happy Sisters (Notice the sour-looking Japanese tourist in the back – hihi).


InsideNotre Dame.

I have been to Notre Dame once before, when I was 10 myself, and I think Disney is to thank for Lindas Interest in the church. She took pictures and she asked questions and she wanted to go up to the towers and in the end she didn’t want to leave.

When I was there last time, both me and Ingrid (our middle sister – at the time 7) were totally fed up of visiting “grown up” tourist attractions, and churches – BORING. We had no interest of getting inside the Church, we wanted to stay outside in the sunny beautiful weather playing. Of course parents can’t leave their 10 and 7 year olds outside a church to play in a foreign city, so we had to go in and both of us made a scene (which we have been reminded of countless times throughout the years).

Once we were done at Notre Dame we went Lunch hunting. Originally I had set out for a Restaurant who specializes in Frogs and Snails called Roger La Grenouille, located in Rue des Grands Augustins. However, this restaurant was only open between 12:00 – 14:00 for lunch and they would not reopen until 19:00 which was too late for us to have lunch (and to stay in the area) so we started walking down a couple of nice streets where we window-shopped and at the end of the street we arrived at the Place St Andre des Arts where there were Brasseries and Restaurants on every corner.

Our choice fell on the Restaurant called Chez Clement, who had snails. Linda had expressed before our travel that she wished to taste both snails and frogs while we were there, and me in particular… wanted to have frogs for dinner.

So for starters we ordered Snails and Fois Gras de Canard. Linda was good and not only tasted, but liked and wanted more Snails. She tried the Fois Gras de Canard, but that was not to her taste. Good … More for me :D

For dinner I had a Rabbit Stew, which she also tasted (but the poor thing felt remorse for the poor rabbit the rest of the day!) and liked. She herself had ordered Beef with Mashed Potatoes.


We decided for dessert and they had this lovely Chocolate – Pineapple Fondant Cake baked inside a Pinapple ring. Linda had Ice Cream, but we exchanged  for tasting :D This was a lovely meal and a waitors were nice and helpful! And … I think they had the best (and nicest and best smelling) bathrooms I have visitied in a long time.

After dinner we crossed the bridge and walked towards the Louvre. We had no idea to enter it until tomorrow, but we wanted to go shopping and looking. We entered the shopping mall Carousel du Louvre where we shopped for a while. However it was so full of tourists, bus loads of tourists from everywhere. In particular groups of teenage schoolkids. And they were pressuring and running around us and I must admit I got slightly scared of loosing Linda. As its my first time that I am taking a child with me on a travel my stress level rose a bit ;D

We continued on, our last stop of the day was to walk to the Eiffel Tower as we wanted to both see it and take pictures of it at night time.


After we took pictures it was already so late it was about time to get back to the hotel. We left our stuff in the hotelroom and rushed to Carrefour to go shopping for eastereggs and easterbunny chocolates as well as baguettes and fruit and juice that we could have for our late night meal. Back in the hotel room we ate and packed our bags for tomorrow before we went to bed. After a wonderful, but long day, we were beaten.

Our Tour of the Day on the Map:


Enjoying a wonderful day in Lyon

This morning Anni and myself went out early and Anni didn’t feel like working in the morning. So we went shopping instead :D I bought myself 12 new wine glasses and I bought my sisters christmas gifts. I bought the two small ones each their suitcase (which will also be practical for me when I need an extra suitcase for all the extra stuff I bought for myself :D) and for the last one I picked up some small extra gifts. We also shopped some nice kitchen accessoires and then we had Lunch @ Le Muranie.


After Lunch Anni went back to the Hotel to continue her work while I continued Shopping. I walked around and found some clothes, some christmas decorations and just enjoyed a lovely day. I really like Lyon. I also found a lovely store that sold some amazingly cute christmas tea light candles. I might have gone a bit mad with the shopping, but who cares :D It’s about the first time I have felt really good since june so I felt I deserved it!

This was the first day that I did not have a rest in the afternoon and I felt really well on top of it. Today was the only day we had to walk a bit far to get to the restaurant we had booked, so we had a lovely walk crossing the Pont Lafayette and enjoying the lovely view in the dark of the bridge.


And then we walked down towards the central station but about half way down we turned right and found our restaurant called Daniel et Denise where we had another lovely meal.


On our way back to the hotel we took time to take some pictures and I really loved this house.


Farmers market and a beautiful Aker Brygge sunset

This past week has been quite rough, my cousin has been in the hospital receiving chemo therapy. He has got agressive cancer and we are all quite worried.

However today I met my mom, another cousin, my sister and my aunt at the hospital to visit my cousin and then when visiting hours were over we went downtown to take a look at the farmers market at Aker Brygge and we were so lucky to catch a glimpse of this amazing sunset!

When the Farmers Market closed down for the night we went for dinner at the Mongolian restaurant Mr. Hong. It is quite nice to spend time with family in situations like this.

Walking on the wild side and driving through Noord Braabant

This morning Angelique was picked up by her sister to go out for the day and Maikel and I set off as well for a daytrip around the region of Noord Brabant. Our first stop was at Alfred Heijn where we picked up breakfast, SUSHI and drinks for the day.

My designated driver, Maikel

Then we headed to The Beekse Bergen Safari Park where we went for a walk on the wild side. The Safari Park is split in two parts. In one of them the animals roam free, but you can drive through the gates and watch cheetas walk right next to your car, camels and deer grassing,

On of the areas was particularly interesting. The giraffe park. I mean how often do you drive around huge creatures that walk around licking your car?

For the other part of the park you can walk around and the animals are in safe areas from the humans or for the humans. The walk was quite nice and we saw lots of nice animals.

One of the Bears had a skin disease, that he was recieving treatment for, which has caused him to loose all his fur and he looked quite sad. His friend kept him with company though.

These monkeys were so cute, they were playing with eachother and up and down and up and down and rolling around and climbing. Its quite fascinating to watch.

The park also has South American Tapirs (not the same kind that I saw in Corcovado, Costa Rica, which was the Baird’s Tapir)

When we were done walking around we went for an Ice-Cream because it was quite a lovely day and then we decided to take the long way home and look around.

From Beekse Bergen (located in Hilvarenbeek) we drove to Vught and then to Engelen before we drove to ‘s-Hertogenbosch where we stopped to look at the Bolwoningen (the Ball houses). They are small student houses, so you can actually buy a house and although it’s small it is a proper house and its yours for as long as you need it.

After that we drove to Kerkdriel and then to Alem where we took the ferry and then we followed the dijks through the village of Maren-Kessel on to the mainroad again through Lith and then on to Macharen via the dijk.

From Macharen we drove towards Oss where we had a stop for diner at Pannekoekenhous de Oude Maas.

I had Banana Pancakes with chocolate sauce. Wow. That was good !!

After dinner we drove though Oss and then back to Eindhoven and home.

Here is a map of the whole trip:

At home we started a movie, 2012, to keep us entertained until Angelique and her sister, Desiree, and brother in law, Stefan, came home from their day out and we had a nice evening at home.

A Natural Sanctuary in the middle of Laak

I started my day with a nice walk to work and I stopped at the Maroccan bakery close to the Hollands Spoor station to get orange juice. It was a lovely, sunny morning.

After lunch I went for a walk along the tiny river canal right next to my work that I found yesterday with one of my colleagues, to detatch my mind from work a bit. It was a lovely walk where we spotted a beautiful blue heron, lots of momma birds with small kids :D

It was a lovely break with beautiful nature in an industrial area of Den Haag. Yet still there was such a lovely sanctuary :D

I stayed working until 7pm and then I walked back to my hotel where I spent the rest of the night relaxing. I was really tired and it was good to get into bed early :D

Daytrip to Suomenlinna Fortress in the Helsinki Archipielago

Finally I managed to sleep in. It felt wonderful ! I slept until 10 am !!
I promise you, THAT don’t happen too often in my life !

I had breakfast with Elisabete and then we readied up to spend a day in the sun.

Ellie went with me and she walked with me showing me around in Helsinki. First she took me to the Fazer restaurant where we had a fantastic apple meringue cake with vanilla custard (omenapiirakka). The Fazer Restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and … the most delicious confectionary :D

When we were done with our coffee break, we continued walking in the streets of Helsinki. Ellie showed me the Helsinki Cathedral and the small shops in the area around.

Then we walked down to the Uspenski orthodox cathedral past the Presidential home and to the harbour market. At the Harbour Ellie and me split up and she went to continue her errands and I took the ferry to the island of Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna fortress was buildt by the Swedes back in 1748 when Finland was part of the Kingdom of Sweden. The dry dock of Suomenlinna is on of the worlds oldest. Over 800 people live at the Suomenlinna islands at all time.

Suomenlinna is buildt on 6 islands: Kustaanmiekka, Susisaari, Iso-Mustasaari, Pikku-Mustasaari, Länsi-Mustasaari and Långören which form parts of Helsinki.

I had a great day at the islands. I spent most of it walking around enjoying the site and the sunny weather.

For more information about Suomenlinna check these links:
Suomenlinna official web page
Suomenlinna @ Unesco
Suomenlinna on Wiki

Leaving Suomenlinna we just got in to the city in time for the sunset and a beautiful view.

Back in the city I continued walking around and then I went to have some dinner before I went home. Martin and Elisabete were out for a birthdayparty and I had the house to myself (and the 3 cats). It was really nice to relax after all the walking today :D

Total steps today 15042