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Family Reunion with my my Dads Cousins and their families.

My dad and his cousins on his fathers side has not had a tradition to make it into a point to meet up very often and during the past 10-15 years we have only met in weddings and funerals. Unfortunately there hasn’t been so many weddings and fortunately there hasn’t been so many funerals either. However this means that we haven’t been able to meet up so often.

This weekend we met up on my dads farm where we spent a lovely day getting to know third cousins we haven’t met before, catching up on family whom we haven’t seen for a long while, swimming, eating and drinking lovely food as well as having lots of fun!

It was a lovely group and it was a very nice way to spend the weekend with the family!


Relaxing in the sun and party with friends

I woke up to another beautiful day in Liberia and i decided to spend it outside in the sun. People here are all geared up because of the local Fiestas and the daily horse parades. Lots of Caballeros are everywhere to be seen, dressed up in traditional Cowboy outfits. It is so cool.

I went to spend the day at El Sitio again where I had this little fellow joining me for company.

It was a beautiful day and I went home late afternoon to spend some time with my family before I had plans to meet up with my friends at Brasas Restaurante y Grill.

My friends are some of my class mates from back when I attended school here in Liberia and today we have planned a class reunion party :D We weren’t many because one of our class mates was celebrating his second wedding today and many of our class mates were invited to the wedding celebration. However some had taken their time to meet me and we had a very nice time !

Marlen with a bottle of Bavaria.

Eddy, Erick, Rita, Me and Marlen.

It was a very nice party and very nice to meet up with my friends :D It was so good to have some quality time with these friends of mine that I hardly ever have the chance to see and spend time with.

The party lasted into the small hours and we all had a very good time !!

My friends Eddy, Erick, Rita, Me & Marlen

Feliz Dia de Independencia Costa Rica!

Congratulations to Costa Rica on their Celebration of their Independence!

My beautiful second country !

Normally I have celebrated Costa Ricas Independence at the Costa Rican embassy in Norway, however this year I heard from several people that the embassy has sent information, but not all had recieved the invite. However  I had other plans of my own. It DID include something to do with Costa Rica though.

When I was an exchange student in Costa Rica back in 1993 we were 10 exchange students there with the same year program I was in. However that particular year there was also a group of 5 students that participated to a university program (to my knowledge that was the only time they ever ran that program at all from AFS). When I now speak of such low numbers as 15 of course I only speak of Norwegians. The total number of participants were over 150 from all over the world.

Gaute was one of the Norwegians I not only got to know when I was there, but also he is one of the ones that I have kept more in touch with after we came home. He lived only 20 minutes walk from my granmas house and each time I went to visit her we also met up. Later he moved to Spain, but even when we met every 5 years – we had no problem finding things to talk about and hence maintained the friendship.

Today we had planned to meet, actually we have planned to meet several times lately, but not been able to due to excessive work amounts. Finally today it was and just as we sat down having dinner – I just remembered.. Hmm its the 15th today… Its actually Costa Ricas national day today.
This is a bit funny because our very first meeting ever was at the Norwegian embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, where we celebrated the Norwegian National day in 1993.

We had a very nice time catching up and Gaute telling me about his life and his woman (which I hope to meet sometimes soon) and life plans. I love it when my friends are happy and have made a nice life for themselves !

We also talked about making a reunion for the Norwegians that were in Costa Rica with us. How nice would that be. Its been 18 years already. 10 years since our last reunion … Wow. That sure is a long time since.

Great evening out and great time. Happy Birthday CR !